Marvelous Works
Our team is spending the next week, Nov. 12th-19 preaching on campuses in northern Arkansas.  There will be six of us laboring: Bro Jed, Sis. Cindy, Sis. Pat, Martha, Priscilla and Shelby B., a friend of the girls.  We expect that local Christians will be joining us in our evangelism efforts also.  Pray for us, dear saints!  Sis. Cindy
"This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."-Ps. 118:23 

Believe in Greatness

October 10, 2011, Kansas State University

     Bro Cope, Sister Pat and I planned to preach at Kansas University today.  However, upon arrival we discovered that they were on fall break until Wednesday.  I decided to drive 90 minutes to Manhattan to preach at KSU.  I started preaching at 1:50 with just a few students passing by.  Soon I was approached by a Christian girl who was doing a survey with questions concerning God and the purpose of life.  I agreed to do the survey if I could do it verbally.  Others in her group, who were wearing t-shirts, which said, "Believe in Greatness," crowded around to listen to my answers.  I responded in my preaching voice.  And I made additional spiritual points related to the question.  It wasn't long before she got away from her prepared questions and started quizzing me concerning my preaching.  One fellow in the group acknowledged that I had prayed for him and his friend last year at KU concerning having a bolder witness.  He was positive concerning my ministry.  A girl in the group explained to her friends how my ministry could complement their evangelistic outreach.  They were a relatively mature group of Christians for their age. 

     I preached on their theme, the greatness of God and men doing great things for God.  Many students have a perverted notion of greatness.  They want to be great boozers and experience great sexual exploits.  I asked, "How can you believe in greatness when you merely consider yourselves descendents of apes.  However, if you think of yourself as the offspring of God you have the mindset to do grand things." 

     Students do not appreciate what one man can do to make a great difference.  They are brainwashed with socialism which teaches that the individual exists for the state, instead of the American way, where the state exists to protect the individual in his pursuit of happiness (greatness).  I say, big government makes for little men, little government results in big men.

     I taught, "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us."  Regrettably, the Christians have been taught that they cannot overcome sin and evil in this life.  Moral strength empowers men.  Sin makes men weak and cowardly and dependent on the state.  Men depending on God can do great and mighty things.  Men depending on the state to be their provider will never be achievers.  

     At the 2:20 class break I gathered a crowd of fifty.  About 2:45 I turned the meeting over to Bro, who made holiness the issue which was a stumbling block to many there who named the name of Christ. 

    Stanley Hoerman and his wife Rosemary met us on campus along with Bonnie B.  Stanley and I go back over thirty years.  He invited me to speak for the Full Gospel Business Men in Manhattan twice back in the 80's.  He is a bold witness for the Lord who knows about healing the sick and casting out devils.  Bonnie is also big into the deliverance ministry.  Stanley spoke twice to the students.  He is a retired carpenter.  Mrs. Hoerman was a school teacher who spent many years in a convent until she was overwhelmed with the charm of Stanley.

Bro. Stanley, a local Christian and long time friend addresses the crowd at KSU. (striped shirt)

     There were a lot of productive conversations on the sidelines.  We preached until almost 5:30.  Sister Pat stayed in Manhattan with Bonnie.  Bro and I made the 50 minute drive to Topeka where one of the founders of the Pentecostal movement, Charles Parham, experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as his Bible College in 1900. 

     Our host Atty. Jeff C. lives in a grand Victorian home built in 1892.  He heard me as an undergraduate in the early 80's at KU.  He said he always enjoyed listening to me for the entertainment factor.  He was an atheist at the time but never mocked.  After college he got converted through the testimony of a lawyer friend.  Jeff contacted me months ago about preaching at Washburn University in Topeka and invited me to stay in his home.  He has been following me over the years on the internet.  However, he had not seen me since his college days. 

Rosemary and Sis. Pat at the end of a day of ministry.


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October 11, 2011, Washburn University

     This is the first time I have preached on WU, which is a public institution with 6500 students.  Their nickname is the Ichabods after Ichabod Washburn, who donated a large sum to the school after the Civil War.  In the Bible "Ichabod" means "the glory has departed."

     We took our station under the bell tower outside the entrance of the Student Union.  There was a small break at 10:50.  One smoker listened for a while and then Stanley and Rosemary engaged him.  I had not been preaching long when a female police officer on a bike approached me and said they had reports that someone was yelling and she was checking things out but she informed me that I was not doing anything wrong.  Two students filmed me for about fifteen minutes then left.  While Bro and I were waiting for the next break the police captain approached us.  He was friendly and was interested in our message.  He mentioned the Phelps' family, which have their church in Topeka.  He seemed relieved that we were not with them.

