The End of 2011

Dear Saints,

     Below are Bro. Jed's journal entries for the last two weeks of 2011.   It is a lengthy, but inspiring read.   Try making it an intro to your daily devotions.   Read it and then look up the verses or topics in your Bible for further teaching.

     Bro. Jed was mostly by himself so we only have a few pictures taken either with his cell phone or by Bro. Micah and Sis. Elizabeth (who joined him for several days).   The pictures are not necessarily posted in the text on the exact day that they were taken.

     So closes another year of ministry!  Thanks again to all of you who made this happen!!  May God be glorified and His Kingdom come!!!

     Bro. Jed and his team have already completed one week of preaching at Florida.  I hope to have that out to you in the next week.  The Holy Spirit is moving.

     How to pray:  Each day between noon and five you can be sure that the team is on some campus somewhere declaring the truth to our lost generation.  As you think of us during the day remember to is important.

In Christ,

Sister Cindy



November 28, 2011, University of Central Florida,

     My plans were to preach on Georgia campuses this week and enjoy the company of my long time friends and supporters, Raymond and Sheila D.  I taught Raymond's SS class yesterday on the subject that Christians in a free society ought to prosper materially in order to establish God's covenant in the land.-Deut 8:18.

     Sunday afternoon as I reviewed the weather it appeared that Monday would be a washout and Tuesday cold with possible snow flurries.  I did not like the prospect of losing two days of preaching.  On the other hand I was looking forward to the fellowship and gracious hospitality of my friends.  After going back in forth in my mind and studying the weather forecast my best bet seemed to make the eight hour trip to Orlando, where it appeared the rain was not likely to start until after 2 PM tomorrow.  Often over the years I have made long drives in order to get out of bad weather patterns.  Last night I drove thru returning Thanksgiving heavy traffic to Lake City, Fl, arriving at 9:30.  I started off again early this morning to reach UCF in time to catch the 11:20 break, hoping to get in about three good hours of preaching.  I confess that during my drive I wondered if I made the best decision.  I prayed hard that God would give me a good meeting and vindicate my decision and make my grueling drive worth wile. 

     Disappointing I was ignored at the first break except for some curses and off color remarks directed my way by passing students.  I returned to the car for my ace in the whole, which is my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  At the next break once again it looked like I was going to fold.  However, when a group of skate boarders passed, I said, "Skate boarders deserve Hell."  Evidently, they assumed that I thought skate boarding was sinful.  However, I was merely personalizing my message which emphasizes that all men deserve damnation.  One black fellow with ear rings was particularly disturbed.  He informed me, "I know all about Jesus.  I was born and raised a Christian.  Both my parents are pastors."  [This is the edited version of his comments for it seemed he could scarcely complete a sentence without punctuating it with the f word.]  A smoking coed claimed atheism and another in the bunch professed to be Buddhist.  I was able to use this motley crew to build a crowd which averaged about 35 for most of the day.  Some more thoughtful students began to gather who were actually listening to my points.  Much of the discussion turned on the questions of the justice of eternal damnation and the effectiveness of my sign.  About 2:30 students began arguing among themselves, which resulted in dividing the crowd into two groups.  I took advantage of the time to rest and enjoy the heated discussion and talk with a few students who were still questioning me.  I was exhausted because I had driven 12 hours on Saturday and six hours through heavy traffic on Sunday and two and one half hours this morning to get to campus.  However, preaching has a way of invigorating me so I lifted up my voice again about 3 PM, I gathered a new crowd while the two small groups continued their discussion.  However, by now the clouds had gathered, the temperature was dropping and there was light rain.  Nevertheless, I still had a very good session with most students behaving civilly and asking good questions.  A particularly striking and pensive coed asked, "Why is Christianity better than other religions?"  This question is always a good lead in to explaining the Christianity gives the most intelligent, consistent and believable answers to the basic questions of life.

 Bro. Micah preaching.


      By 3:45 it started raining harder and most of the crowd scattered.  I announced that I would be returning tomorrow and probably for the rest of the week.  As I was leaving a student asked me a question so I stopped to answer.  About 10-12 gathered to listen to my reply.  Someone suggested that we get under a tree where it would be dryer.  I carried on for another hour.  What I particularly appreciated was that several non-Christians were defending my reasoning and answers to those who were merely emoting, including one boy who earlier had admitted that he initially thought that I was just another religious fanatic.  As he listened he changed his mind and concluded that I was a reasonable man.  The rain continued and soon the tree was not offering much cover.  Once again students started arguing among themselves.  Not only does preaching invigorate me but it also warms my soul and body.  But it did not seem productive for me to interrupt the student dialogue.  The pensive girl was shaking on account of the cold but she continued to defend my positions even though she said that she was not a Christian.  Finally, at 4:45 I suggested that we continue the discussion tomorrow.

     I rejoiced that God answered my prayer and rewarded me with a productive day.  I would have been discouraged had I done all that driving to get to UCF and not gain any attention to my message.  I actually was able to get more preaching in then I expected.  It should be a good week at UCF.







