The Condom Gospel Exposed




November 14, 2011, University of Central Arkansas

     This is the first time that I have ever spoken on this campus, although Sister Pat preached here about 25 years ago.  I directed Sister Cindy to open the meeting.  She started in front of the Student Center in an area surrounded by benches.  Within fifteen minutes an administrator informed her that the free speech area was on the steps of the chapel, which was just a short distance away.  On the steps she delivered one of her classic campus messages, "The Condom Gospel," which she has recently refined.

     First she had to find a student to volunteer to give her a condom.  After some coaxing, a boy provided the prop; Sister Cindy opened the package and slowing unrolled the condom and lifted it high for all to see and said,

    "Behold, your God!  I have been paid by the university to come here today and preach to you the condom gospel.  All of you heard the condom gospel at freshman orientation; some of you became true believers immediately; others of you are only half-hearted believers-you carry your condoms in your wallets, back-packs or purses but you never use them.

      I am here to turn those of you who are weak in the faith into true believers.  Become a true believer-use your condom today!

      Some of you that were once true believers have backslid from the faith.  I am here to remind you of your 'first love' and bring you back into the fold.

       Is everyone listening?    The condom gospel goes like this:  You can have sex with whomever, whenever and however, as long as you have the little rubber on the proper organ.

     If you are having trouble believing the condom gospel, I have three self-help suggestions for you-three helps to believing the condom gospel.

1.      Real Horny--Get your brains into your testicles-looking at porn helps--most porn addicts are true believers in the condom gospel.

2.     Blind Faith-Never read any scientific studies or medical reports.  Don't listen to so-called 'facts' about STD's. You must be a feeler rather than a thinker.  Your philosophy should be, 'If it feels good, do it.'  Know that momentary orgasms are of infinite value-so much so that you are willing to exchange your health for the pleasure of a momentary ejaculation.

3.     Take on the attitude-I'm invincible-With condom in hand, I can do anything!  I can defy the odds that one in four people my age have an STD-but it won't happen to me.  Over 15 million a year are infected, 21,000 a day-but I will NOT be one of them-because I am a true believer in the condom gospel.

Condom Donor!

     Many students did not realize Cindy's satire.  One girl asked me, "Are you being paid by the university?"  When I answered, "No," the girl claimed, "One of you is lying; the woman said that she was paid by the university."

The crowd gathers as sister cindy preaches from the steps of the chapel.

      The students were beside themselves today and in an uproar all afternoon.  The police monitored the situation most of the day.  When I preached someone said, "King James translated the Bible and he was a homosexual." 

      I answered, "I know nothing about his sexual orientation, but if true that gives the Bible even more credibility, because the King James translation so clearly condemns homosexuality and sodomy.  For a homosexual to endorse the Bible indicates to me that the translation which condemns 'abusers of themselves with mankind' must be correct."

      Someone asked me, "How do you have a relationship with God?"  I answered the same way you would have a good relationship with anyone else, all that is required is love."

Sister Pat reads the Bible to the rioty listeners.

      I spoke in a church in Searcy the past weekend.  Micah one of the graduates from the church's Bible School accompanied us.  When the battle was raging I called upon him.  He asked, "What shall I do?"

      "Give your testimony," I suggested.  I don't know that he ever gave his testimony but after a rough start, he did a fine job of defending the faith.  At the end of the day we asked him what he thought of confrontational evangelism.  He replied, "Interesting."

Bro. Micah from Mt. Zion Church in Searcy preaches on campus for the first time.
Bro. Micah may have felt "thrown to the wolves" but he did a great job the first day.

      Martha is back from her California internship in photography.  Cindy, Martha, Priscilla and their friend Shelby joined me over the weekend to evangelize Arkansas campuses.

Priscilla answering questions on the sidelines.


Shelby, had lots of opportunity to answer questions also.


Multitudes in the Valley of Decision


       The crowd was sizable.  I did get some positive feedback from Christians but most of them were defending sin, eternal security and wanting me to talk of love.  Finally, some of them formed a prayer circle of about 50, who prayed for fifteen minutes, probably against us.

        After 3 PM, I counted eight groups, who were discussing issues we raised today.   We departed at 5 PM.

Students form a prayer circle against the preaching of righteousness.





