Dining With The Atheists
"I do not understand these Christians who oppose your preaching.  If there is a Hell, people should be warned about it!"

Intimacy with Jesus

October 3, 2011, University of Missouri

     Bro Cope arrived in Columbia yesterday from Penn State to preach with me for the month of October. He and I went to campus.  Sister Pat stayed home.  Dr. Acuff, who is on staff at the University hospital, preaches on Speakers' Circle every Monday.  It is encouraging that a man of his position and stature will open air preach.

     The students were subdued today.  The only real confrontation I had was right after I started preaching when a Bible quoting student confronted me for my hatefulness.  I have never met a student who can stand up to me when it comes to quoting Scriptures to support any position.  I will give him credit for knowing more Scriptures than most but he did not last long.

     I was a little tired since I had such a busy weekend driving about 12 hours and preaching Saturday night and Sunday morning at Chapelwood at their annual missions' conference in Rockford, IL.  The assigned theme was "Intimacy in Ministry."  My text was Philippians 3:10.  My subject was suffering for righteousness sake as illustrated in the life and teachings of Jesus, Paul and Peter.  As we suffer with Christ, we become more intimate with the Lord and with his body the Church.  In identifying with his sufferings and bearing our cross daily we eat of his flesh and drink of his blood.  Through all of our tests, trials and tribulations for Christ's sake, Paul and Peter counsel us to rejoice.  We can rejoice because we are proving our character as we conform to our Lord's holy standard.  I gave them the meat of the Word.  They can handle it after sitting under the teachings of Dean Harvey for about 20 years.

     Bro thought he got through to a few students on the message of holiness today.  He also taught on how to hear the voice of God.  He was repeatedly asked, "How do you know whether or not you are hearing from God?"

    Bro responded with scripture, "Strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."-Hebrews 5:14

         A student asked, "Do you mean through trial and error?"

         "That is essentially it," Bro responded. 

Bro Cope joins Bro. Jed for a month of ministry.
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IfIf I Believed...

   October 4, 2011, University of Missouri

     "If I believed like you believe, I would do what you do," said a young man to me just after a Christian had objected to my manner of preaching.  He continued, "I do not understand these Christians, who oppose your preaching.  If there is a Hell people should we warned about it."      Shortly before a girl sitting beside him had said to me, "It is not what you say that it the problem, but how you say it."  

      I replied to her, "That is because I speak with authority.  I am not some mealy mouth minister like so many of you have heard in your home churches.  I speak with the anointing of the Holy Spirit."

      She did not attempt to rebut my apology.

      Another Christian student protested, "You should be answering the students with gentleness and respect."

      I responded, "You must be alluding to 1 Peter 3:15 which says,  'Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.' However, few students are asking me a reason for my hope; they are trying to tell me why I or they should not believe in God. Many are asking trick questions.  Or they are asking questions for which they do not even bother to listen to the answers.  Jesus was gentle and respectful to those who had sincere questions, like Nicodemus; however, he could be harsh and condemning to the self righteous and to the gainsayers.  When I get sincere questions, I am gentle and respectful."

Sister Cindy preaching at Mizzou.


     Sister Cindy started the meeting today from the wall at the edge of Speakers' Circle.  A fellow promoting a music group had occupied the Circle along with a group promoting breast cancer awareness with pink balloons.  She gathered a sizeable crowd, which she turned over to me.  Soon after the people occupying the circle left; then I took center stage.







Large crowds gathered as we preached in Speaker's Circle this week.


      At times the crowd swelled to 200 people today. The weather has been sunny and in the low 80's the last two days.

      As we were leaving campus at 5:30 Bro said, "This was a fabulous day for teaching there was only uproar on a few occasions."

     Cindy caused quite a hue and cry after someone read Matthew 7:1, "Judge not, or you too will be judged."

      She replied, "That does not apply to me." 

      After relishing the protest from many in crowd, she quietly taught that in the context of this admonition Jesus was warning hypocrites that they were not qualified to judge.

      In the mid afternoon Dave M. and his atheist group came out holding free hugs signs.  Bro had a long session teaching against evolution.  Some from this group, who were evidently science majors, strongly disagreed with Bro.



As Sis. Cindy warns students about the "Condom gospel," Dave M., the leader of the campus atheist club, offers free hugs.

       My last session was productive as I spoke on how we could put truth to the test through considering whether the idea was rational, compatible with self-evident truths and conformed to what we had experienced to be true. 

     I asked, "How can the moral come from the non-moral? How can the personal come out of impersonal matter and energy?  How does life come from non-life?  How does something come from nothing?"

     One student following my line or reasoning admitted, "Alright that proves the existence of God.  But how does it prove the God of the Bible?" 

      I answered, "Creation requires a Creator like a building necessitates a builder.  However, the building does not tell us who the architect was.  But we could go to the university archives and find the blue prints with the architect's name.  To find out who the Creator is we need to go to God's archives, which are the 66 books of the Bible."




Priscilla sings, How Great is Our God!



