Your 2011 Donation Receipts

To Dear Saints,

I mailed out the 2011 donation receipts today (January 31).   If you gave $200 or more to CMUSA you should receive a receipt sometime in the next week.  Please check it for accuracy and email me if there is an issue.


We do not receipt the PayPal gifts unless you have asked for one.  We are assuming that you will use your PayPal receipts.  To save on time and expense, we do not normally receipt the gifts under $200.  However, we want to make sure that everyone who needs a receipt receives one so let us know if you would like one.


The Campus Ministry USA is a 501c3 (nonprofit, charitable) organization and your gifts may be tax deductible.  Check with a tax advisor to be sure.


Please know that we are thankful for all your gifts, small and large.  With your help we will continue to proclaim the Gospel on the campuses of America.


Sincerely in Christ,

Cindy Smock, Secretary, CMUSA