November 15, 2011, University of Central Arkansas

     "It's raining, but souls are still going to Hell," said Sister Cindy as we left our hospitality house for the 75 minute drive to UCA.  Not only was it raining but the prediction was for no break in the precipitation all day.

Student listening in the rain.

        We set up again on the steps of the chapel.  Cindy opened the meeting as only a few were passing.  Soon two students stopped to listen,  one of whom was a believer.  By the time she turned things over to me 50 had gathered in the hard rain.

Gospel goes forth in the rain.


Sister Pat preaching at UCA.


We were faithful to be "instant, in season and out of season" and the Holy Spirit drew the crowd.


      The crowd varied from 35-75 for most of the afternoon and the rain continued.  The rainfall did not put out our fire nor did it subdue the rage of the students.  The main issue concerned the nature of sin and holiness.  Virtually, all of them were claiming that one cannot help but sin even after he is born again.  "We are only human," was the excuse I heard over and over.  I responded, "The next time you are caught cheating on an exam try telling the professor, 'I am only human.'  Perhaps a defense attorney ought to plead in court, 'Of course my client did wrong, but he is only human.'  Perhaps Coach Sandusky should plead, 'Yes, I molested young boys, but I am only human.'"

       Human beings, who are made in the image of God, have the potential to be holy like God, "It is written, Be ye holy for I am holy."-1 Peter 1:16.

       Charles Finney often said, "The gospel preacher must take away every excuse the sinner has to sin."  Usually, the last excuse of the sinner is, "I can't help but sin; I was born a sinner and I will die a sinner."  Such a one does not know the nature of sin.  Sin is a selfish choice not a circumstance of our birth.  Men are not born with a sinful nature, but a human nature, which has the capacity to do right or wrong.  Alas, all have chosen to do the wrong and live selfishly.  The sinner must make a new choice to live for God and others.

"Human beings were NOT designed to sin."

      After 4 PM I had a quiet and attentive session with a group of 15 or so.  At one point Mercedes, a girl who has been hanging around most of the time, asked me to pray.  I prayed and concluded with the Lord's Prayer as many in the audience repeated the Our Father with me.  I dismissed the students with prayer at 5 PM, when a reporter from the CBS affiliate in Little Rock asked for an interview.  He said he had been sent up to check on a preacher who was condemning homosexuals and blacks to Hell.  I affirmed the former and roundly denied the latter in the interview.  Also, I assured him that we were not on campus to single out the sodomites, that any sex outside of marriage between a man and woman is damnable.  I also pointed out that the Gospel of salvation is for all races.





A few lingered to hear the Word after dark.



      We rejoiced that we were instant in season (good weather) and out of season (bad weather) today.  Who knows how many will be eventually be saved as a result of our determination to "warn the wicked." Despite the rain, we shined today.  To God be the Glory!






Priscilla, Martha and Shelby are wet soldiers.








November 16, 2011, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

       As we walked on campus a police sergeant introduced himself saying that he was in charge of protecting our event.  This campus requires 48 hours notice before one can schedule the free speech zones.  It had been about a quarter of a century since I have been on this campus.  Sister Pat used to speak here regularly with her sister who lives in Hot Springs and Cindy preached a number of times here before we were married.  The administrator who signed our papers requesting space remembered both Pat and Cindy.  Others in the administration came out to listen who also remembered the ladies, including the Vice Chancellor.

Sister Pat returns--after 25 years!

       A plainclothes female police officer told Sister Pat, "Notice I am not wearing the earrings or the bikini underwear ever since you told me when I was young not to do so."  It is thrilling to know that these women of God made such an impression that they are remembered 25 years later.

       I started the preaching in a rather low key manner with Cindy and the girls holding the signs.  I noticed an out of package condom on the ground and made a fuss over the "used" condom left for maintenance men to have to clean up. Quickly the multitude gathered and it was not long before the mob was in an uproar. 

Priscilla and Shelby
help draw attention with the signs.


      After 30 minutes I called upon Sister Cindy who climbed to the top of the stairs and cried, "Repent of your wicked, wicked ways," which resulted in more pandemonium. 

"Repent of your wicked ways!"  Sis. Cindy


UALR students reacting to the preaching.
Look at those expressions.

