I Give Them a Sign  --Week 12

Note from Sister Cindy


Hello Saints, 

      I know that you just received an email journal from us a couple of days ago.  Now I am only about three weeks behind and intend to get caught up before Bro. Jed starts on campuses in Florida on Jan. 9th.   I realize that many of you may not have time to read Bro. Jed's e-journals all at once, but just save them and get to them when you can.  Also a couple of other suggestions: Read the journals in your family devotions and look up the scriptures together.  They are great discussion starters and prayer prompters.  You could also use them in Sunday school classes.

    Please know that Bro. Jed and I are thankful for all the acts of kindness and support that you have shown us in 2011.  May the Lord reward you abundantly.

     Much love in Christ,  Sister Cindy 





November 7, 2011, IUPUI


     I was scheduled for ISU today but changed my mind because there was less of a chance of showers predicted for Indianapolis.  I dropped off Robert and Sister Pat in front of the Student Union to get started, while I parked the car.  They did not succeed in gaining an audience at the noon break. 

     I sat in on my stool with my YOU DESERVE HELL sign in one hand and my staff crucifix in the other hand, while I waited for the next class break.  Soon a group of junior high school students asked, "Why do we deserve Hell."  They did sober up as I talked to them and one looked even convicted.  He claimed he was a Christian.  After ten minutes they moved on.  However, they stayed in the area.  One of them kept yelling out, "Satan."  The convicted boy did not continue to hang with them. 

      I never did lift up my voice to preach since people were coming up to me all afternoon with questions.  I never had more than 20 listening at once.  An atheist, who was a philosophy student and lapsed Catholic, started off as very hostile.  But as the afternoon progressed, he had an attitude change.  I suppose he was surprised that I was capable of philosophizing and became interested in my answers to his questions.  There was also a mouthy journalism student who also started off with an attitude, but she also mellowed as the afternoon progressed. 

     At least 25 people must have asked me, "Why do I deserve Hell?"  Despite all the attention and controversy that the sign brings daily, especially today, still students tell me how ineffective my "negative and hateful" sign is.  Someone even wrote me a note informing me that I should have a sign, which read, "You deserve Jesus."

     By 1:45 it began to shower; however, most of my audience stayed with me.  It showered off and on until we left at 3:45.

     Over the last hour as I lifted high my staff and lowered my sign, I asked critics, who claimed that my sign was ineffective, "Why has no one all afternoon commented upon my staff crucifix?  It does not draw people's curiosity like the Hell sign.  Because of the crucifixion of Jesus, God's grace is available to us all.  You are not interested in grace, because you refuse to admit that you are guilty and condemned sinners deserving of Hell.  Yet, God's grace is still extended to you through the stretched out arms of Jesus on the Cross.  You ignore the love expressed in the Cross.  And you have the audacity to ask, 'Where is the love?'"

    Days before his crucifixion Jesus stretched forth his arms over the holy city and cried, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!"-Luke 13:34.

     The Crucifix represents Jesus with his arms (wings) stretched out ready to gather his brood.  But alas, men still refuse his love.  Therefore, they will get his wrath.

     There were two female signers today; one with a sign which read, "He who is without sin cast the first stone (a_ _ holes)-->"; the other sign said, "SEND ME TO HELL!  IT BEATS ETERNITY WITH THEM."  Yet, I saw know one questioning their signs or suggesting they lacked love.  And their words were mild compared to many signers, which I am encountering more and more regularly.  Rarely, are these signers, with their negative messages calling me "stupid," etc., ever questioned or reproved by all the love birds hovering over the mob.

Student with her vulgar sign. See fine print.

     This indicates to me people do not really take the protestor's signs seriously.  But they do take my sign seriously because men's consciences affirm that in fact they do deserve everlasting torment.  Of course, the placard I hold and the staff I carry are not the signs that are really bothering them.  I, myself, am the sign which they so vehemently oppose.  My faith is a signpost.  And even more than I, it is Mary's child who was "destined for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against, (Luke 2:34)," whom they ultimately oppose and spurn.  With Jesus there is no neutral ground, men either joyfully receive him or totally reject and resist him.

