March 26, 2012, Texas Tech

     When I arrived a student, who is doing a video on my ministry for a class, met me. He did an interview while I waited on the class break. It only took a few minutes to gather an audience. Within 20 minutes students began to react with questions and comments. Sodomy was a big issue which was initiated by two homos kissing which thrilled the gathering. Those that delight in such a display are as guilty as the perverts of whom Paul wrote, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."-Roman 1:32.

     Virtually all the students, even if they do not engage in sodomy, believe it to be natural sexual behavior. They think that sodomy is natural because they are convinced that animals engage in homosexuality.

     There were a few "Christian" sign holders whose signs separated them from my preaching. I recognized a number of familiar faces from last year. Someone passed out Brother Jed Bingo Cards. Interest was limited since no one seemed to be overseeing the game; nor was anyone offering prizes to winners.

"...we were just the orchestra and Brother Jed was the conductor..."


     An article, "The Brother Jed Phenomenon," composed by Dave Gross about 20 years ago when he was a student at Cal Poly was also circulated. Dave, who is an unbeliever, wrote one of the most insightful articles ever on my ministry. After hearing me for a day, he wrote, "It is a little disheartening to realize that all the time I was in the crowd yelling out clever phrases . . ., and as independent we wanted to sound, we were just the orchestra and Brother Jed was the conductor. Brother Jed's strange monologues gave me plenty of opportunity to feel superior. But in fact, every clever come-back, every satirical comment, every biblical objection that the crowd voiced that day was expected, prepared for, and indeed summoned forth intentionally by Brother Jed's antics." The whole composition may be read at http//

     One skeptic admitted that my evidence for God was logically consistent. A girl at the end of the day said, "You have given us a lot to think about." Of course, as is typical, few were thinking, most were emoting. Others were resentful when I requested they define their terms and declare their standard for determining right from wrong.

     Tonight Sister Pat is flying into Lubbock to rejoin the crusade after a week's visit in San Diego with family. 





March 27, 2012, Texas Tech

     A front page story appeared in the student newspaper today, The Daily Toreador, with a picture of me leaning on my staff crucifix; the article was entitled, "Smock Talk." Sister Pat started the meeting, while I had a discussion with an atheist. He insisted that in an infinite universe there was a chance that man could have sprung up spontaneously out of nothing, even if was only one in a hundred billion chance. I retorted that there was no chance at all that something would come into being out of nothing, especially something as complex as man. He asked, "If it could be proven that God did not exist would you change your mind?" I answered, "It is impossible for God not to exist, the situation requires God, creation requires a Creator. There is nothing that could convince me that there is no God, and nothing could convince me he is not a loving Father. His love and glory is shouted from the Heavens."

Sis. Pat starts the meeting and gathers a crowd at Texas Tech.


     After Pat turned the meeting over to me, within 30 minutes a policewoman, who seemingly had come out of nowhere, informed me, "You are going to have to stop; you can't talk like this?" "Like what?" I asked. "Like you have been talking," she responded. I tried to pin her down as to what I could not talk about so I could continue talking about other things. She would not be specific; she also informed me that I was outside the free speech forum but even in the forum I could not talk like I had been talking. I had not even noticed her listening. When she interrupted, a male student had just asked me about anal sex. A minute previously, I had finished relating my days as a lustful and drunken fraternity boy. Therefore, I assumed she did not want me talking about sex. I said, "I am moving over to the free forum and there will be no more talk about sex. I do not want to talk about sex anyway. I am the shepherd you all are my sheep, so follow me to the forum." They all dutifully followed. Meanwhile, I noticed that other police had arrived and there was a conference going on. I continued speaking reminding the students we could not talk about sex.

     After an hour I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat who had had a group of students sitting at her feet all this time. As I was sitting on the sidelines a student informed me that he was now a Jed Head. "Yesterday, I did not know you were so famous. I read all about you on the internet. I read about the Jed Heads. I am a Jed Head now. I like your style. Other preachers I have encountered would not interact with us. As all they do is preach and tell us we are going to Hell."

I like to give the students some personal attention. 

     Don't we all like personal attention? Many students want to be corrected. Regrettably, that does not mean they are willing to stop their misbehavior. It's like one lusty hussy said years ago to Cindy at the University of Florida, "What is wrong with Brother Jed? Doesn't he like me anymore? He has not rebuked me once this year."