      A tall red haired vixen, wearing a blouse revealing most of her well endowed buxom and sporting exceedingly tight pants, said loudly to Sister Cindy, "Of course we are all having sex; because of the hormones they are putting in the food now days.  That's why everyone is horny; I am horny right now."  Cheers arose from the crowd over this one.  The strumpet looked like she had come right off turning a trick downtown.

"The hormones in the food make us horny," argued this female.

      When someone threw a packaged condom at Cindy, she decided to teach the condom gospel which caused even more racket. 

       When Cindy turned the meeting back to me, I tried to relocate at the foot of the steps hoping that I could get the students to sit down thus having better crowd control.  Instead, they enclosed me.  There were a number of uniformed policemen and some plain clothed officers supervising.  A few officers insisted that the throng give me some space.  I was unable to get the students to settle down.  I mostly quoted Scriptures on sin, righteousness and judgment and every now and then alluded to the Cross and the Resurrection.


Preaching the cross and quoting scriptures.

       Pat had not wanted to preach as yet since there was such chaos that she believed she would not be heard.  However, she did go off to the side and hold up a sign portraying sins common to college life (death). 

Crowd gathers around Sister Pat.
Sister Pat...


     Soon most of my crowd left to see who the "old lady" was.  About 8-10 remained with me and I took them over to the steps where we had productive discussion and I was able to teach some who were considering my arguments.

      By now it was about 2 PM and for the rest of the afternoon we had several groups in the area each led by one of us.  There were 12 of us today including Pat's sister, Mary and Mary's daughter, also four young men from the church where we have been ministering.  One of these boys, Joey, who will be graduating in May with a degree in electrical engineering, was quite bold in witnessing to his group.

Joey, Martha, Priscilla, Shelby and Micah

      I decided to go inside and get a hot tea.  I had forgotten my sport coat so I was quite chilled by this time.  Three students invited me to sit with them inside the Student Center.  When I went back outside at 4:15 my troops had retreated and were packed up to leave.  I rallied the troops announcing that we are not leaving yet.  Cindy said, "The general says we are not leaving spread out and talk to people."

      I lifted up my voice and the hoard gathered around me again.  One female was in my face urging me to be kinder and gentler.  After a while Martha had a confrontation with a girl who was carrying a sign in support of "fags."  The crowd rushed Martha.  Later, Martha bragged that "she stole the crowd from Dad."  I am always happy when Martha "steals" the crowd.  I like to hear her preach.  At least one of my daughters needs to carry on the ministry after Cindy and I are out of the picture.  I am counting on Martha.

Sodomites flaunting their sin.


"Don't Judge"

     At 5 PM I announced that the battle was over for today.  We were quite a site carrying our stuff back to the car with a police escort including three patrol cars.  I prefer to preach on campuses which are walk-ons and do not require paper work.  But the UALR administration was accommodating.  I sort of liked the way everything was planned and orderly, meeting with the administration and so on gave it all a greater sense of importance.







November 17, 2011, UALR

     The class breaks were sparse this afternoon. I slowly gathered an audience in my 30 minute stint. But the crowd was divided into two groups. They had bitten my bait; then Sister Pat succeeded in drawing them into our boat by gathering them as one group on the steps. She spoke for an hour and turned the meeting over to Sister Cindy, who began to filet our catch with hard preaching against sin. The crowd was considerably more subdued today and there were fewer police present. By the time I took over, the inner circle of the crowd seemed to be made up of mostly sign carrying perverts all of whom were talking about love but did not have a clue of the true nature of love which is unselfishness.

     A black woman stood beside me for a few minutes and quietly asked what I was doing. When she discovered that the students were defending homosexuality, she said, "I used to be a homosexual but I changed." This is perhaps the most provocative thing anyone can say to homosexuals. The sodomites went into a fit. One fellow screamed, "You can't change; you can't change; I tried; I became depressed and suicidal."

       The woman countered, "You are right; you cannot change without God's intervention. You must be born again." I let her argue with the perverts for about 10 minutes until I asked her to step aside so I could resume preaching. She then stood beside me with the a little New Testament covering her mouth inaudibly praying in tongues. I sensed the power! Later, she had a group of homosexuals around her for about an hour, whom she had succeeded in subduing and they were quietly considering what she had to say. Later I noticed her talking with an effeminate for quite some time. I suspect that this was the boldest witness the woman had ever given. I am confident that the day also strengthened her against this lustful spirit returning. The spirits of lust may be the strongest spirits the devil has in his arsenal, especially the homosexual spirits.