      The Captain told us the next break was at 11:50.   However, there were so few students passing at that hour that I did not even realize it was a break until it was half over.  I said to Bro, "This campus is deader than a door nail; maybe we should go back to Manhattan."  But I decided to give it a little more time and how glad I was that we were patient.  For along about 12:15 there was considerably more movement and I gathered a crowd that averaged around 50 for most of the afternoon. 

      Soon students began to arrive with handmade signs which over the last year have become something that they regularly do. Usually the signs include one promoting "free hugs."  The police captain and another officer returned to monitor everything though out the afternoon.

      As Bro, Sister Pat and I each took our turns the students were mostly frivolous.  Holiness, our approach and questions concerning the omniscience and omnipotence of God were the prominent issues.  Generally, they had too short of an attention span for me to even get into my stories or give them much of anything but sound bites.

Bro stands his ground as the heathen rage.

      The minister from the Baptist Student Union objected to my methods and my offensive remarks which put students down.  I tried to explain to him how he could use what was happening.  I told him how the Arizona Wildcat newspaper did a survey affirming a significant increase in attendance at Christian fellowships after I had been on campus.  Stanley and Bonnie encouraged me to tell him some of the testimonies of people had been saved and started preaching as a result my ministry.  His response was, "I am not interested in anecdotal evidence." 

     Obviously, he had his mind made up that this was not the way to go about evangelization.  I cannot understand why a minister would not take such an opportunity to work the crowd. 

     A pleasant blond insisted that one needs to build relationship to evangelize.  I explained that Jesus built relationships with his disciples but he preached to the masses.

     I had a good witness with a group of Young Lifers concerning living without sin.  They repeatedly said, "I have never heard of this."  When Romans 7 came up, I returned to my car to get copies of my book, "Walking in the Spirit."  I gave two of them a book after they expressed interest in reading it.  They, like so many do, interpreted Romans 7 in the light of their experience instead of "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little."  They want to make the Bible line up with their experience instead of allowing the Scriptures to transform their experience.

Students checking the scriptures.

     A middle-aged atheist woman with an attitude confronted me in the crowd.  I gave her a soft answer which changed her demeanor and she simply listened the rest of the time.  Later, she intensely listened to Bro as he engaged her on the sidelines, which he later described as a break through conversation.  I watched her countenance as Bro instructed her.  She said, "I understand what you are saying." 

     A professor in criminal justice, who is a Christian, thanked me for coming to campus.  After 3 PM the crowd divided up into groups around Bro, Pat, and me.  The students were much more sober and some indicated receptiveness.

     The Captain asked me to call him in the morning to confirm if we were returning tomorrow.  At the end of the day I decided that we should return.  I will call him in the morning.  The Captain assured me saying, "I am in church every Sunday." He was very wise in his handling of the situation today, watchful but not interfering.  I noticed a number of what appeared to be professors and administrators listening on the outskirts of the crowd.

Friendly officers watched the preaching at Washburn.


     Our hosts took us to dinner and afterwards we drove by the Westboro Baptist Church Compound.  I am regularly asked "How do you different from Fred Phelps?"

     I answer, "After informing the media Phelps arrives in a city, takes his stand on a public sidewalk, and lifts his signs. After the media has filmed the event, he and his entourage pack up their things and leave town.  On the other hand we spend hour after hour often day after day patiently answering your questions and giving reasons for our faith.  We have high hopes for your salvation.  On the other hand Phelps believes that it has long ago been determined who is saved and who is damned.  He offers no hope to "fags," believing that they are beyond redemption.  Phelps offers no quarter to sinners; we give you the opportunity to repent, believe and be converted, provided you will completely surrender your will, put down your arms and stop fighting God."      

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October 12, 2011, Washburn University,


     I decided to take the wind out of their sails concerning Fred Phelps.  "Fred Phelps is a son of Topeka and graduate of Washburn University Law School [1962].  He is a product of this town and a result of an education he received on this campus.  You made him what he is today.  You are his mother.  Like him, you are hate mongers.  The signs you hold up are vile, vulgar, and offensive.  You ought to be ashamed.  Where is your love?" 



     What was the result?  No one brought up Phelps or compared me to him today.







     I was also on their case for making Ichabod their mascot.  I said, "Ichabod means the glory has departed.  The glory departed when you rejected your Christian heritage.  This institution was founded by Congregationalist ministers."     


     Banners around campus read, "Fear the Bod."  However, there is virtually no fear of God on this campus.


     The crowd gathered quickly and for much of the day averaged 75 people.  There were up to six policemen present though out much of the afternoon.


     Early a police woman said to me, "I have received calls from the Office of Student Life saying they are getting complaints that you are calling students names.  Have you been doing this?  I have been listening for an hour and I have not heard you call a one person an inappropriate name."