      Sister Pat said as we were driving back to our quarters, "This was the best day I have ever had on campus."  She reported numerous good conversations.  Also, Robert constantly had people to whom he was witnessing as he held his "STOP SINNING, JOHN 5:14" sign.

A listener at IUPUI





November 8, Indiana University


     One of the more disturbing things that we have heard on campus came from a female student today, "The Bible is outdated, like the Constitution."  Not only is it disturbing that she said it, but perhaps even more so that none of her fellow students protested.  Of course, this is not surprising.  Two decades ago a law student, who was preparing for his final in Constitutional Law, informed me that, "We did not study the Constitution in the course; it is an archaic document." 

This guy had been listening from the tree top.


     Mr. Latta, my 11th grade American history teacher, would turn over in his grave to hear such nonsense.  We spent 6 weeks studying the Constitution when I was just a junior in H.S. 

     Upon leaving campus today Robert and Sister Pat, both of whom always had clusters of students surrounding them, exclaimed, "This was a great day."  Robert started the meeting and quickly gathered a crowd of over 100.  After about 30 minutes he acquiesced to popular demand and looked for me to enter the arena.  I preached for about two hours spending a considerable amount of time defending limited government, individual responsibly and private property, claiming that despite unwarranted government regulations any determined person still ought to be able to succeed in American and create wealth.  Those who fail are usually either lazy or stupid.  All I heard from the slow wits were excuses as to why a man could not make it big in this country.  I referred to most of them as losers before they have even started competing in the marketplace.

"This was a great day," Bro. Robert.

     After calling upon Sister Pat, a group of 10-12 gathered around me for the rest of the afternoon.  I was mostly in apologetic mode.  I spent a considerable amount of time explaining extra biblical arguments for eternal life. 

     We need eternal life in order for life to have meaning.  We intuitively know that life has meaning.  We affirm it daily by asking, "What does that mean?"  Without life after death, everything becomes "sound and fury signifying nothing."

      Someone objected, "Just because we want eternal life is no indication that it is real."

      This desire is universal among thoughtful men at some stage of their life.  How do we account for this universal desire, if it is not something placed within us?  Where else would this desire come from but from our nature and nature's God?  Granted some men may be so miserable that at some stage they wish for nothing but oblivion.  But that mindset is a corruption of their nature. 

      In order for men to survive physically they need food, clothing and shelter.  In order to survive spiritually, that is satisfy their spiritual nature, they need faith, hope and love.  Just as there are opportunities for men to gratify their universal physical needs in a free society, it stands to reason that there are opportunities to satisfy their spiritual needs.  This life is too short and full of troubles to put all of our hope in this life.  Science may extend life a few years.  But science will never conquer death or the grave.  We must have life after death to give us the hope which enables us to flourish spiritually.

"Hope is the anchor of the soul," Bro. Jed.


     The Bible gives us more reason to have hope by documenting the fact that Jesus conquered death, the grave and Hell. We Christians have also meant the Lord, which gives us evidence beyond the book that he has risen, indeed.

Bro. Robert defending the faith at IU.

     I gave other arguments but they will have to wait for another journal entry.  It is very difficult to develop an argument in interacting with students since they are usually interrupting and they seem more focused on justifying sodomy than considering eternity.  Nevertheless, I give them hope by enduring against all their objections, interruptions, mockery, inattentiveness, and even occasional threats.  My steadfast hope is in itself evidence for life beyond the grave.  After all is said and done, I am a man "of the day, sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for a helmet the hope of salvation," daily engaging in a mighty battle to save their souls. -1 Thes 5:8. 

Jesus Christ is the HOPE for a rebellious generation.


     Hope is the anchor of the soul.-Hebrews 6:19.  Without it men are adrift and prone to destroy their minds and fall into despair often turning to alcohol, sexual perversion and drugs, even prescription drugs, to enable them to survive the moment but sooner or later they fall into the abyss of depression and ultimately damnation. 






November 9, 2011, Indiana State University

      Cold, windy and wet weather was the story today.  Still we decided to give it a shot.  Robert preached at the first break while I sat on my stool on the main walk with my staff crucifix held high as students passed between me.  Finally, a student asked to inquire if anyone ever got converted through this approach.  I shared some testimonies.  I challenged him as to what he believed.  He was an atheist.  Soon one of his friends stopped who seemed to be nodding in agreement with my arguments in support of God.  Then a third student stopped.  I had a 30 minutes teaching session until they had to leave.  As I walked over to talk with Robert, a student stopped to inform us that we would never reach anyone with our negative approach. 