     Next a distinguished white haired gentleman approached me and asked, "Do you remember me?"

     I did not.

     He said, "I was Chief of Police at Tulane University when you visited there almost forty years ago. Later I became Chief at the University of Central Florida." Chief Seacrist informed me that he was now Chief of Police at Texas Tech. I complained, "One of your officers was attempting to regulate the content of my speech." He explained, "She is new, we do not interfere with free speech here. If you have any more problems, let me know." 

"You are going to have to stop. You can't talk like that," the officer to Bro. Jed

      Over the years I think that I have established credibility among some administrators. He had removed me to a public sidewalk at Tulane (private institution). I did not give him a hard time then. However, along with my lawyer friend I was later in the day arrested by the New Orleans police. The lawyer friend was very disturbed and sued the city for over $90,000; we ended up settling out of court for a letter of apology from the DA and a thousand dollars. The lawyer split the money with me. I told the Chief the rest of the story. He indicated disapprovingly that the New Orleans police do things differently.

     When I returned to the crowd, I informed them, "We can talk about sex again or anything we want." Still I was able to keep the conversation on higher plain. I presented the God of Open Theism whom the skeptics have problems criticizing. They have never heard of a God who does not have absolute knowledge of everything that will happen in the future. It removes a lot of their unjust criticisms of God.  The Christians have rarely heard of the Open Theism either.

"Behold your God, the Suffering Servant!"


     I presented the necessity of Christ's atoning sacrifice. One student objected that it was not much of a sacrifice since Jesus knew he would rise from the dead. I answered, "The main sacrifice was not in giving his life but in his willingness to sacrifice his reputation in allowing himself to be treated and regarded as a sinner when in fact he was a man of perfect character. His main suffering was not his death but the suffering of rejected love from those for whom he made the ultimate sacrifice. There are men who may have gone through more prolonged and intense physical suffering than Jesus. But no one has experience his spiritual suffering and mental anguish over being 'despised and rejected' by his own people."

     I elaborated on this suffering. I raised high my staff and pointed to the crucifix and proclaimed, "Behold your God, the Suffering Servant, when you comprehend his suffering, you will be determined not to sin anymore because it would bring additional suffering to your Savior and your God." 





March 28, 2012, Texas Tech,

     Sister Pat started the meeting and quickly gathered a sizable audience. Tyler approached me and the discussion for the next 40 minutes centered on holiness and approaches to evangelism. Tyler had over spring break been on a mission trip to the beach where his Baptist group offered bus rides to I suppose often drunk college students. Tyler was convinced that no one could live holy and that Christians should not confront sinners theirs sins.                                                Meanwhile, other students joined who were mostly Christians but they were not saying much. Tyler said he had been a Christian for ten years. Yet he has not even read all of the Book of Acts. He just felt my approach was wrong and he felt no one could consistently overcome sin. Like most in our churches he was governed by his feelings instead of Truth. How would he know the Truth when he has not read the Truth? I am coming to the conclusion that churches should not confirm or give membership to anyone who has not passed a test on the whole Bible. Instead of sponsoring mission trips, pastors need to consider their own church, especially their youth, a mission field.

     When Sister Pat called on me, I decided to give my testimony which I have not had the opportunity to do all week, mainly since students have had so many questions. There were two students who were dancing and making sounds like wild savages throughout my testimony and Q & A time. Finally, a Catholic boy rebuked these barbarians and soon others joined him against the brutes. Few hecklers can long maintain their heckling when they discover a significant number in the crowd is against them. These two creatures were not a problem for the rest of the afternoon.

Several students dance around Bro. Jed and make very loud wild savage sounds.


     From 2 PM until 4 PM Sister Pat and I each had a large group around us. I spent a lot of time addressing the issues around Obama care and explaining how it is socialized medicine. No one in my crowd opposed this power grab of the government to take over one fifth of our economy. If our universities turn out defenders of the free market, I fear it is usually despite what they have learned in the classroom, not because of their formal learning.

Student in the red shirt tells the hecklers that the crowd wants to hear Bro. Jed.