      I was pleased to hear this officer's eye-witness account, which affirms my denials.  Daily, I am accused of calling individual girls whore, etc.  I have to admit that I have so often been accused of calling particular girls whores, that sometimes I have briefly wondered if I have. The fact is I am merely speaking in general that there are girls playing the whore on campus.  What happens is that the Holy Spirit personalizes my admonitions to individual girls who are promiscuous.  Not knowing the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, they blame me for particularly accusing them.  Even when the girls publically admit that they are sexually active, I rarely call them whores since I know few of them can handle that.  Of course, there are those who are so base that they consider themselves as whores and take a perverse pride in accepting that label.









Blasphemous signs were the order of the day.

     The preaching was difficult today since there was one persistent pest who held his vulgar sign in front of our faces trying to prevent the crowd from hearing and seeing us.  The police regularly rode their bikes through the crowd to keep students from getting to close to us, and maintain a passage for people to walk through.  However, they were hesitant about approaching individual students.  The police were very professional, courteous, and respectful.  The Captain was thankful for me calling and informing him of our plans today.  I discerned that they were sympatric to our message, knowing that the students would be profited by our words.

     At 2:30 the police asked me to move to the other side of the Student Union, since there was an event planned where we were holding forth.  I announced that we were moving.  "I do not want you sign holders and those objecting to our preaching following us to the other side.  If you do not want us here, the best thing is for you to ignore us.  I am going to the outside of the building, you stay here."

    Of course, I knew this reverse psychology would work.   And sure enough the protestors led the way in following me to the other location.  They even counseled me on the best place where "we" [meaning I and they] could set up.  "We" set up at the foot of the steps which lead up to the Commons.  It always makes for better crowd control when the students are sitting down.  I had a good forty minutes of reasoning with the students until a persistent profaner with a blazer, bow tie and shorts kept interrupting boisterously everything I was saying.  Growing weary of his interruptions and incoherent diatribes, I finally walked away from the steps to address a group of students sitting off at a distance.  So Bro took over the crowd on the steps.  Sister Pat reported later that during this time she had two of the best conversations that she has had this year.






While Bro preaches to the rioty crowd, the other members of the team have very fruitful conversations on the sidelines.




    At 5 PM I took over from Bro concluding the day as I often do my quoting Jeremiah and teaching from the passage, "And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart."-29:13.


       I closed in prayer with the loud mouth profaner leading a group of students in a chant, "USA, USA."

       As I walked away loud mouth asked for my card.  And a police woman said, "God bless you."



       I am so glad that my new attorney friend who heard me as an atheist invited me to Topeka to speak at Washburn.  Otherwise, I may have never come to this campus.  Who would have ever thought that this former atheist who heard me thirty years ago would ever host me in his home?  "This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."-Ps. 118:23


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October 13, 2011, Kansas State University

     Bro said as we were leaving campus, "This was the best day I have had on this tour ministering on the sidelines.  Group after group of mostly Christians came up to me for an explanation of our ministry.  I could see their countenance brightening as I explained what we were doing.  It was very satisfying to me." 

     I can confirm Bro's report because I heard a few students repeat some typical Bro quotes (without mentioning the source) to their questioning classmates and also students repeated some of them to me.

      Sister Pat also related a long conversation she had with a polite homosexual and an intelligent Christian girl.  Pat also reported that early in the day she stopped at a table which was promoting gay literature.  They had recently had coming out day on campus.  Sister Pat said to the person behind the table, "This is demonic.  What would you do if someone wanted out of homosexuality?"

      He answered, "It is their choice whether they want to be homosexual or not."

      Sister Pat replied, "Thank you!  That is what you need to understand."  And she walked away.

      "But, but, wait a minute," he appealed as Sister Pat continued walking. 

      This was one of those days in which the most effective ministry seemed to be taking place on the sidelines.   The crowd was rowdy and boisterous after the first 30 minutes.  And it was difficult to sustain reasonable discussion for long. There was the usual group with their handmade signs which have a tendency to bring out the worst in the rest of the students, which results in a mob mentality.

Crowd gathers and remains calm for about 30 minutes...then turns into a mob.

      It is noteworthy that Stanley Hoerman shared the following verse on the phone with me on the way to Manhattan, "Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts."-2 Peter 3:3.      

     The scoffers, especially the ones with signs, are getting bolder all the time. The fallen women are getting more brazen with the passage of the years.  There was a pretty girl who could quote Bible passages who must have once been an active church girl who was extremely vile in her sexual comments without indicating any shame.  I often wonder how much longer the Lord will put up with their blasphemously blatant ways.  They are so depraved that today they were accusing us of being blasphemous since we were claiming to be living victorious lives over sin.