Bro. Jed introduces Priscilla, Martha and Shelby.

     A hypocritical believer, who constantly opposed us, suggested that a prayer circle be formed. He then led a group of at least 20 who joined hands and encircled me and they repeated the Lord's Prayer. It did have the effect of calming everyone. I then challenged the prayers, "Do you believe what you just prayed? Do you actually believe in a Holy God, who wants to have a relationship with you? Do you really want God's will to be done in your life? His will is that you flee fornication. If you expect your sins to be forgiven, then you must renounce all sin. Are you leading yourself into temptation by watching pornography or going to R rated movies? Do you actually believe that there is only one true God? Are you willing to live for his glory and enter into his kingdom? Do you have his power to overcome sin?" They were attentive; few of them have heard a sermon on the Lord's Prayer.

     I was going to finish up our meeting by preaching from 4 PM to 4:45; however, at 4:30 my daughters' friend Shelby, who accompanied them on this trip, stole the crowd from me. Everyone left me to gather around Shelby who experienced her baptism of fire this afternoon. I am not quite sure how she got so many listening to her since she is soft spoken. It must have been the Holy Ghost!

Crowd gathers around Shelby.
Shelby gives a bold witness for the Lord.

     I decided to go get the car. When I returned one of the policemen who had been monitoring all afternoon today and yesterday, apparently got under conviction from all the preaching he had heard. He ordered Cindy off campus despite our permit because she was upbraiding a few ROTC men dressed in camouflage, who were pleading with Cindy to show more love. She reprimanded these wannabe soldiers, "Wait until you experience some tough love from your drill instructor, who will care enough about you to scream in your face in order for you to learn discipline, self-control and to take orders. You soldier boys need to toughen up and get into these students face and point out their sin and call them to repentance."

     As much as many of these soft Christians claim to love God; they will not have this man Jesus rule over them. It seems that the military knows how to discipline men better than the church does, which more often emasculates and feminizes men.

     The students were actually impressed today when Martha announced, "My dad is the most loving and smartest man I know; and I am not at all bothered when he introduces me at the Virgin Martha Marie."

Martha, the smiling preacher.





November 18, 2011, Arkansas State University,

     It has been 25 or so years since I have been on this campus.  As I recall I did not get much going then probably for weather reasons.  There is a new and very large Student Union.  Cindy and I held up our signs in front of the Union.  We noticed that there were few students passing and that the parking lots were not full.  Later, we were told most students had already left campus for Thanksgiving break.  Three students were drawn to Cindy since she was holding the YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  However, it wasn't long before two policemen arrived and stopped me and required me to go to the Student Affairs Office to get a permit.  At S.A. they informed me that I needed to go to the information desk at the Student Union to talk to Sarah.  However, Sarah had just left for lunch and would not return for 60 to 90 minutes. 

      We ate some free sandwiches which were being given out in the Union.  Cindy and the girls decided to leave for home since they had a long drive and there were so few students remaining on campus.  We had driven two hours to get to campus so I decided to stay on to see what we could do with a few.  Sarah had returned to her office by 1:15 so we secured the permit.  I started preaching at the old A&M arch behind Wilson Hall, which is the free speech area.  It did look like a better location; however, even fewer students were around at this time.  Quickly, three boys stopped and one was very argumentative; he was either familiar with me or other holiness campus preachers.  For he immediately addressed the sin issue by asking if I sinned.  When I said no, he countered with 1 John 1:8.  I expounded on that verse.  This man was full of Scripture even quoting chapter and verse.  Soon he changed the subject to my approach.  Alas, he was using the Bible to defend sin and a non confrontational approach to evangelism.  At this point I discovered I was missing my new stool.  I turned the three over to Micah; I figured he could handle them.  I retraced my steps finally concluding I had left it by the parking meter in the garage.  But it was no longer there.  Evidently someone had concluded it would make them a good bar stool.