      At one point a heavy set man, who I noticed had been standing around waiting to tell me something, said, "It is strange that you and I have the same birthday. I am going to ruin you." I discerned this was the devil speaking to me in the hopes of making me fearful. This is one of a handful of times in my Christian walk I remember the devil directly speaking to me. The first time was early in the ministry when I was holding revival meetings the devil spoke to me through a sinner I knew all of my life, "Wherever you preach, I will set up across the street to destroy your work." Satan has been trying to ruin me from the beginning. I was not intimidated then nor am I now because "greater is he that is within me than he that is in the world." Nevertheless, I remain vigilant knowing that "the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour." Satan tried to do a number on Rush Limbaugh but he reports that the advertisers which left him out of fear are now getting "creamed."

     I taught and answered questions until 5 PM. Both the heat of the weather (high eighties) and the heat from the gainsayers and God haters kept things hot today. Nevertheless, I remained cool; I noticed a more positive attitude coming from numerous students and barriers which have been set up in their minds by Satan are falling. 

The tall student on the right tells the crazed heckler to shut up so that they could hear Bro. Jed, "or else!"


     Late in the day an emotional girl said, "Why are you all arguing? You are not going to change each other's minds." Students tell me that I am not going to change minds daily. However, I have confidence that some will respond to the Truth. My object is to destroy the works of the devil with the sword of the spirit. The Church which I represent shall prevail! 





March 29, 2012, Texas Tech

      An opinion piece appeared in The Daily Toreador urging students to ignore me. This is a tactic which has often been tried over the years and has never worked, at least for very long. I moved further away from the from the GLBT table, which is raising money for certain charities and opposing hate speech.

     I proclaimed, "I only want to talk to students who are seeking Truth. Atheists and homosexuals are not welcome in my crowd." Of course, soon these types were coming around, some to pass out literature and some to argue. One scantily dressed female danced with a hula hoop for much of the afternoon around both Sister Pat and me as we took our turns.

It seemed like this girl had a hoola- hoop demon. She went nonstop for six hours.  At least she heard a lot of preaching today!


     Norris, a black brother, asked, "Did you say all the students are going to Hell?"

     "No, only those who do not follow Jesus," I replied.

     "People have been telling me all sorts of things you have been saying; however, I listened to you for a good while yesterday and I was really blessed and encouraged by your teaching, including your exhortations to holiness," Norris responded.

     Norris hung around me for much of Sister Pat's stint. He told me that he wanted to stand up boldly for Christ. I answered, "No time better than now." I promised to call upon him when I took my turn. He did very well as he exhorted the students to fully commit to Christ. Sister Pat informed me that Norris was really "high" after his testimony. I know of few things that will contribute more to Christian maturity than when one takes a bold stand for Christ in a hostile setting.

Norris, a Christian student that we met at Texas Tech, takes a stand for Jesus Christ and holiness.


     Today was one of those days that I worked on establishing rapport with the students, more than being in preaching or teaching mode. One has to learn to connect with his audience. I showed my more amiable side this afternoon by good naturedly teasing and bantering with the students. One of my regular lines when I am in this mode I learned from one of the premier and veteran street preachers, Bible Jim Webber, "You people would like me if you would get to know me."

"You people would like me if you got to know me," Bro Jed.


     I just received a call from Dean Saxton, the student at the University of Arizona, who committed himself to preaching when I was in Tucson. He informed me that he has been preaching daily on the hill for an hour, and each day he is getting bolder. I laid hands upon him and prayed for him before I left Tucson that the Lord would mightily anoint him to preach. He reports that he even dresses up when he is preaching since he is representing the Lord. Students are calling him "the second Brother Jed." He reminded me that on my next to the last day at UA when the battle was raging against me, he asked himself, "Who will continue this ministry when Jed leaves?" He heard and answered the call, "Who Will Rise Up?" 

Dean Saxton, the student at the University of Arizona who started preaching after Bro. Jed left . (Picture taken at UA this winter)


     Dean related, "After you are on campus for days and patiently answering students' questions, it is as if you become our father."

     Good fathers need to be stern in our day when few fathers are willing to be strict or discipline. But a good father needs also to have fun with his children. Today was a day I concentrated on being playful. Of course, there are always those who just don't get it and hate me even more when I am at ease. I often remark that according to Isaiah, the Messiah was "despised and rejected of men." Nevertheless, Jesus did have his following and those with whom he was intimate and friendly such as Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

Bro. Dean has been preaching in Europe this summer.


      Although the Scriptures do not really bring out the amiable side of Jesus personality, through knowing Jesus after the Spirit, I am convinced that he had this sociable side. John the Baptist was an austere man but the Son of Man had a more personable side as one who "came eating and drinking."-Luke 7:33-34. He must have enjoyed himself at the wedding feast and at Matthew's feast. Still we remember on both of these occasions he also related vital teachings. Through all my ragging today, I often brought home some zingers of truth as well.