November 29, 2011, University of Central Florida,

       I arrived on campus around noon and waited for about 20 minutes for a class break.  When there appeared not to be a break, I lifted up my voice to those off at a distance who were sitting around the fountain and to the few passing by.  After about 30 minutes I decided to wait for a break.  Ron, who appeared to be in his fifties, introduced himself as hearing me preach at a holiness church in Columbus, Ohio, over 20 years ago.  Back then he had also accompanied me to OSU and OU.  His girl friend, Jackie, soon arrived; they sat on a blanket which they spread at my feet.  Ron indicated that he wanted me to answer his questions.  He now concluded that the holiness people with whom he once fellowshipped were comparable to Pharisees in that they were lacking in love.  Now he believed the doctrine that Jesus' righteousness is imputed to the believer; that God looks upon us as righteous, but we are actually still sinners.  This is the mush that I hear every day on campus.  I attempted to correct him but I sensed that he had his mind made up.  I had received an email from Jackie in which I had the impression that they were coming out to hear me preach.  It seemed Ron's goal was more to correct me.  After 1 PM there was significant pedestrian passage so I again sounded the trumpet--not an uncertain sound of excusing sin, but the sound of triumph over sin! 

     Two males wanted to hug me.  This is a tactic of the devil to muffle my trumpet blast.  One of the huggers had hair half way down his back and was not wearing a shirt.  I suspected that he was homo.  He was quite persistent and determined to hug me so I had to fend him off.  In order to gain attention, I made much out of these attempts to silence me.  Soon I built a crowd, which reached over a hundred for a significant part of the afternoon.  I noticed that Ron and Jackie left after about an hour or so.  I did not observe them trying to witness to the students.  People who believe that my doctrine or approach is incorrect usually are more interested in correcting me than they are in reaching out to the lost.

"Are there few that be saved?"


     The rational unbelievers of yesterday were not to be seen or heard today.  Hopefully, they will return tomorrow.  In the middle of the afternoon the shirtless, long haired hugger returned with a roll of toilet paper attempting to wrap me in the paper.  I treated him as I would a pest, slapping him away with my open hand.  He protested, "Are you hitting me?"  As if, I am supposed to stand there and allow him to assault me.  A man in the crowd stepped up to my defense and pushed the hugger away and strongly admonished him.  The hugger slinked away, not to be seen again for the rest of the day.  It is not unusual for these huggers to get violent when one resists their advances. 

    In my morning devotions I meditated on Luke 13:22-30.  I determined to bring this passage into my preaching today.  I took advantage of the situation when a girl was defending sin in a believer and seemed to be teaching universalism. 

     A man asked Jesus, "Are there few that be saved?"  Jesus answered, "Strive to enter in at the narrow gate:  for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able."  I explained to the students, "One has to agonize to enter God's kingdom.  It requires much study and soul searching.  Most of you do not know enough about Jesus' work and teachings in order to be saved.  You do not even understand what it means to be saved or the nature of God's kingdom.  One must be diligent and persevere and endure unto the end in order to be saved.  Make no mistake salvation is a struggle.  There are many forces out to defeat truth seekers."

     I daily tell the students that Heaven is essentially an eternal relationship with God and that Hell is essentially eternal separation from God.  I am not denying that Heaven and Hell are actual places, but they are not essentially places.  The Lord gave me a new illustration today which proved to be effective is demonstrating my point.  Home is a place but it is not essentially a place; it is essentially a relationship with family.  Men who are separated from their Heavenly father have a sense of alienation although they might not understand the source of their alienation.  Even the Christian realizes that he is but a stranger and pilgrim on earth who has a longing to be united with his Heavenly Father.  He is seeking a city whose builder and maker is God.  All men are seeking a city.  Alas, most are in search of the city of man.    

     I preached until 5:35 today.  I am ministering alone these last two weeks of the fall semester in Florida.  I miss my preaching associates; however, I must admit there is something I savor about standing alone against the multitudes.  There is joy in single handily and successfully fending off all opposition.  "What shall we then say to these things?  If God be for us, who can be against us?"-Romans 8:31.  These students are my bread.-Numbers 14:9.  



 Faith is the Evidence 

November 30, 2011, UCF

     A local church was set up in the free speech green with large graphic anti-abortion signs.  As I approached one of them greeted me and we had a friendly discussion about methods of evangelism.  He inquired why I take a negative, confrontational "in your face" approach.  I answered that they were doing the same thing with their signs.  He got the point.  Though there is a difference.  They were greeting people with a smile.  However, considering the seriousness of homicidal and genocidal females and their supporters, I do not believe that a smile is appropriate for the occasion.  Nevertheless, I appreciated their effort on behalf of the pro life movement and their attempt to reach rebellious and self-centered college students.

     I broke off our productive discussion since I noticed the classes were breaking.  I also observed that there was a group of counter protestors (all females, but one) holding signs which read, "Keep Abortion Legal" and "Pro Choice."  I raised my voice to say, ""I want to get closer to the root of the abortion problem which is fornication.   If people would stop fornicating, there would be relatively few abortions.  Not many married people abort their offspring.  There is presently no real threat that Roe v. Wade will be overthrown.  Abortion will remain legal unless there is a great revival or some sort of nuclear holocaust or plague, which would destroy much of the population.  Unlike many Christians I put more blame on you wicked women getting abortions than I do on the doctors doing the aborting.   I consider those who hire the killers to be worse than those who actually carry out the killing.  Too often you women who get abortions are portrayed as victims instead of perpetuators of crime."

      I pressed the females, "Why do you choose life over death anyway?  What do you have against babies?  If you truly support women rights, remember about half the babies aborted are female.  Why not choose life over death?  Your parents could have chosen to abort you.  But they cared enough to bring you to term and then nourish and take care of you while you were helpless.  Why won't you "people" protect the basic human right to life which is already guaranteed in the Preamble to the Constitution: 'We the people of the United States. . . ,secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.'  Our posterity is our offspring.  What more basic right is there than the right to life?  The people of this country are obligated to secure the right to life of the unborn according to the Constitution.  The problem is few of our politicians take the Constitution seriously anymore or even worse few understand the concept of Natural Rights.  Natural Rights are the foundation of the Constitution."