     Thirty minutes later when I returned Sister Pat was speaking to six students.  Pat had an interesting encounter with a girl who claimed that everyone sins daily and that we cannot overcome sin in this life.  Pat really pressed her, "What sin have you committed today?"  The girl became quite pensive.  She finally said, "I cannot think of anything that I have done wrong."  Pat then said, "It is now the middle of the afternoon.  If you can get this far without committing sin then you should be able to get through the day without sinning.  If you can get through today by the grace of God you should get through tomorrow without sinning.  Then the rest of the week which is almost over.  If you can go a week without sinning you ought to be able to go a month, a year and the rest of your life." Evidently, Pat gave her a lot to think about for before she left she thanked us for coming. 

       I got back into the fray at the end when a student was complaining about our aggressive approach and my sign.  He suggested a sign which read, "Sin Deserves Hell."  This is the epitome of depersonalizing preaching.  I pointed to all the banners around campus which promote the AKS Red Wolves with a picture of the face of a very fierce looking wolf.  I said, "You need to encourage the University to change its mascot.  The fierce face of the wolf looks almost demonic (which it did); it is turning me off; it is even scaring me.  Perhaps you ought to change your mascot to the AKS Gentle Lambs.  The Red Wolf is not a welcoming figure.  Now why did the University pick a wolf as a mascot?  It gives the impression that your teams are tough competitors.  And any team ought to fear competing with your university.  So it is with our signs; we serve a fierce God, whom men ought to fear.  The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  Jesus it not just the Lamb of God; he is also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Your Red Wolf epitomizes aggression and taking the offensive against all comers.  We have come to campus to storm the gates of Hell."  I went on with my parody.  He was slow but finally caught on and walked off in a huff saying, "Now you are just mocking."  I did give some instruction to an agnostic, but by 3 PM everyone left and we packed up. 

     The evening service back at the church was a testimonial meeting.  Micah (22) stated, "After talking to the students this week, it solidified where I stand. I learned to stand up for what I believe."  He stated that he was impressed that we could keep our thoughts together when we are bombarded by so many questions and so much opposition.  His brother Joey (20) who is a student at UALR testified on how he was able to defend the faith to two dozen students who crowded around him.  Myrna (21) spoke on what an eye opener campus was to her.  She realized what a protected environment she has been brought up in by attending a country church and Christian school.  She thanked the Lord for this protection and that she has not been exposed to all the filth she heard and observed on campus.

     Sister Pat testified to the church, "This was not a big crowd day, but it was an important day."  So it is whenever even a just a few here the gospel message. 









November 21, 2011, University of Arkansas

     This campus requires a permit.  Gary Bowman from Oklahoma did the paper work.  I opened the meeting 11:50, not knowing the time of the class break.  There were few students passing and I was concerned that was the result of there being few students on campus since tomorrow is the last day before Thanksgiving break.  Students gradually gathered until the actual break at 12:20.  By 12:20 I had a crowd of fifty and the numbers remained between fifty and one hundred until 5 PM.  Gary said at the end of the day that he expected to only get 10-12 because the weather was only in the fifties and cloudy.

       Although I had a sizable crowd until 1:30, I did not have much success at engaging the students, who formed a semi-circle at a distance from me.  I taught Sex Ed with Brother Jed, but even that did not provoke much of a discussion.  There was one base fellow, who wanted his picture taken with me, who simulated masturbation.  I walked away. I did not notice any of the girls blushing, no one seemed disgusted.  I was able to give an in depth teaching on the atonement after someone asked why God could not forgive sin without Jesus' sacrifice.  I explained that the moral influence of the animal sacrifices was not sufficient to change the hearts of men.  After all, these were dumb animals, brute beasts.  On the other hand, the love demonstrated in Jesus' voluntary sacrifice should have such an impact on the sinner that it transforms his life and he is no longer inclined to sin, not because he fears the consequences of sin, but because he loves his Savior, who is so offended at and grieved by sin.  I love to hold my staff high as I teach and gaze upon the love dramatically pictured through the crucifix.  Too bad most Protestants only see the crucifix as a Catholic idol. 

Preaching the cross on the Monday before Thanksgiving at the University of Arkansas.

     At 1:20 I called on Brother Gary, who is known as "Moses" on campus.  Gary owns a real estate agency but is still able to preach regularly at UA.  He referred to the campus as "The University of Anarchy in Fayevil."  He uses a lot of puns, satire and sings parodies to the students.  Gary is right in saying that moral and intellectual anarchy reign on our college campuses.