     The Dean of Students welcomed me to campus just after I started preaching.  Back in the 80's one Friday afternoon I was preaching at KSU when a policeman stopped me.  I decided I needed to get my rights straightened out with the administration since I was planning on returning on Monday.  I walked in the Dean of Students Office and the introduced myself to the secretary.  The Dean evidently overheard me and rushed out of his office and said, "Brother Jed, welcome to Kansas State.  I used to hear you as an undergraduate at Kansas University and a graduate student at the University of Nebraska and now you have visited the campus where I am now Dean of Students.  Brother Jed, what can I do for you?"

     I informed him how a policeman had stopped me from preaching.  He replied, "He should not have done that; we have free speech here.  Let me call the Chief of Police.  We will get this straightened out.  Better yet, let's go over to his office; I want to introduce you to the Chief."

      I was good to see the Dean again since I have not visited with him for several years.

      Later today, the Assistant Dean of Student Life introduced himself and welcomed me to campus.  He said, "Dialogue and discussion like this is good for our campus.  It is what the University is all about.  If you have any problems or if we can help you please let me know."  He gave me his card.

      The crowd was consistently well over a hundred all afternoon.  We left campus shortly after 5 PM with a small group of Christians questioning Bro and our approach as we walked back to the parking garage.

Bro. Jed taming the scoffers at KSU.


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October 14, 2011, Kansas University

     Bro started the preaching; a heckler, who claimed to be a war veteran, but is now a complete degenerate, stood beside him making crude and obscene puns.  The students delighted in his dissoluteness.  A sizeable crowd gathered.  It wasn't long before Bro called upon me.  I moved away from the depraved one.  I decided not to compete with him; he was too disgusting.  I got close to a group of students and went into teaching mode, while he continued his decadent humor.  I lost most of the crowd, but I did have a good session with about 12 thoughtful students.  The degenerate left for a while; I suppose to go to class.

     During Bro's second turn, two males kissed passionately to the pleasure of both males and females in our congregation.  What do you suppose the perverts might become when they graduate, teachers, perhaps?  One was a religious studies major.  He could qualify to be a pastor in certain denominations.

     I took my second turn.   The degenerate veteran returned to continue his pun routine.  By now I had captured the attention of the students and the degenerate could perceive that his act was getting boring.  Therefore, he switched tactics and got in my face to attempt to block my voice and eye contact with my audience.  He matched my every move.  He continued this for about 10 minutes, as some of the students began to tell him he was out of line.  He ignored them.  However, a black guy walked up and shouldered the degenerate out of my way.  Evidently realizing he was not going to get away with his act any longer, he left.  I commend the bravery and restraint of the student, who was not afraid to use what force necessary. 

     My display of patience paid off.  By not coming to my own defense or attempting to speak over the degenerate, I gained the students sympathy.  I had another good teaching session with a crowd of 80, which remained steady for most of the afternoon.

Teaching Session


     Two pests stood on each side of me and mimicked my every move for at least fifteen minutes.  But as usual, I outlasted them, as students wore weary of their antics.  However, one of them did run off with my new stool, which I have only had for a week.  I have had more trouble on this campus than any other in the country with students stealing my possessions, including Bibles, brief cases, signs, banners, and chairs.  I suppose it is all part of the price of the preaching business.  Thankfully, they have not taken my life, although I have been threatened.  Nor have they robbed me of either my testimony or my character, which many would love to do.  On the other hand, others are testing me, hoping I will remain true to my witness thus giving them a reason to believe and to have hope for their future.  

     Stealing incidents and over the top heckling can work to my advantage.  Several students commiserated with me about the stealing of my chair.  One even apologized on behalf of his fellow student assuring me that most of the crowd was against this student. 

     Heath is an atheist with whom I have privately conversed over the last five years.  He went looking for my stool to see if the student had left it somewhere.  It was an especially nice stool, which I had to mail order.  The thief evidently intended to actually use the stool.  Heath has a major in Japanese and another in engineering.  He is very bright and well mannered.  He has read Who Will Rise Up?  He mentioned to me several times during our conversation, "You are very good at what you do."  I suspect that he will get converted since he has a grandmother and sister who are devout and are surely praying for him.  If he gets right with God, he should go a long way on the gospel road.  He has the tools to be a missionary to Japan, one of those one hundred fold disciples.  He should even succeed in a worldly way, if he does not get saved.  It is encouraging to get compliments from the enemies of the gospel, especially when the one praising you is smart.

     The Kansas tour was a special success in that I opened a new campus, Washburn, and I became acquainted and established a relationship with a new friend, Atty. Jeff C.  I told Heath about Jeff being an atheist student at KU in the early 80's, who was later converted.  I would not be surprised if I am one day a guest in Heath's home after he is converted.  The seeds have been planted. 

Bro. Jed takes a question.


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