     With all the activity, signs and people it was easy to get the students' attention.  No one really argued against what I had to say concerning fornication or abortion.  The female "people" did not attempt to answer any of my questions.  What could they say, "Yes, we prefer death over

"Choose Life!"

life?"  They would not say it but in fact they do love death.  For the scripture saith, "All they that hate me love death."-Proverbs 8:36.  So fornication and the death associated with it are ultimately rooted in the sinners' hatred of God and his Creative Order.

     After about an hour the anti abortion crowd left and so did the pro aborts.  Over the years I have not had students argue with me much when I address the issue of abortion.  Of course, I do not emphasize that abortion ought to be outlawed because I have little hope that in the present moral and political climate that it will be banned.  My emphasis is on encouraging girls to choose life over death and moral purity over lasciviousness. 

     Much of the rest of the afternoon was devoted to the apologetic issues.  I had periods of good discussion where students indicated that they were actually listening to my answers.  One boy who was raised Catholic claimed to have read the Bible three times but gave no indication that he knew or understood the book's contents.  He repeatedly claimed that there was no evidence.  He said he had been an altar boy but when he was in the tenth grade he became a critical thinker and concluded there was no evidence.  I asked the ex-Catholic, "Have you read St. Thomas Aquinas' Arguments for the Existence of God?" He answered, "No," giving no indication that he was even aware of Thomas' proofs.  I responded, "Then I cannot take you seriously.  You did not get a catholic education."  Others demanded evidence, I repeatedly claimed, "My faith is best evidence which you have ever encountered." 

     I argued, "We do not need faith to believe in God's existence.  God is a necessary being, just as it is necessary for yonder building to have a builder.  It does not require faith to believe the building had an architect; that is self-evident.  Faith is walking into the building and believing that it will not collapse around you.  Faith trusts God with your life.  There is no faith expressed in merely acknowledging his existence.

    A student countered, "But I can look at the building and I have tangible evidence that it is well built and will not collapse."

     I replied, "Study the life and teachings of Christ and I am convinced that you will discover that he is worthy of your trust.  Examine the evidence for Christianity.  Of course, that does not me you will trust in him because faith requires that you live a life of self-denial which is not pleasing to the flesh."

     "I need something more tangible," he argued, "I cannot see Jesus.  I cannot touch him."

     "Well then look at me; touch me.  I am tangible.  St. Paul said, 'Follow me, even as I follow Christ.'  Follow Brother Jed, hang around me, and I will reveal Christ to you for he dwells within me.  I am the real thing.  I live as Christ lived and I think as Christ thought.  My ways are his ways.  I am here to introduce you to Jesus.  I know him personally.  Some of you have been testing me for three days now; I have passed every test.  If you do not want to look at me, gaze at the Church; it is also tangible.  It can be seen; it is Christ's body on earth."

     At this point a Christian interrupted me who thought that he could do a better job than I; he engaged my listeners.  Actually, as it turned out he gave a good apologetic, which impressed at least one of my pupils.  By now it was 4:20 and I decided that since a class was breaking I would fire my shot gun one more time at the masses.  However, it did not appear that I hit anyone; I did not gather another crowd.  I was getting my stuff together to depart campus, leaving the several that remained with the more knowledgeable Christian.  However, a pretty skirted female who had made a reference to my anus earlier came traipsing toward me.  Evidently, I had wounded her.  She was upset because I had said yesterday that considering her attire that she might as well have a sign around her neck saying, "Rape me, rape me, rape me."  Actually, I did not point her out but she may have been one passing whom I had in mind.  Today, when she referred to my rectum, I took the opportunity to compliment her on her long skirt.  I said, "She at least looks feminine, even if she has an unladylike mouth."

     She was quite irate with me and got in my face saying, "I was raped."  Her aggressiveness drew others into my circle.  I disarmed the skirted one with some of my humor and logic and had another hour of profitable discussion with about a dozen students.  I left campus at 5:40, rejoicing in my spirit over the wonderful day.  Several of my detractors thanked me and acknowledged that I had given them a lot to think about.     







"Corporate Jet"

December 1, 2011, UCF

     I had not been preaching long when I heard a lot of racket.  Then I noticed a hoard of marchers carrying banners and chanting, "We are the 99%!"  They marched around the fountain in front of the library, paused at the frontage of the administration building and then marched past me.  I confronted the riff raff to warn them that they would soon be occupying Hell if they did not turn from their thieving ways.  They held signs which read, "If you Don't Own a Corporate Jet, I'm not Talking to You!" and "People Over Profits" and "Stop the War on Choice," and "Students are the 99%."  I know these vermin well.  I was a part of the anti-war and socialists' movements of the sixties.  I cowardly marched against the war while the brave Americans were killing communists in Viet Nam.   

       A few stopped to engage me.  One fellow, who claimed to be a small businessman, said, "We just want corporations out of government."  I replied, "I do not want government subsidizing corporations, nor should we have bailouts of corporations.  If you want to protest, then protest big government, which is handing out other peoples' money to their political cronies.  Vote the liberal rascals out of office." 

     Also there should be no bailouts for unpaid student loans and no bailouts for people who took out loans to buy homes for which they now cannot pay.  I also said, "Students are among the elite.  Yet you would have the taxpayers (including the average working Joe who does not go to college) subsidizing your education." 