     I told the students a few things that I do not usually tell, like the day one of my daughters said to me (with maybe just a momentary touch of resentment, maybe not,), "Dad, it sometimes seems like you love the students more than your own daughters."

     I can see why it might seem that way, for at least during the school year, I spend more time with the students than I do with the family and even when I am with the family there are times of preparation to go forth among the students. When Jesus attended Matthew's feast along with a great company, the scribes and Pharisees murmured, "Why do you eat and drink with publicans and sinners?"

The whole need not a physician!


     Jesus answered, "They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick."-Luke 5:29-31. Many students have sad excuses for parents; they have never taken them to church, or prayed with them or read them the Bible, nor do they live morally upright before their children. Many parents have not even kept their wedding vows. A minister of the gospel must put God and the Lord's work first, which teaches his children that God must be first in their lives. Among the rebellious students who have good parents, I may be hated as much as their own parents, since rebels despise authority. 




Soul Saved!

March 30, 2012, Texas Tech

     While I was preaching my opening act, Sister Pat had a few students around her and she was able to pray for the salvation of a Dutch boy.

At the beginning of the day Sister Pat prayed with a Dutch boy for salvation!

      A number of students today were very disruptive including the shirtless animal who was behaving savagely on Wednesday. Unfortunately, today no one stood up to him. When he put on sunscreen, a hussy with her finger wrote on his back, "I like sex." He had a few cohorts who were almost as gross as he. At one point he went over to the GLBT group and said, "Watch my stuff, while I make a fool out of myself."      Another brute was passing through the crowd with a bag of condoms vulgarly screaming about the benefits of condoms. Others were saying senseless things and asking nonsensical questions. The GLBT group was collecting for charities with a banner they had spread on the ground with the heading "SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE," upon which students could write a message. Ironically, someone wrote a message cursing me with the f word and adding "I hate hate."

Gay and Lesbian group took
 advantage of our crowd to raise money for "charity."


Those who donated were given the opportunity to sign the "Spread Love Not Hate Banner."   Many of the "lovers" wrote messages about how they hated Bro. Jed.  

     I called upon Norris. who once again, like yesterday, exhorted the crowd to listen and respond positively to my message. He was able to quiet the hecklers momentarily. However, as soon as he finished the jackals started howling again. Another student exhorted the crowd to ask serious questions. He was able to calm them down and one of the jackals actually questioned me concerning free will. He wanted to know whether there would be free will in Heaven. I indicated that there must be free will wherever you find moral beings. He seemed to have free will confused with license.      Free will is the power of contrary choice; it is not the ability to sin with impunity. A few of the Christians in the crowd decided to attempt to give some answers, so I decided to let them defend the faith. By 2 PM there was a circle of 10-12 students having a serious discussion on theological issues. I never did raise my voice again. The Friday afternoon traffic was sparse and it was very hot in the high eighties.

Norris stood faithful with us all week. Shirtless devil on the right is the heathen who raged all week.


     Meanwhile, a local church college group arrived. They started doing skits. I went over to watch and introduced myself to their leader. His response to me was not negative. A few of the youth even complimented me for my ministry. Their best skit was 10 of them quoting 1 Cor 13 in unison. The message of one drama was, "God will accept you just as you are." They never really succeeded in drawing an audience which was sad since they must have worked hard on their presentations. 

     Drama has a place and perhaps on a busier day they may have done better in gaining attention, but there is nothing like strong preaching against sin to capture a student audience. Actually, they were also out yesterday and even though there were more people around I did not notice they had much of an audience. Who knows? They may have reached a few, which is much more than most are doing. I appreciate anyone who is attempting to reach out to the lost.

The conclusion of another great week of ministry!


     I went over to sit under a shade of a tree. A few students approached me and I had some conversations. Sister Pat conversed with several from the GLBT group, including the man through whom the devil had spoken to me the other day. He admitted to Sister Pat that we are very effective in doing what we do. Pat reported that she had a cordial conversation with him and the others. They thanked us yesterday and today for giving them the opportunity of using our "hateful" message to collect money. We left campus at 3:30 with the theological discussion group which had started at 2 still going strong. Bro. Jed


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