      I preached again from 2:20 until 3:20, still the students remained at a distance but by now had formed a full circle.  There were fewer homosexuals in the crowd than there were at Little Rock and Conway last week.  Homosexuality was less of an issue than at any campus I recall speaking on this fall.  There were also fewer signs than at any university this fall.  Thankfully, none of the free huggers were around either. 

      At 3:20 Sky introduced himself to me who must be around forty.  He said, "I saw you in the film, 'The Nature of Existence.'  You stole the show."  He drove three hours from Springfield, MO, to hear me today.  After being in the church for years, he "deconverted."  We talked; he was not contentious but had some serious questions, which made me conclude that he was not a complete apostate.  He was disturbed because God seemed so random concerning answering prayers.  I explained some of the difficulties God had in answering prayers, especially considering God often hears contrary requests, for instance the farmer praying for rain and another person asking the Lord for good weather for his event.  Answering prayer can be very difficult for God.  It is hard for God to govern rebellious men and childlike Christians.  Not only are men not easy to govern, but God has to contend with the devil and all his minions.  Sky also was concerned about the inconsistencies in beliefs among Christians.  Others came up whom Sky welcomed to join in the conversation.  I handled many intelligent questions including answers to the evidences for God.  For the next 90 minutes Gary handled most of the crowd which by 4 PM enclosed around him and vehemently interacted.  From what I could pick up Gary dealt largely with the ability of Christians to overcome sin and God's holy hatred of the sinner. 

      By the time I stood up to preach at 5 PM I had to go over and over how God could love the sinner and still hate the workers of iniquity at the same time.  I explained that God is benevolent towards all sinners but he hates, that is he has a righteous indignation concerning, their character and everything that they stand for.  God can only have an abiding love with those who respond to his love.  Our permit ended at 6 PM; Gary and I had pizza in the Union and two Christians, who liked our ministry, sat with us. 

     I did not expect too much today since I figured a lot of students would already have left for Thanksgiving and the weather was against us.  When we came out of the Union at 7 PM, there was a hard rain.  We plan on returning tomorrow; I trust my FB friends will pray that we will still get the attention of students even though they will be leaving after their last class.  It may have been a decade or so since I have been to UA.  I was happy to return.  Sister Cindy has some of her best meetings ever here in Fayetteville before we were married.  She and Sister Pat took this campus with a storm a long time ago.  But, alas, the storm passed.  Gary and I were stronger this afternoon than the thunder storms that hit the campus as we were leaving. 






November 22, 2011, University of Arkansas,

     When I started preaching at 11:20, there were considerably less than half the students remaining on campus as they were leaving for Thanksgiving after their last class.  There never was a class break that had a significant number of students passing.  Plus the weather was cloudy and cold.  I held up my YOU DESERVE HELL sign.  A few students made derogatory remarks in passing but no one stopped.  Within fifteen minutes two Mennonite looking brothers arrived holding signs which said, "Jesus Rejects Bossy Wives and Women Preachers" and "Jesus Accepts Quiet and Submissive Women."  I introduced myself and chatted with them, not letting on that my wife preached.  I asked, "What do you think about women who preach in the open air?"  They hedged a little, "We are speaking mainly of women preaching in churches."  A few females did stop and argue with the brothers. Other than their provocative signs, the men were mellow in their interaction with students.

     Shortly after noon Gary Bowman arrived.  Since he had secured the permit and we had the area reserved, he asked me if I wanted to have the signers removed.  I figured that we needed all the attention that we could get considering the circumstances of the day.

      I turned the preaching over to Gary since I had already been signing and throwing out one-liners as students passed for an hour.  Gary started preaching as though he had a large audience.  Consequently, he slowly began to gather listeners, until he eventually had about 25-35 people.  Gary is among the most colorful preachers I know.  He interacts very well with students.  He is fun to watch.  He drew a pest who was constantly badgering him concerning a newspaper report which said he had received $35,000 from the University concerning a law suit which limited the rights of outside speakers to just a few days each semester.  The law suit did result in loosening restrictions; however, Gary denied that he received any money.  I suppose the pest may have gathered more attention to the preaching that day, in that sense he was helpful even though he was a buzzard. 