     Their leader ushered the few who were engaging me away.  Mockingly, I said, "Do as you are commanded; follow your leaders."  The "small businessman" replied, "We have no leaders." 

      They continued their march to rally at another part of campus.  I could hear ranting off at a distance.  Meanwhile, a couple of Christians engaged me, who seemed generally supportive of my preaching.  We chatted as I explained my methods.  As much as I disagree with the OWS hooligans, we must acknowledge that their confrontational tactics are effective.  They have the whole country talking about them and the issues which they are addressing.  They have government officials in a tizzy and almost succeeded in bring down a college president.   

      In the Parable of the 10 Pounds Jesus told of a certain nobleman who went into a far country to receive a kingdom but gave each of his 10 servants a pound and said unto them, "Occupy till I come [return]."  Christians should be doing the Lord's business and building his Kingdom until he returns by investing our capital whether it is our spiritual gifts or our material goods.  The church needs to be aggressive in retaking America for the glory of God.  We should possess the land.  The communists have been on "the Long March" to control our institutions, especially our universities and educational system for about 100 years. We should be aggressive and militant in our evangelism.  Storm the gates of Hell.  We allowed the socialists and other God haters to occupy our government and other institutions.  Christians have for too long considered politics and business as too corrupt to participate in.  We should be governing, not the faithless.  The church has been in retreat since the beginning of the progressive era in the early 20th Century.  Why is the church not marching forward!  Where are the Christian signs and banners?  Where are the preachers?  Molly coddling their parishioners while there are those who are working to destroy our heritage.

"Christians should be doing the Lord's business!"


      Those who consider Jesus to be some sort of socialist revolutionary who would identify himself with OWS gang need to study the Parable of the Pounds.  The nobleman (representing Jesus) rewarded the servant who turned his one pound into ten by making him a ruler over ten cities.  Likewise he who had gained five pounds from the one pound was made ruler over five cities.  But another servant who had kept his one pound in a handkerchief the nobleman judged as wicked for not investing his money in the bank that at his coming he could receive his own with interest.  He then took the one pound and gave to the one who had the most.  The Lord did not advocate socialist thought, "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need."  Finally, the nobleman (Jesus) says "That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him.  But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." This parable indicates the severity of our Lord.  He has no patience with those who like the OWS parasites demand something for nothing.  These people think that they are entitled to the wealth of the producers while tenting on public property.  It is noteworthy that the demonstrators often wrap handkerchiefs around their faces. 

      No, I do not have a corporate jet, nor do I know anyone who does.  But I would be happy to have one or at least have some retired CEO fly me around to the campuses as I defend the morality of the free enterprise system which incorporates Kingdom principles and while I expose the wickedness of socialism.

    They say, "People before Profits."   Well, people make profits.  Wealth has to be created.  The profit motive drives capitalism and production.  Profits are good.  Jesus endorsed profits in the Parable of the Pounds.  As my friend and entrepreneur, Dave Coke, says, "Without profits there would be no paychecks, no security, no philanthropy, no government, no schools, no churches, and no missionaries."  Paul supported himself by the profits from his tent making business.

     There is one way wealth comes into being and that is by production; but there are two ways by which wealth may be acquired:  first by producing it and second, by helping yourself to the fruits of someone else's production.  The OWS sloths take the latter course.

       About 1:15 I gathered a crowd which averaged about 25 to 35 for most of the rest of the afternoon.  The two Christians (one was Intervarsity), who I had engaged earlier were hanging around and witnessing to some of my crowd.  I have had little opposition from the evangelicals this week and several have been supportive.  However, I was handed a note by a female which quoted Matthew 7:5 and Mark 12:31.  I read the verses and her commentary to the crowd, "Dear Guy yelling crudely at Students, YOU are the reason people hate Christians.  Christ dined with prostitutes and hung out with murderers.  He changed them by showing them the love and grace of God.  Show the love and mercy God gave ya to the people you encounter."

       I quoted Isaiah who prophesied of our Lord, "He is despised and rejected of men."  I also quoted, John 7:7, "The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil."  Jesus also said, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.  If ye were of the world, the world would love his own:  but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."-John 15:18-19.

     Alas, most so-called Christians expect to be loved by the world.  Actually the more true love we demonstrate the more we will be resented, rejected, despised and vilified.  The girl who wrote this note represents everything that is wrong in the church today.

     Once again I had a wonderful time "earnestly contending for faith which was once delivered unto the saints."-Jude 3.   Some of the students even admitted that I was in earnest.  This is a significant break though since there are so many who are not intense or devoted and who are easily distracted by things unrelated to the advancement of God's Kingdom.


December 2, 2011, UCF

     I started preaching at the 11:20 break; however, I did not preach long since there was a choir singing in the area. Brother and Sister Micah Armstrong agreed to meet me on campus but were not arriving until 1 PM. As I was waiting, a fellow who has been in the audience this week, asked if he could read to me from Nature, Man and Woman by Alan Watts. He read a number of passages to me. This used to be my meat. Watts influenced me considerably during my hippy days of the 60's. A long haired boy, who has also been daily in my congregation, joined us. He was also a devotee of Watts. The first boy's father was a Church of Christ pastor. Hearing from Watts, who died in 1973, the year after my conversion, bought back many memories of where my lost "head" was back in those rebellious years. Thank God the Lord delivered my from all the nonsense of eastern thought. Indeed, if one can call it thought. Watts in his day was one of the foremost popularizes of Zen and Eastern philosophy to the West. He was also an adulterer and dope fiend. He certainly was not a clear thinker. I enjoyed our discussion which went on for close to an hour until I started preaching at the next break. However, I did not gain a crowd. A fellow, who had been listening a lot this week, began questioning me. Soon a Jewish girl, Amy, also had questions. We were joined by another girl who seemed to be a girl of faith. Among many things we talked of the roles of men and women. Another fellow with whom I had conversed considerably until almost dark on Wednesday approached and asked if I remember him, which I did. He had some follow up questions concerning our previous conversation. I noticed that he was much more open then he had been two days ago.