      Meanwhile, another man walked up and said, "Don't I know you?"  I recognized Dan Philips, who preached with my old partner Max Lynch years ago.  I had not seen Dan in years.  I was anxious to hear him so I suggested that he preach the next break.  In the old days students used to call him, Disco Dan, because he danced as he preached.  I like a preacher with style and Dan has plenty of that.  He is always fun to watch and listen to.  However, the weather just seemed too bad to draw an audience even for Dan.  After he preached 20 minutes, we decided to call it a day and had a time of fellowship in the food court of the Student Union.

Sister Pat shares scripture with the wayward at ISU.





November 10, 2011, Indiana University,

      "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."-Eph 6:12.

       In my daily dispatches from the front lines, I write of my conflict with the multitudes of skeptics and God haters.  These wretched students are snared by Satan's wiles and perverse ideas.  We are fighting with all the truth that we know to deliver them from the Devil's bondage.  It must be understood that there is also great warfare in the supernatural realm as we preach.  God's heavenly host is fighting with us against the fallen angels, who control the mindset of our universities.  The colleges may be Satan's greatest stronghold.  We should not underestimate the fieriness of this battle in the unseen world.  Whenever we come to a campus the good and the bad spirits in the heavenly realms also descend upon the campus in force.  The malls become "full of horses and chariots of fire round about (2 Kings 6:17)" us, as we wield the sword of the spirit against the foes of God, who are captivated by the rulers of darkness of this world.  We are still in this world, but not of this world.  We are the children of the Light.  If God be for us, who can be against us?  The battle is the Lord's!  He will deliver these Philistines into our hands.



Bro. Jed wielding the sword of the Spirit against the foes of God.

     Today was the coldest day of the fall, including snow flurries.  But we are to be ready in season and out of season. The multitude quickly gathered around me despite the weather.  Perhaps they wanted some of my heat!  



     O, how they raged against our Heavenly Father!  They were determined to cast off the cords of his commandments.  They desperately tried to shut their ears to the voice of conscience and shout down the voice of reason.  The Lord had them in contempt and confusion all day.  Many links in Satan's chains binding these students were broken or at least weakened this glorious date.  The links of evolution, multi-culturalism, pluralism, socialism, humanism, false philosophy and psychology were all undermined.    He has given us the heathen for our inheritance.  Let us not be like many who have given up on the battle.  Let us persevere and destroy the works of the devil.  Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.  Faith is the victory that overcomes the world. 



"He has given us the heathen for our inheritance."









November 11, 2011, Indiana University, 


       As usual I was surrounded today by sexual deviates, a term which is rarely heard anymore in this age of tolerance of all kinds of sexual behavior.  The sports world has been shaken by the revelations coming out of Penn State.  Expect other universities to soon be rocked by scandal similar to the Penn State shame.  Students to whom I preached in the mid-70's have moved into places of power within so-called higher education.  They defended and participated in perversion back then, why should we think they have changed simply because they have grown older?   When men move into places of money, power and tenure, we should expect that they would become even more self-indulgent.  Sexual scandal involving coaches and players with young women have been going on for a long time.  However, both intercollegiate and professional athletics have been virtually untouched by the scandal of homosexuality since it is still regarded as a taboo among athletes.  However, that does not mean that it has not been going on, including the likes of the catamite perversions at Penn State.                   


       The genesis of The Penn State scandal can be traced to the research of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, who founded the Institute for Sex Research in 1938 at Indiana University.  Dr. Kinsey's research during the first 20 years of his career at IU involved of all things the study of gall wasps. He came to Indiana University in 1920, after receiving his doctorate in biology from Harvard University.  In 1948 his book on Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was published to be followed up in 1953 with Sexual Behavior in the Human FemaleKinsey's research included observation of and participation in sexual activity, sometimes involving fellow-laborers.  Kinsey filmed sexual acts which included co-workers in the attic of his home.  The deviate collected pornography from around the world.  The scientist's white jacket may cover more sin than the cleric's robes. 

