DeployBroJedTop Dear Saints of God, 


High Noon, August 20, 2012, Speaker's Circle, University of Missouri:


     Brother Jed (my faithful husband) will begin his 40th year of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the college students of America.  I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, because it will also be the day that, after 28 years of child rearing, I enter the full-time ministry again!  Sister Pat, who preached full-time last year, will also join the battle.  And if one prevails against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Ecc.4:12

     For 39 weeks (through June 7th, 2013) we three will spend five hours a day, five days a week, face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball, confronting lost students with the Word of the Lord.  The battle is on...for the hearts and minds of our campus youth!  We will enter the fray fearing none but the Lord!  

     Our Message: Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our Goal:to justify the ways of our Holy God before rebellious men.  Our Mission: to snatch many from the eternal flames of Hell and restore them to a right relationship with their Maker. Our Motive: the love of God, which compels us.

     Your Part: Yes, you our friends and supporters are a vital part of this work.  Last school year you provided over $30,000 for our travel expenses.   Many of you also housed and fed us and most important prayed for us. 

     You might remember that last year this time we had a "Deploy Bro. Jed" Fundraiser to raise a $10,000 cash reserve to help us finish the year in the black.  We are happy to report that CMUSA has ended the year with no debts and a little left over.  Thank you! 

       This year we are again setting a goal to raise $10,000 by August 20 to start 2012-2013 with a cash reserve.   Our travel expenses will increase since I am going full-time.  Having the reserve gives us a small storehouse to make ends meet when the regular giving does not cover expenses. It also allows us to focus primarily on the ministry rather than fundraising during the school year.

     So again this year, we are looking for TEN "cheerful givers" who will donate $1000 each.    (II Cor. 9)  The money will be put in a special account and only used for travel expenses throughout the year.  We are asking you to prayerfully consider being one of the TEN who help Deploy Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy on our 2012-2013 preaching mission with a sound financial strategy.   If you would like to sow into the CMUSA in this way, please mail your check for $1000 to our home office address on this letter payable to CMUSA or you may give online through PayPal by clicking the donate or PayPal button on this letter.  Please designate the gift: "Deploy Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy."  CMUSA is a nonprofit organization and all gifts may be tax deductable. 

      Fundraising is the least favorite part of our ministry, but Jesus commanded to "ask and you shall receive."  We look to God Almighty as our ultimate source, not man, however we believe that the "ask and you shall receive" principle applies to man also.  We are letting you know what our needs are and at the same time trusting God with the final results. 

      If you cannot be one of the TEN, any size gift is much appreciated.  Please pray for us.

     "May fruit abound to your account," and "our God supply all your need according to His riches in glory." 

Philippines 4:16-19   

     For the Glory of Christ, 


                         Sister Cindy 

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     This is my tentative schedule for the Fall Semester 2012.  There are so many campuses and so little time.  Should anyone want to arrange a church or home meeting while I am in your area please contact me.  Also, let me know if you are interested in scheduling formal debates with atheists, Muslims, or Christians, who disagree with my message or methods.  One student leader recently contacted me that he wanted me to speak to the Young Republicans on limited government and free markets.  I am still open to changes.  I will be doing my tour of the Southwest and California in the Spring Semester 2013.  Sister Cindy and Sister Pat will be accompanying me full time this year.  Any Christians, who are interested in joining us on the road for a while, or who want to meet us on campuses in your area, are welcome.  Bro. Jed


August 20-21, University of Missouri

August 22-24, Missouri State University

August 27-28, Illinois State

August 29, University of Illinois

August 30, Purdue University

August 31, Grand Valley State

September 1-2, Iron Sharpens Iron Conference,              Atlanta, MI

September 4-6, University of Michigan

September 7-8, EEM Conference, Shipshewana, IN

September 9, Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

September 10, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

September 11, University of Wisconsin, River Falls,

September 12-14, University of Minnesota

September 16, Abundant Grace Fellowship AM;              Leisner Open House in afternoon

September 17, University of Northern Iowa

September 18-19, University of Iowa

September 19, Calvary Evangelistic Center,                   Independence, Iowa

September 20, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

September 21, UW, Madison

September 22, UW, Milwaukee, Seminar on                     Evangelism, 9 AM-5 PM

September 23, Spring Green Church, 

     Spring Green, WI

September 24-25, University of Wisconsin,                      Milwaukee

September 26-28, Michigan State University

October 1, Purdue University

October 2, Indiana University

October 3, Indiana State University

October 4, Purdue

October 5, Indiana University

October 8, IUPUI

October 9-10, Indiana University

October 11, IUPUI

October 12, Indiana University

October 15, University of Kentucky

October 16, Morehead State

October 17, University of Kentucky

October 18, Asbury College

October 19-21, Missions Conference, Grayslake, IL

October 22-26, University of Nebraska

October 29, University of Wyoming

October 30-31, Colorado State

November 1-2, University of Colorado

November 5, Colorado College

November 6-7, Kansas State

November 8, Washburn University

November 9, Kansas University

November 12-14, University of Central Arkansas

November 15, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

November 16, Arkansas State

November 19-20, Georgia College

November 25, Pine Grove Church of God,

     Live Oak, Fl

November 26, University of Florida

November 27-28, University of Central Florida

November 29-30, University of Florida

December 3-7, Florida State 

Sister Pat will join us in September for the remainder of the semester. She has a powerful ministry to the students and is a vital part of the battle strategy!