Planting Seeds


   The Armstrongs arrived shortly after 1 PM and Micah began to preach while I continued talking with the girls and a few others who gathered around me. Micah quickly drew a crowd. He is well known on this campus; students had been asking about him all week. Micah has related to be that he was challenged to go into full time ministry as a result of reading my book, Who Will Rise Up?   Amy walked up to Micah while he was preaching and apologized to him for being disrespectful to him in his visits last year. It was a bold thing for her to do in front of the crowd.

     Micah called upon me at 2:30. I only preached until shortly after 3 PM because I wanted to get to Charleston, S.C. by tomorrow morning to visit my sister and brother-in-law, who were in a serious head on auto collision in late August.

       Although I only preached today for about 40 minutes, I considered the conversations I had with the students to be productive. It was a good week at UCF. I believe a significant number will eventually enter the Kingdom because of the seeds I planted this week.



December 5, Florida State University,

     It was easy to gather a crowd today.  I went right into "Sex Ed with Brother Jed."  When I was in college, I took a course in what they then called, "Courtship and Marriage."  At least they still generally had the right idea back then.  One has to keep it simple these days.  Students are confused about the basics.  Many of them actually think that the anus is a sexual organ.  To them the female breasts are primarily play things.  They think that sperm is to be consumed through the mouth and is a source of protein.  They imagine that some are born heterosexual and others are born homosexual.  Many of them are convinced that they are bisexual, others say they are transsexual.  The fact is these are false constructs.  One is either male or female, man or woman, boy or girl, either has a penis or vagina.  They do not have a clue as to what constitutes marriage.  The girls have never been courted, only screwed.  They actually believe that condoms will prevent them from getting STDs.  Yet I saw an advertisement at UCF last week that one of four college students has an STD.  I patiently instructed them using my fingers to demonstrate the facts of life. 

     At times I tried to lift their brains from the genital area back to their cranium but to little avail.  One character arrived, who calls himself "Sparkles," who is a flaming queer.  By this time Brother Micah and Sister Elizabeth arrived so I called on Micah at the class break.  He succeeded in doubling the size of the crowd.  He sang a few songs which Gary Bowman has written which speak of the perils of self-indulgent activities.  Micah has been back in full time evangelism since September after pastoring a church for about two years.  He has gotten rid of his truck and trailer and traveling in a smaller vehicle, which makes travelling much easier.

     After an hour he turned the crowd back to me which was quite rowdy by this time.  I tried to calm them down by relating a few of my wild stories from my past life.  About 3:45 I called upon Sister Elizabeth who preached for an hour.  She is very good, much like Sister Cindy in her preaching style.  A girl confessed to me that she was impressed with our energy in standing against the crowd and seeming to be able to enjoy what we were doing.  I tried to explain to her that it is the Holy Spirit within us.  They have rarely encountered people who are full of the Holy Ghost.  Christians on campus may have a measure of the Holy Ghost but few have the fullness.  [I often wonder if they even have a measure.]  How can one be full of the Holy Spirit and sin daily in thought, word and deed, as virtually all the professing Christians claim that they do?

     A red haired girl, who earlier had said that she likes sex as much as the boys, asked me, "How can I get rid of the devil?"  She seemed to be on the verge of tears. I counseled her to renounce him.  She asked, "Why is it wrong to have sex?"  She admitted that it is not everything that Hollywood and Madison Avenue presents it as being.  She knew that the boys were taking advantage of her.  She concluded, "No one is interested in a relationship today."  Unfortunately, she is right.  These students show no interest in courtship, marriage or having a family.  We have experienced a break down in the family in my life time.  It is hard to believe that it has happened so quickly.

Preaching deliverance to the captives.

     At 4:30 Elizabeth called upon me again.  I had a pretty good session teaching them on Biblical interpretation and the differences between the OT and the NT.

      Several students apologized to me today on behalf of the student body.  One girl held up a sign which read, "Show some respect to the man in the vest."

      It was a good day working with the Armstrongs.  Each of us had good conversations on the sidelines.  We fellowshipped over dinner.




December 6, 2011, FSU,

    When I arrived there were some Christians milling around the speaking area.  Several of them were carrying Bibles.  I am not sure whether they were there to witness, pray or oppose me.   I chose as my text 2 Timothy 3: "16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:  17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

      I did not use any of my attention getting one line zingers, but commented on the text mostly quoting other Scriptures which related to my text.  It was an anointed message which captured the attention of those already present and quickly grabbed the notice of those passing by.  Of course, when I reached verse 17 the professing believers began to desperately plead for sin.  One fellow brought up Romans 7; he seemed to understand my explanation that the verse applies to one trying to please and obey God, but not yet born of the Spirit.  Later in the afternoon he asked me to relate my testimony or as he put it, "How did you find God?"

