Holy Week 2012


April 2, 2012, University of Oklahoma,

     The first hour was mostly devoted to professing Christians excusing sin and futilely attempting to explain why they could not consistently obey God. There were several contentious women who led the way in pleading for sin in the name of the Lord. One asked me about her attire. I answered, "Your short shorts are not appropriate for an academic setting." It was a hot day in the mid-eighties; unfortunately females think hot weather is an excuse to expose a lot of flesh. The female then posed for my audience thrusting forth her hips while asking fellow students if her appearance was immodest. None indicated that they thought so. I retorted, "If you are dressed modestly, I would like to know what anyone considers to be immodest." She eventually walked over to Pat and falsely claimed I called her a "slut."

Small group of very attentive listeners the whole afternoon!


     The holiness issue dominated the first hour. I was surprised when a man asked me, "What do you think of dominion theology?" I said, "You are among the few Christians students I have met who as even heard of dominion theology." He said he was not a Christian.

Sister Pat had a good session and was able without interruption to give her classic message on how to get a godly husband or wife. When the water sprinklers were turned on, she moved the crowd to a more shady area. She preached until the 1:20 break. I decided to take over hoping to drag passing students into our net. I turned my back on the fish we had landed of 25 or so and mainly addressed the passing sea of students. At times I turned back to the netted fish in order to keep them aboard.

     The crowd never was above fifty and ranged most of the afternoon from 25-35. It was a very attentive crowd. The vocal ones were primarily skeptics but they had some challenging questions which kept me in apologetic mode all afternoon. These students actually listened to my answers. I must say I was impressed with their thoughtfulness. I defended the faith by teaching about a God who has not determined the future but also one who has limited knowledge of the future. I explained that God does not exist outside of or independently of time. I also defended the moral government theory of the atonement and moral influence theory against the penal substitution theory, as promoted by Grant, who is an old friendly Calvinist theological opponent. I was impressed when Grant defended holiness to some Christians who were excusing sin. I also had the opportunity to defend limited civil authority, private property and individual responsibility, which the skeptics seem to like.

The students were very thoughtful today. Lots of great teaching moments!


     This was the most philosophical day that I can remember on campus with the possible exception of some days at Oberlin College when we lived in Ohio. I did take time to give my testimony, but there was very little sex talk. I appreciated the challenge of the day. I enjoyed the opportunity to justify the ways of God to men, which is theodicy. I notice that most Christians when they are asked questions which deal with God's ways resort to saying, "You just have to have faith." I think it is important to explain to men why they should have faith. I also think it is important to explain that God is not arbitrary but governs righteously in order to promote the highest good of all beings, including himself. I never turned the meeting back to Pat; she said she was happy to take notes. She wished the students had all been taking notes. 

Many students ask to have their picture taken with Bro. Jed.



April 3, 2012, OU

There was a steady rain all day. I did scout out the campus to see if I could find some shelter to preache under but I was unsuccessful.




April 4, 2012, University of Oklahoma

    At the 11:20 break I only gathered a few students. Two Christian boys I exhorted for about 15 minutes then turned them over to Sister Pat. These two boys eventually sat on the sidewalk and had a discussion with a small group for a few hours.

"Why was the Cross necessary?" Bro. Jed asked the students.


     At the next break Sister Pat gathered a larger audience. The students were more fixed on sexual issues today than they had been on Monday. There were a number of perverts in the crowd. Finally, in the middle of the afternoon I announced that I was not going to talk about sex anymore. As I lifted high my staff crucifix, I asked, "Why was this event necessary in order for God to offer us salvation? Why could not a loving God offer salvation to men based on their repentance and sincere commitment to henceforth obey God? Why did Jesus have to suffer on the cross?"

     A few tried to answer the question but in a vague way. I expounded on the reason for the atonement for twenty minutes and moved unto the resurrection and need for men to follow Jesus by taking up their cross daily. I also spoke on the necessity of Jesus defeating the devil in order to set his captives free. The students were attentively listening for over thirty minutes.

Crowd at University of Oklahoma listens as Bro. Jed explains the atonement that Jesus Christ made for their sins.


     By 4 PM the crowd had dwindled considerably and I considered calling it a day since I was tired and I had a dinner appointment at 6 PM. I am glad that I decided against stopping early. I called on Pat again and at the 4:20 break she was able to gather another crowd of 35. At 5 PM she turned the meeting back to me and I had a very good final session in which the students had serious questions which enabled me to expound on the nature and character of God. Several attempted to scripturally question the doctrine of open theism. But the verses they brought forth did not refute the doctrine. I taught on the justice of eternal damnation and the doctrine of free will. 