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homefrontHelp on the Home Front
Partners in Mission 


Below is a list of ways that you on the home front can help us in the  2012-2013 school year.

  •  Prayers and intercessions: We cannot stress the importance of prayer enough. We know that we have faithful saints who pray for us daily. We believe that this is a key to our success. Drop us a note or an email and let us know that you are praying for the ministry.  
  •    Financial gifts :
    •  Monthly Support-- A number of you send us a check each month. This is a great blessing, whether large or small, because it helps with budget planning. We invite others to consider being a monthly supporter.  If you have online bill pay with your bank you can schedule a check to be sent to CMUSA each month automatically, that way you don't have to remember to do it. Another easy way is to just click the Donate or PayPal button on this letter. (You do not need a PayPal account but can use a debit card.) Or you may mail a check to our home office. If you plan to support us monthly, drop a note or email and let us know.
    •  Anytime, Any Size Gift-- This provides a great percentage of our support.


  •  Church and home meetings: Bro. Jed has many powerful messages and teachings to bless the believers in your area. When he comes to your community don't miss the opportunity to hear a call to evangelism, a challenge to live holy, or an inspiring teaching on the atonement. It will change lives! Ask your pastor to invite him to your church or Sunday school class or just plan a small home meeting to bless and revive your friends and family. Hint: If you provide food, (even just pizza) people will come! Contact us for more info.  
  •  Lodging and/or meals: If you can provide lodging in your home that saves us an enormous amount of money as well as giving us the blessing of fellowship. Even one meal or night is a great help. Thank you to all who do this yearly! We look forward to seeing you in 2012-2013. 
  •   Join us in the battlefields when we come to your community--your witness for just an hour or an afternoon on campus can make a difference! Take a week vacation and travel with Bro. Jed and team. 
  •  Visit our website at and tell others about it.
  •  Subscribe to Bro Jed's e-journal and receive a weekly report. This is a day-by-day account of the highlights on campus as well as some inspiring teaching and apologetics, plus lots of great pictures. Learn how to defend the faith. Get revived! 
  •  Tell a friend about CMUSA! Forward the weekly          e-journal. 


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Spring 2012 Testimonies
Bryan Davis wrote the following on Bro. Jed's FB wall in April:     

     "On this Good Friday, I was thinking about when I first realized the truth of the gospel and how it was you, Brother Jed, who planted the seeds of truth more than thirty years ago. I didn't come to salvation until a few years after that, but it was your preaching at the University of Florida that started me on the path. I am thankful for you and your ministry."


Brother Jed,  I'm sure with the lapse of time and the sheer volume of people that cross your path on a daily basis that you wouldn't remember an Ohio University photojournalism student who first  encountered you on the College Green in the Spring of 1981.  I on the other hand have never forgotten you.  It's hard to put into words the profound impact the week you spent in Athens, Ohio every spring has had on my life. Your candor and honesty set me on a course of soul-searching for the truth that has not ceased. We're on the same team; John 14:6 is the measuring stick through which I gauge everyday life. I just wanted to thank you for being faithful to God's call on your life - the fields are indeed ripe for harvest. Keep plugging and run the race God has set before you. Hopefully, one day I will get to see you again -


Bob W.


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SummerReadingSummer Reading
Watch for seven more exciting e-journals from the 2011-2012 school year.  We will be sending out two a week for the next month to get caught up.  If you are busy when you receive the journal, just save it to read when you have spare time.  Bro. Jed e-journals make great devotional readings! Share with a friend or post on your FaceBook. Thanks for reading!

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He which soweth sparingly shall also reap sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every person as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity; for God loveth a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. 

II Corinthians 9:6






70's: University of Florida, Bro. Jed with infamous heckler known as "Reprobate."
70's: Indiana State University, First picture taken of Sis. Cindy. Bro. Jed's father surprised us with the paper at dinner.
80's: University of Connecticut
80s: Florida State University, heckler pulls up Sis. Cindy's dress. 
90's Preaching duo at Ohio State University.
2000: University of Minnesota
2012: Old Warrior!

2012: Old Warrior's Wife