      None of them could defend sin Biblically.  How can one defend the indefensible?  I quoted and commented on countless verses calling for holiness.  The only verses I heard from them were their old standbys Romans 7 and 1 John 1:8.  The lack knowledge of the Scriptures of supposedly educated people is really quite astounding.  To believe the truth is to love the truth.  Does not 2 Thessalonians 2:10 apply to these hypocrites?  "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved."  To love the truth is to obey it.  They refuse to obey it; they do not even study it as far as I can perceive.  They have the audacity to claim that God requires the impossible.  Alas, they are hearers of the word, but not doers. 

      One in the gathering of about 50 said, "Eighty percent of us in this crowd are Christians and we do not agree with you."   I answered, "But you do agree with the devil and side with him to defend sin.  He told Eve that sin is not deadly and she believed him.  Ah, you have fallen for the oldest line in the book that sin is not deadly to anyone who professes faith."

      One professing believer asked if he could say something.  I allowed him and he stated, "First I want to tell you, Brother Jed, that 1 Corinthians teaches that Christians are not to judge those outside the Church."  Then he spoke something comforting and forgettable to the students.  The students clapped.  I responded, "That was a sweet word."  I explained that we have to judge who is within and who is outside the church.  The forbidden judgment spoken of in 1 Corinthians 5:12 refers to discipline.  It is not my job to discipline you young rebels.  What you need is a good beating from your parents.  But I do not have parental authority over you heathens.  But I am here to give you a good Bible beating. I am here to tell you that you are wrong."      

      Eventually, the unbelievers began to dominate the crowd, which tends to intimidate and silence most of would be Christians, except they will wax bolder to condemn me, which gains the approval of the crowd.  As the afternoon progressed a few people tried to interrupt me and give their own spiel, but they were soon shouted down by those who cried, "We want to hear Brother Jed."

      The sexual issues dominated for over an hour.  Finally, I got tired of explaining why fornication and homoing were sins.  I said, "We are not going to talk about sex anymore."  I led them through my therapy which is called the brain shift:  "Now boys and girls cup your hands down around the genital area.  But whatever you do make sure you do not touch anything down there.  I do not want you to have to go home and change underwear the middle of the afternoon.  Now do a few deep knee bends to get some leverage and now symbolically lift your brains out of the genital area back into your cranium where they belong.  [Some of the students were going along with this and went through the motions of the brain shift.]  Now some of you should actually be ready to ask a philosophical or theological question."  Their depravity did require me going through the therapeutic practice one more time before I noticed a significant change.

Answering the questions.


     The rest of the afternoon I succeeded in limiting the discussion to the philosophical, theological and ethical questions.  I was in top form playing the matador waving my red cape as the bull made passes questioning me concerning predestination, free will, absolute foreknowledge, the Nature and Character of God, the source of evil, the justice of eternal damnation, comparative religion, the nature of sin and righteousness, evolution, creation, evidences for God, etc.  I was able to relate some of my favorite parables to a generally attentive audience. It turned out to be one of my best days of this academic year.  The head and horns of the bull were lower and lower as the fight continued and the day turned to dusk.  My picadors, Micah and Elizabeth, stayed back in their motel to get some needed and deserving rest and to catch up on their journal and other internet communication.  Many of the same who were there virtually all day yesterday were present again today for most of the afternoon.  The bull fight will continue tomorrow with the help of my lancers, Micah and Elizabeth.    

     Someone asked me in the middle of the afternoon, "Do you ever tell these students that God and you care for them?"  I replied, "Alright lets get this behind us.  God cares for you and so do I.  Now let us get back to me correcting you."  I prefer to demonstrate love whether than talking about love.  Nevertheless, late in the afternoon I did expound considerably on John 3:16 and Romans and Romans 5:8.  Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will put up that material on YouTube.  I did sense that those who stayed most of the afternoon in their worldly way actually do love me.  I make their day.--"Brother Jed the man they hate to love!"



December 7, 2011, FSU

     "Despite your message, you are very polite.  I admire that," said a male student to me after I had been holding my YOU DESERVE HELL sign for about 30 minutes.  I appreciate the compliment because usually I am accused of being rude, hateful, vulgar, etc. 

     Today the temperature dropped considerably from what it has been the last two days; when I started it was cloudy.  There was very loud live jungle music not far from me throughout the noon hour.  I did not care to compete with the savages.  I mostly let my sign do the preaching although I would briefly speak on why men deserve Hell and how God offers them what they do not deserve.  Many students were taking my picture and some wanted to have their picture taken with me.  I am confident that most of the pictures will end on FB, some even being profile pictures.  Although no one was stopping, I was encouraged that my message was going forth over the internet. 

     Micah arrived about 12:30 and we chatted for a while.  Meanwhile, a girl sincerely asked me, "What do you believe?"  Others soon gathered.  The rest of the afternoon was virtually all Q & A."  I had a crowd for most of the afternoon which ranged from 25-50.  Micah had a small group around him for most of the afternoon.  I did not attempt to change speakers since I was on a roll and there did not seem to be a good time to make a transition, until 3:30 when I called upon Sister Elizabeth.  She has a strong voice; yet a soft voice.  I like the way she addresses the students playing the role of an elementary teacher talking to children.

"Generally the questions were thoughtful."

      Thankfully, the students were not preoccupied with sex today.  Generally the questions were thoughtful.  One boy asked, "Why could not God come up with something more effective to demonstrate his love and presence than the crucifixion?  That did not seem to be very effective."