     This was a very productive hour but I had to conclude at 5:45 to make the appointment I had at Panera Bread with two Christian girls, Reagan and Ally, with whom I had had a run in last year on my approach and holiness message. We had a good hour in which they had all sort of questions and advice. I sensed that they were attempting to correct me. Their main criticism centered on my need to show more love. 

Christian student witnessed on the sidelines all day.


      The girls apparently considered me to be loving but they were concerned that my confrontational approach did not appear to be loving to students, many of whom have already experienced a lot of rejection in their lives. Hopefully, they came to a better understanding of my method and message. The girls have potential because they are bold and do a lot of witnessing. Reagan has even been on a mission trip to India. I gave them copies of two of my books and a book by another author on the subject of sin. 

Interruption from a great sax player.


Another brief interference.




April 6, 2012, University of Central Oklahoma,

     I preached under the Clock Tower for 30 minutes. There never was much of a flow of students. Evidently there must not be many classes scheduled on Friday. I had noticed that there were a lot of vacant spaces in the parking lot. Several students thanked me as I spoke of the major events of Holy We


     Two lesbians, a "homo" and an atheist stopped for fifteen minutes. "Homosexuals" and atheists are drawn to me like a magnate. Many of them seem to actually like me. I think a lot of the sodomites do not respect the pandering from Christians. They see these panders as phony. According to the World English Dictionary a pander (or panderer) is an "arranger of sexual liaisons, one who supplies another with the means of gratifying lust."

     Yesterday, at UO one of the flaming homosexuals said he was participating musically for pay in one of the large denominational campus churches in their Easter Service. Sister Pat and I had even attended services there on Sunday morning. A female in the crowd said, the pastor of the church has no problem with homosexuality. These pandering pastors facilitate the perverts in gratifying their lusts by attempting to remove the guilt and shame of this abominable behavior.

Preaching the Cross to a few listeners at Central Oklahoma the day before Good Friday.

      I fear that these ministers may be held more accountable on Judgment Day than the perverts to whom they cater. As much as many of the sodomites and their pandering pastors try to twist the Scriptures to justify these perversions, I think the most sodomites know the Bible condemns this abomination. Many of the sodomites see me as more real than the phonies, who 

accept them just as they are.

     The atheists are smart enough t

o realize that if the Bible is true, they are utterly condemned; they wonder why more Christians do not speak boldly against their blasphemy. A number of atheists have told me over the years. Brother Jed, "If I thought the Bible was true I would be doing what you do." Also, most atheists like a good argument. However, most Christians are not equipped to engage the atheists.

     With so little traffic flow and consider the weather was cool and cloudy, I doubted if we would get much attention for the day. I decided to leave campus at 12:30 for the eight hour drive back home. 




April 7, 2012, University of Missouri,

     There were distractions in Speakers' Circle an organization had a bunch of puppies and dogs attempting to find for them homes, another group was promoting a hot dog eating contest, others were stamping dragon tattoos on willing students and finally the hacky sack man was doing his act. They were all oblivious to the Holy Day. Nevertheless, and Sister Pat and I were able to gather 25-30 students for most of the afternoon.

Their hour of visitation!

     I attempted to center my teaching on Good Friday themes. But I am afraid the students, especially the females were more interested in the curse than they were the Cross. Evidently, Jesus had to contend with canines at Calvary,  Psalm 22:16:


 For dogs have compassed me;the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me:they pierced my hands and feet.



     I also had to contend with the dogs, who wanted to justify their sin.   Rocket, the local musician, joined us in the middle of the afternoon. His favorite theologian is Soren Kierkegaard. I had some quotes from him to share with Rocket. One of which I used as my text for my last message of the day, "It is so hard to believe because it is so hard to obey." This thought affirms that man's problem with God in not intellectual but moral. Disobedience to God's law blinds men to the Truth. Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."

Rocket, a local musician joined me on campus.


     About 3:45 Rocket jumped into the fray. At 4 PM we left the students in Rocket's capable hands.

Rocket ministers to the Mizzou students on Good Friday.
     Today, Bryan Davis wrote the following on my FB wall: "On this Good Friday, I was thinking about when I first realized the truth of the gospel and how it was you, Brother Jed, who planted the seeds of truth more than thirty years ago. I didn't come to salvation until a few years after that, but it was your preaching at the University of Florida that started me on the path. I am thankful for you and your ministry."
 The testimony above is a reminder to pray for all who heard the Gospel this week.  Seeds were planted. Bro. Jed

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