      Like at Penn State a university president was a cover for the perversions of Kinsey and his cohorts.  The enabler was none other than President Herman B. Wells.  In 1990, the Kinsey Institute director wrote, "There would be no Kinsey Institute without Herman B Wells." Wells became president of Indiana University in 1937 (at only 35 years of age), just a few years before criticisms, both local and national, started building against Dr. Kinsey and his work. In his autobiography, President Wells discusses his involvement in supporting Dr. Kinsey's research. He wrote, "...a university that bows to the wishes of a person, group, or segment of society is not free..."  Never mind, that this particular university was supported by a segment of society called taxpayers.

      Kinsey and Wells had liberty confused with promoting licentiousness, "Having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls. . .While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage."-2 Peter 2:14, 19.



It's licentiousness, not liberty!



     Wells was still president of IU when I entered as an undergraduate in 1960.  He lived in a colonial house on campus and was known among students as a jolly fat man who played Santa Claus at Christmas time.  He was popular with students and was visible around campus.


       My introduction to Kinsey goes back to when I was still in high school in 1959; one of my classmates brought a copy of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male to school and would read selections out of it to us boys.  He seemed much more knowable in sexual matters than the rest of us.  Decades after graduation, he was exposed as a homosexual and went to prison for involvement with under aged boys. 



      Kinsey may have done more than any other man to normalize deviate sexual behavior and give dignity to degenerates like Masters and Johnson and Dr. Ruth, who followed him after his death in 1958.  Kinsey's research resulted in teaching an amoral approach to sex education in public schools.  Kinsey studied human sexual behavior much like one would study Kinsey's wasps or one would study the behavior of animals.  All of which has resulted in males and females behaving like animals instead of ladies and gentlemen.  The seeds of the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's were sown at IU at early as the early the 1930's.

      This afternoon brazen students shamelessly pasted name labels on their outerwear listing sins and perversions that they practice.  As always, they wanted to justify homosexuality.  I cannot remember a student ever opposing homosexuality in all my years on campus.  I even sang the gay song today, which is one of the few times I have sung it this semester. 

     Throughout much of our time of preaching at IU, a group of Christians have gathered on the lawn with guitars singing gospel songs.  One of them held a sign which read, "LET US PRAY FOR YOU."  I did not notice anyone ever asking them for prayer.  During one of my sessions today, they listened for a while.  When I asked Christians in the crowd to identify themselves, they raised their hands.  I asked the guitarist to tell his testimony.  He said that he prayed to receive Jesus at only six years old in his bedroom.  When I complimented him for having avoided years of debauchery, he confessed that he still sinned.  A girl in the group justified her sin by her humanity.  I exhorted them briefly on holiness; then they went back to their singing and praising session.   




     Later, when Pat was preaching the blond fellow, holding the prayer request sign, approached me with two of his friends and asked, "Brother Jed, what is it that you believe about sin?"  I instructed him that sin was a choice to live a life of selfishness.  He asked about 1John 1:8 & 10.  I explained these verses in their context.  Robert then asked the student to read aloud 1 John 3:1-10.  We further instructed them on holiness.  I finally asked, "What is your sin that you cannot overcome?"  One confessed to pornography.  I commanded him to pluck out his eye.  He asked, "What about someone who sins and then gets hit by a car and dies before he has the chance to repent?"  I answered, "That is not the question to ask.  Should you sin your primary concern should not be about your personal salvation; your fear should befrom the way of overcoming sin.    

    Finally, the blond kid asked, "How come we never hear this taught in church that we can overcome sin in this life?"  Before we departed at 5 PM I gave each of the boys a copy of Walking in the Spirit.  Robert and I both sensed that the boys were receiving our teaching with readiness of mind; hopefully, they will be noble enough to search the Scriptures daily, whether the holiness doctrine is true or not.


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barnabasI am re-posting this for any who may have missed it.  Thanks all. 



Acts 4:36-37: Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means Son of Encouragement), sold a field he owned and brought the money and put it at the apostles' feet. 


Evidently, Barnabas was a man of means, who sold a lot he owned in Cyprus and gave the proceeds from the sale to the apostles.  On account of his generosity he became known as Barnabas or Son of Encouragement.  