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Bearing the Arms of the Lord

October 5, 2011, University of Missouri,

     The first hour was chaotic.  Two loud amplifiers were blaring decadent rap racket all over the Circle and beyond.  Two weirdoes with dread locks and strange attire were doing a lewd dance around Cindy. 

Demon Dancers
Drug induced?


     The Secularist Society, led by Dave Muscato, appeared in robes carrying signs asking, "W.W.J.D?  Ask him," meaning ask the man with long hair and a beard contemptuously wearing a white robe.  I am sure the atheists thought they were cute.  At one point Dave dressed as a Roman soldier chased "Jesus."  Cindy and Bro handled the brunt of this mockery.  In such tumultuous circumstances about all one can do is to hold one's ground.  I have never seen Bro or Cindy back off of any situation.  After 1 PM Bro turned things over to me and the blast from the amplifiers stopped.  It is a misnomer to call this rap sound "music," for it has no melody or harmony or composition that I can hear; it is utter decadence and mere commotion.  After 1 PM the atheists returned to their table to converse with students.

Atheist pretending to be Jesus.
Bro Cope is not hindered by the antics of the atheists.
Atheists retreat to their table in the shade.

     The rest of the afternoon was surprisingly and unusually calm.  I was even able to teach on the necessity of Atonement, which requires a relatively subdued audience to get one's point across on this deep subject.

Atonement teaching session!

     Cindy reported several profitable conversations.  One freshman, who confessed to coming from a strong Christian home, admitted to Cindy, "I have been slipping since coming to college.  From hearing the preaching this week, I know that I need to get back to where I was with God."  He went  on to say that he had been also touched by Priscilla's song from yesterday, "How Great Is Our God," when she actually had a few students singing along with her. 

     Alex, who was living with a boy from "a strong Baptist family," claimed to Cindy, "We do not need a piece of paper to show that we are committed to one another."

     Cindy later asked her, "Why don't you marry?"

     She answered, "Who knows where each of us will be a year from now?"  Thus she was acknowledging that they were not truly committed.  The girl was also arguing that one could not know if they were sexually compatible without living together.  Cindy conversed with this girl for almost an hour then I also talked with her until another student interrupted.

     Cindy and I left campus at 4:30 to prepare for her home school teen Bible study.  Since the lesson covered 1 Samuel 12-14, she asked me to preach one of my classic messages, "Jonathan and his Armor Bearer."  She warned me that I better not turn over any of our furniture.  She was alluding to some 25 years ago when I preached this sermon in the mother church of the Praise Chapel Fellowship.  I turned over all the choir chairs as if the seats were Philistines.  This was one of my more memorable sermons.  I had great fun delivering that message as I portrayed Jonatho
an, the great warrior for God. 

     Tonight, I reminded the youth of Daniel saying, "The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits."  Jonathan and his armor bearer were able to defeat an army of 30,000 chariots, 6000 Calvary men and multitudes of infantry.

Be Strong!


     Jonathan said to his squire, "Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the LORD will work for us: There is no restraint with the Lord he is able to save by many or by few."

     Jonathan's armor bearer responded, "Do all that is in thine heart: turn thee, behold, I am with thee according to thy heart."

     Cindy said the same thing to me three decades ago; ever since we have been wrecking havoc in the garrisons of the uncircumcised heathens on university campuses all over this land.  Just as we did today, filling all the campus with our doctrine. 

      Jonathan, the man of faith, understood the principle of the two witnesses: "And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him."-Acts 5:32.

     The Lord hath delivered the campuses in the hand of the church if the Christians, who have been hiding out from the world in their dens and caves, will join us.  Even as Jonathon and his armor bearer attacked the enemies of God, despite being vastly and apparently impossibly outnumbered.  "If God be for us, who can be against us?-Romans 8:31 

      "So the Lord saved Israel that day."-1 Samuel 14:23.  And he can yet save America if the church will enter into the battle by taking the offensive.  There are too many Sauls who are unwilling to fight and only a few Jonathon's; which is alright, because God is able to save with just a few.  That is when the few are completely trusting in the Lord and will put on the whole armor of God and will fight!  

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Glorying in God



October 6, 2011, University of Missouri,

     During my first session I open the Bible and gave an expository sermon on Romans 5:1-12, which I had covered in our morning family devotions.  I emphasized the hope and peace of mind that we Christians have, which produces the spiritually healthy life, which makes us immune to so called mental illnesses.  We are able to glory in the tests, trials, difficulties and tribulations of life because we know that God is building our character; whereas the world tends to turn to alcohol or drugs during difficult times, whether legal medications or illegal.  I spoke of how God's love is shed abroad in our hearts by the gift of Holy Ghost.  Daily, I let the students know in no uncertain terms that I am different from them in that I am a man filled with the Spirit of God; whereas they are spiritual dead.  I taught how we are saved from wrath through Christ's death and resurrection.  We rejoice in God because we have been reconciled to him through Christ.

God's love is shed abroad in our hearts.

    From 1:30-3:30 our audience was well over one hundred.  During Sister Pat's and Bro's stint the students became quite rowdy.  While they were speaking, I talked with several students.  Each day a number ask to have their picture taken with me.  Others want to interview me for some class, usually a journalism class. 