     This buzzard continued yelling at Gary calling him a liar and trying to still up trouble during my time of preaching, which made it difficult for students to concentrate on my message and even affected my concentration, even though he was not heckling me.  Nevertheless, I did have a pretty good session which consisted of Sex Ed with Brother Jed, relating my testimony and teaching against the inherited sinful nature.  Later, one of the Mennonite types commended me for exposing the false teachings of Augustine concerning original sin and predestination.  He said that he had been studying this matter of late and he considered Augustine to have been influenced by Gnosticism.

Most had left for Thanksgiving break but the preachers gained the attention of some.

       When I turned the meeting back over to Gary at 2:30, I considered leaving since I had almost a six hour drive home.  However, I wanted to study Gary's technique and a few students were coming up to talk with me.  The weather was getting colder.  Gary used an effective method of calling out certain volunteers from the crowd to stand beside him while he explained why they deserved damnation.  There are always those in the crowd who like attention.  He made a lot of hay out of a professing lesbian who had a cheerful personality which seems unusual for these types.  Gary even succeeded in finally taking the wind out of the sails of the buzzard by giving him time to ask Gary any question.  Later, Gary even had this fellow volunteer to submit to Gary's questioning about his place in eternity.  Good job Gary Bowman in subduing the vulture.  Your patience is to be commended. 

     Finally, at 3:30 Gary turned the meeting back to me, the crowd was down to about a dozen of which half left after I started preaching.  At 3:45 I closed the meeting in prayer.  After a tiring drive, I arrived home at 9:30.   

Thank you all--Bro. Jed  


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     Sister Pat and I will be preaching along with a retired couple from Michigan, Dave and Doris Metz, who will be with us through February. Sister Cindy, Martha and Priscilla will likely meet us in Arizona. Should anyone else like to join us along the gospel road, please contact me before coming to campus since this schedule is still subject to change. If anyone would like to offer hospitality, contact me. The Metzs travel in a camper so no room is needed for them except perhaps a place to park their vehicle. Dinners are also appreciated if you are close to campus.

     Pastors, please contact me if you would want me to speak in your church while in your area. Also, if anyone would like to arrange a home meeting, I am available. Local Christians coming out to stand with us is very helpful. It is usually a life changing experience for anyone who has never witnessed on campus.

     This is a rugged schedule; we will be preaching five to six hours daily; also, I anticipate that Sundays and Wednesdays will be filling out soon with church meetings. We covet your prayers and your financial support. A long trip like this is expensive. Meanwhile, bills must be paid on the home front.  Bro Jed


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January 17 & 18 Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers

January 19, USF

January 20, UF

January 23-27, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

January 30 & 31, Sam Houston State, Huntsville

February 1-3 Texas A&M, College Station

February 6-8 Texas State University, San Marcos

February 9-10, University of Texas, Austin

February 13-15, New Mexico State, Las Cruces

February 16 & 17, 20-24, University of Arizona, Tucson

February 27-March 2, Arizona State University, Tempe

March 5, San Diego State

March 6 & 7, San Marcos State, San Marcos

March 8, San Diego State

March 9, UCSD

March 12 &13, Fresno State University

March 14, UC Davis

March 15 Sacrament State

March 16, UC Davis

March 19, Cal State Fullerton

March 20 &21, Long Beach State

March 22 & 23 Cal State Fullerton

March 26-30, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 2 & 3, University of Oklahoma, Norman

April 4, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

April 5 & 6, University of Oklahoma

April 9-27 Campuses in Missouri

April 30 & May 1, Ohio State, Columbus

May 2, Oberlin College

May 3, OSU

May 4, Ohio University, Athens

May 7, Oberlin

May 8, OSU

May 9, Wright State

May 10, Priscilla Smock's Senior Recital, Columbia, MO

May 12, Priscilla Smock's graduation

May 14 & 15, University of Washington, Seattle

May 16 & 17, Western Washington University, Bellingham

May 18, University of Washington

May 21-25, Eastern Washington University

May 29-June 1, University of Washington

June 4-7, University of Oregon, Eugene

June 8, Portland State




Prayer Needs
  1. Revival!
  2. Wisdom and annointing of the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel.
  3. Move of the Holy Spirit convicting the students of sin, righteousness and judgment!
  4. Health and physical strength.
  5. Favor with the authorities.
  6. Favor with the Christians on campus.
  7. Open doors.
  8. Monthly Supporters
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