       I answered, "What more could he possibly do?  There is no greater act of love than giving your life for others; it is the ultimate sacrifice for men and for God, 'who commended his love for us, in that, while we were yet his enemies, Christ died for us.'  I fear that God is very disappointed in the results.  He may have anticipated that the Atonement would be more effective than it has proven to be.  Alas, the Cross reveals that the more real love which one demonstrates, the more he will be despised and rejected.  Men are usually repelled by self-sacrificing love, because it calls for them to be self-denying and to take up their cross and follow Jesus.  Hence men despise the Cross and the crucified life." 

       Oh, the paradox of it all!  We do not hate the soldier, who gives his life for his comrades at arms.  We present him with medals posthumously.  We honor him.  Why then do men hate Christ and refuse him honor?  Because he rose from the dead to be alive for evermore!  Christ's sacrifice is a living sacrifice; it is constant reminder, always calling us to be a living sacrifice.  The Church is his nail-scared body on earth.  "You also, as living stones, are built up into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ."-1 Peter 2:5.                    

     We can soon forget the dead soldier; but we cannot forget the living God.  We might erect a statue honoring the soldier.  But a statue is not living; it is not convicting.  Jesus is ever present in us confronting the world with his wounds.  We are carrying his cross.  We are crucified daily by the world as we without compromise walk as he walked and talk as he talked.  We are bearing his burdens.  We are carrying his message.  "We daily offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable onto God, which is but our reasonable service."-Romans 12:1.  We confront the world day after day reminding men that they killed Christ.  And they are determined to crucify us.  "We will not have this man ruling over us," they say. Hence we are hated as he was despised.  We are rejected as he was rejected.

     There were many questions today, which by answering I could deliver the students the meat of the word.  And what is the meat of the word, but the call to self-sacrificing love.  I had them eating out of my hands today.  I gave more to chew upon then they may have heard all of their lives.

     A fellow who has been in the audience each day said, "Brother Jed, your witness is more effective than all the Christian ministries on campus combined."

     A fellow wearing a sweat shirt with the name "Wesley" on the front disagreed.  He was a minister from the Wesley Foundation.  He told me that I am here a week and gone.  I need to build a relationship with the students.  Then share the gospel.  A girl disagreed, "Jesus did not build a relationship with the multitudes before preaching to them." 

    "Wesley" accused me of not being in relationship with the other ministries on campus:  "Where do you direct students who have been affected by your ministry?"     \

     I answered, "I would direct them to this girl, who just disagreed with you, before I would to you, because she has demonstrated more maturity than you have."  Interestedly, I suppose he has had seminary training and that she has not.  Seminary training can be a hindrance to one's spiritual growth.  Seminaries teach programs and methods and worldly ways; one learns to walk in the spirit primarily thorough experience.  The Holy Spirit has always been my primary teacher. 

       I asked "Wesley," "What did Jesus tell the demonic of the Gadarenes, whom our Lord delivered, when the saved man requested to study at the feet of Jesus?  Jesus would not permit him, but said unto him.  'Go tell your friends the great things the Lord has done for you!'  When men are truly converted they will stand up for the truth and they will seek Christian fellowship; I need not take them by the hand and lead them to some lukewarm fellowship."

     These churches that merely tell men to accept Jesus into their heart and refuse to tell them that they must repent are nursing aborted babies.

      I chastened "Wesley" that he ought to have more respect for other ministries, especially the five fold ministry.  Few Christian leaders today recognize the evangelist, apostle or prophet as valid ministries for today, which is one reason the church is weak.  He expected me to work with the ministries on campus.  But they refuse to work with me; indeed, they often oppose me.  At least there are some who try to take advantage of my plowing of the fallow campus ground.  "Wesley" finished his day on campus by passing out lollipops to the students, which speaks volumes.  Usually, they are not giving any meat in these student campus groups.  I do not want to be too critical; at least they are giving them some milk and sweets keeping alive some sort of Christian witness.  And I suppose there are some things going on of which I am unaware.   

      It was getting colder and colder as the afternoon progressed.  The Armstrongs left for Georgia at 4 PM; I stayed on for another hour.  A female threw a glass of water on me.  Interestedly, a "transsexual" with hair half way down his back, whom I had been questioning and mocking, went to get some napkins for me to dry off my clothes.  Ironically, the male dressed like and talking like a female and with the effeminate mannerism appears to be more feminine than most of the females on campus.  He claims he is not a homosexual but a female who is attracted to men.  I will give him credit; he takes my ridicule of him without offense.  I suppose he likes the attention.  Today was another very good day, except the crowd was smaller on account of the bad weather.     



December 8, 2011, FSU,

       I learned today that the student who commended me yesterday as being more effective than all the ministries on campus is an atheist.  Atheists sometimes have a better understanding of my methods and message than the believers.  In mid afternoon when there were about 100 listening, a man took center stage and said, "Brother Jed does not represent the Christian community.  He is a troll; we are giving him an audience; everyone needs to leave."

       I urged him to lead the way and invited anyone not interested in my message to leave.  He left but no one followed him.  

      Today was another glorious day but I am afraid that I cannot capture it for my readers.  I started preaching on Advent, noting that during Christmastide we are remembering the first advent (coming) of Christ and looking forward to his second advent.  I spoke from Matthew 1:23 and read Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6 explaining that one way we know the Bible is true is through the fulfillment of prophesy.

      It did not take long for people to start asking me reasons for the hope that is within me.   By the grace of God I was able to answer each and every one with meekness and fear.  Again today there was comparatively little sex talk.  We dealt with the great questions of life.  My preaching was Christ centered in that I taught on the Incarnation, Atonement and Resurrection of our Lord.  I noticed an attitude change of several skeptics as the afternoon progressed. 