Bro taming the wayward.
Bro listens to a comment from the audience.
Crowd grows as Bro defends the character of God.

    One Christian asked, "What is your purpose?"

    I answered, "I am here to defend God against his critics and justify his ways to men."

    He asked, "Does God need to be defended?"

    "Yes, he does, since men are always attacking his character and using his name in vain.  It is our obligation to defend the goodness and holiness of our Heavenly Father. Just as it is your duty to defend your earthly father if men were to question his character, assuming that he is a good man."

    Often we even have to defend God's severity because he is compelled to exercise his wrath against a rebellious generation.

Sister Pat preaching at Mizzou.

    Cindy stayed home today to bake pies with homemade crust and other baked goods for our annual fall open house tomorrow evening.  I let the students know today that all are welcome; including gays, with the exception of transvestites, they are just too creepy.

Luke Steuber, a homeschool student in Sis. Cindy's Wed. night Bible study rolls out the crust for a pumkin pie. Luke helped Sis. Cindy prepare for the Open House.

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Fall Open House


October 7, 2011, University of Missouri

    The students were relatively subdued today.  The crowd mostly ranged from 25-40 throughout the afternoon. 

    Andria approached me on the sidelines, "Brother Jed, I have always had good conversations with you."  She reiterated this point several times during our talk. 

    "Once you rebuked me for my immodest tight jeans; the next day I came out wearing a dress just for you."  Andria did admit that even the dress was somewhat revealing.  She was with a boy who was a professed communist.  I talked to him of the bondage and unproductiveness of communism and the freedom and productivity of capitalism.  He acknowledged that he enjoyed the conversation.  Rarely, around a college campus will one hear a moral defense of capitalism.  

     We left campus shortly after 4 PM in order to get ready for our fall open house and cook out.  I gave William a ride; he is a graduate student in statistics.  William is a Christian and is one of the regulars in Speakers' Circle.  The menu consisted of 30 pounds of grilled hamburger, grilled onions, four pumpkin pies, lots of peanut butter cookies, fruit salad, baked beans, tri-fruit angel food cake, tossed salad, and Bro's famous potato salad and pickled eggs.

Sean Steuber, a homeschool student helped Sis. Cindy prepare the meal for students.

     Over the years the attendance at our open houses has ranged from 25-40 students.  Usually about half of the student guests are Christians.  Some of the personalities like Dave Muscato, my debate opponent, will be familiar to my readers.  John, the well-mannered and polite effeminate, arrived with his roommate Kaitlyn.  John also attended our spring open house.  Yes, Kaitlyn is a female, who has a poised demeanor and professes to be a Christian.  She claimed her parents approved of the arrangement.  I sighed, "Oh, well, I suppose you are safe with John."

Most of the Mizzou students who attended were atheists.


             Dinner, Dialogue and Discussion!


     After everyone had eaten, I opened the Bible and announced that we were going to have some "food for thought."  I said, "I want you to teach you the Biblical explanation of why you are not a Christian."  I read from Romans 1:16 to the end of the chapter briefly commentating as I read: "God is revealed unto all men but they resist the truth in unrighteousness.  Men's problem with God is moral, not intellectual; they are unwilling to embrace the life of self-sacrifice and self-denial that Christianity requires; they end up worshipping and serving the Creation instead of the Creator.  Their thoughts become man-centered instead of God-centered and willingly embrace darkness whether than the light.  And they eventually degenerate into committing all sorts of sin, including perversion."


Bro. Jed reads from Romans chapter 1 to explain why most students do not believe the Gospel.


     Dr. Acuff is a specialist in treating spinal injuries, and preaches every Monday in Speakers' Circle.  He commented on his opportunities to minister faith and hope to paralyzed patients.  He pointed out how that suffering sometimes softens hearts to make men more open to the gospel.  It was good for the students to hear from a professional since most of them are led to believe Christians are bumpkins.  




Dr. Acuff testifies about pain and suffering at the open house.


     Another atheist, Patrick, who attended last spring wearing as shirt which said, "God Does Not Exist," wore the same shirt again.  He is a pleasant sort and likes to engage in dialogue.  He and his friend Chris got into a heated argument on evolution vs. creation with Priscilla and her home school friends, who also attended the open house.  I was proud of the youth that they were entering into the debate.




     It was witty when Priscilla asked Patrick, "Are you a feminist?"

     "Yes," he replied.

     "Then you can help me clean up the kitchen," Priscilla said.

     Patrick did help.  He confided to Cindy that he prefers our company over the organized atheists.  Cindy gave Patrick and Chris loads of goodies to take home to eat later.


     Although student attendance was considerably down this year, we still had a total of 32 guests, which is an average sized crowd for us since we do a lot of entertaining.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and was happy to be in our blessed home.  







Priscilla talked the atheists into helping with the dishes and an intense discussion ensued between the atheists and the homeschoolers. Two atheists are on the left.

Morgan Steuber, homeschooler, explains why he believes in the Creator.



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