Apostles are those who have been sent forth.  The Lord sent me forth to the campuses full-time in 1974.  From the very beginning there were those who wondered how I could support myself and later a family by preaching out of doors where there are no offering plates and little sympathy for the gospel.  Daily I hear from critics that I am going about evangelism in the wrong way.  However, the emails from people who have been benefited by my ministry keep us encouraged.  Another consolation is going to the mail box and finding several checks or receiving a notification of a gift via Pay Pal.  We are encouraged by those of you that have supported us faithfully and sacrificially for many years.  Another special form of encouragement is receiving a donation from someone new or someone that we have not heard from for a few or even many years.  The practical aspect of the saints' generosity is obvious.  But the encouragement that these contributions provide to Cindy and me, regardless of size, cannot be underestimated.  It demonstrates that our efforts are appreciated by God's people when you honor us with the fruit of your labor. 


We are also praying for a Barnabas, an encourager, who will bless the ministry with the proceeds of property or stocks which he has sold in order to invest in the advancement of Kingdom of God.  Another option is to sign the investment over to CMUSA before selling and thereby avoid capital gains taxes.  Since CMUSA is nonprofit we can sell without a tax liability. 


Please consider The CMUSA in your end of the year giving.   We will be sending out end of the year receipts later in January.  Let us know if you need one before then.   Thanks very much.  Bro. Jed

Happy New Year to All!
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Brother Jed's Team's Tentative Schedule for Spring Semester 2012

     Sister Pat and I will be preaching along with a retired couple from Michigan, Dave and Doris Metz, who will be with us through February. Sister Cindy, Martha and Priscilla will likely meet us in Arizona. Should anyone else like to join us along the gospel road, please contact me before coming to campus since this schedule is still subject to change. If anyone would like to offer hospitality, contact me. The Metzs travel in a camper so no room is needed for them except perhaps a place to park their vehicle. Dinners are also appreciated if you are close to campus.

     Pastors, please contact me if you would want me to speak in your church while in your area. Also, if anyone would like to arrange a home meeting, I am available. Local Christians coming out to stand with us is very helpful. It is usually a life changing experience for anyone who has never witnessed on campus.

     This is a rugged schedule; we will be preaching five to six hours daily; also, I anticipate that Sundays and Wednesdays will be filling out soon with church meetings. We covet your prayers and your financial support. A long trip like this is expensive. Meanwhile, bills must be paid on the home front.  Bro Jed


January 8, Centenary UMC, Friendship Class, Terre Haute, IN

January 9 & 10, University of Florida, Gainesville

January 11 & 12 University of South Florida, Tampa

January 13, University of Florida

January 17 & 18 Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers

January 19, USF

January 20, UF

January 23-27, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

January 30 & 31, Sam Houston State, Huntsville

February 1-3 Texas A&M, College Station

February 6-8 Texas State University, San Marcos

February 9-10, University of Texas, Austin

February 13-15, New Mexico State, Las Cruces

February 16 & 17, 20-24, University of Arizona, Tucson

February 27-March 2, Arizona State University, Tempe

March 5, San Diego State

March 6 & 7, San Marcos State, San Marcos

March 8, San Diego State

March 9, UCSD

March 12 &13, Fresno State University

March 14, UC Davis

March 15 Sacrament State

March 16, UC Davis

March 19, Cal State Fullerton

March 20 &21, Long Beach State

March 22 & 23 Cal State Fullerton

March 26-30, Texas Tech, Lubbock

April 2 & 3, University of Oklahoma, Norman

April 4, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

April 5 & 6, University of Oklahoma

April 9-27 Campuses in Missouri

April 30 & May 1, Ohio State, Columbus

May 2, Oberlin College

May 3, OSU

May 4, Ohio University, Athens

May 7, Oberlin

May 8, OSU

May 9, Wright State

May 10, Priscilla Smock's Senior Recital, Columbia, MO

May 12, Priscilla Smock's graduation

May 14 & 15, University of Washington, Seattle

May 16 & 17, Western Washington University, Bellingham

May 18, University of Washington

May 21-25, Eastern Washington University

May 29-June 1, University of Washington

June 4-7, University of Oregon, Eugene

June 8, Portland State




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