     Early in the day I had a lengthy session on the justice of eternal damnation.  One asked, "How can anyone be happy in Heaven knowing that any of their love ones are in Hell?"  

     I explained, "In the New Jerusalem the righteous will see the damned including family and friends from our former life.  But to us they shall be loathsome (Is 66:24); we will know that they received their just deserts.  When we are no longer looking through a glass darkly and when we see God face to face we shall see the exceeding sinfulness of sin.  We will fully understand that even lost family and friends have received their just deserts."

     Someone asked, "How do we know that you are filled with the Holy Spirit as you claim?"

     I responded, "The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, you should know from the great truths which I am relating to you.  My words come not from me but from God.  I am able to maintain a perfect peace in the midst of all the questions fired at me and never lose a step.  I do not get rattled despite all of your attempts to distract, mock, confound, belittle, and distort my teachings.  My steadfastness in the midst of the opposition of a hundred charging bulls is evidence that I am speaking under the unction of Spirit and Power of God."

     Daily the bulls of Bashan and encircle me and the ravening and roaring lions roar at me yet like Daniel in the lion's den I am able to prevail because I am filled with the Spirit of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.   

     When twilight arrived the Spirit was heavy on my audience.  I could see the look of conviction in the faces of many.  My critics had been subdued.  I concluded in prayer.  As I was gathering my stuff a boy with many piercings said that he had tried everything and had been active in his church but still did not know God.  He had talked with various pastors.  I probed him and he finally admitted that he had never read the entire Bible.  I answered, "Jeremiah said, 'You will find God when you search him with you whole heart.' The fact that you have never completed the Bible demonstrates you have not whole heartily sought God.  You need to get along with God and your Bible during Christmas break and read it all and put into practice everything that you are reading." 



December 9, 2011, FSU,

     I took as my text the Scriptures dealing with the birth of Jesus Christ from Matthew.  I spoke of the good character of Mary who was willing to suffer the shame of being considered an adulteress and Joseph who wanted to protect the reputation of his betrothed wife, and the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit.  Whenever, I speak of the miraculous birth some blasphemer accuses God of being a rapist and many laugh at this accusation.  Blaspheme is taken so lightly today, cursing and profanity is acceptable and commonplace.  We long ago stopped prosecuting blasphemers and irreverent religious satire has become socially acceptable.  Now there are those promoting "hate speech laws."  We have succeeded in limiting racial and ethnic slurs and jokes though social sanctions but the name of God is blasphemed in Hollywood and media outlets and in common speech in the work place and schools.

      The dyed red head atheist girl, with whom I have been sparing daily, informed me that hardly anyone is on campus today; everyone is at home or at the library preparing for finals and few classes are in session.  She sat down to talk as did as did several others.  I taught on various subjects for over an hour.  I considered it a profitable hour.  The atheist girl heard more Truth from me this week than she had ever heard in her life.  Once she has been to church and once to Sunday school in her life.  I am encountering more and more students who have virtually no exposure to church, which is all the more reason for Christians to support my ministry of taking the Church to the world instead of expecting the world to come to Church.  Remembering the CMUSA with a special Christmas gift would be deeply appreciated.  The Three Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus.  One can still give gifts to him through us who are fulfilling the commission to, "Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere.  Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born."  The campuses are my mountain.

       Since there were so few passing after 1 PM, I decided to get on the road early because I had a 14 hour drive back home.

       So completes another semester of preaching.  I am planning of opening the New Year when classes start in Florida on January 9.  


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     Pastors, please contact me if you would want me to speak in your church while in your area. Also, if anyone would like to arrange a home meeting, I am available. Local Christians coming out to stand with us is very helpful. It is usually a life changing experience for anyone who has never witnessed on campus.

     This is a rugged schedule; we will be preaching five to six hours daily; also, I anticipate that Sundays and Wednesdays will be filling out soon with church meetings. We covet your prayers and your financial support. A long trip like this is expensive. Meanwhile, bills must be paid on the home front.  Bro Jed


January 8, Centenary UMC, Friendship Class, Terre Haute, IN

January 9 & 10, University of Florida, Gainesville

January 11 & 12 University of South Florida, Tampa

January 13, University of Florida

January 17 & 18 Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers

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January 23-27, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

January 30 & 31, Sam Houston State, Huntsville

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February 9-10, University of Texas, Austin

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February 16 & 17, 20-24, University of Arizona, Tucson

February 27-March 2, Arizona State University, Tempe

March 5, San Diego State

March 6 & 7, San Marcos State, San Marcos

March 8, San Diego State

March 9, UCSD

March 12 &13, Fresno State University

March 14, UC Davis

March 15 Sacrament State

March 16, UC Davis

March 19, Cal State Fullerton

March 20 &21, Long Beach State

March 22 & 23 Cal State Fullerton

March 26-30, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 2 & 3, University of Oklahoma, Norman

April 4, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

April 5 & 6, University of Oklahoma

April 9-27 Campuses in Missouri

April 30 & May 1, Ohio State, Columbus

May 2, Oberlin College

May 3, OSU

May 4, Ohio University, Athens

May 7, Oberlin

May 8, OSU

May 9, Wright State

May 10, Priscilla Smock's Senior Recital, Columbia, MO

May 12, Priscilla Smock's graduation

May 14 & 15, University of Washington, Seattle

May 16 & 17, Western Washington University, Bellingham

May 18, University of Washington

May 21-25, Eastern Washington University

May 29-June 1, University of Washington

June 4-7, University of Oregon, Eugene

June 8, Portland State




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