Who Will Rise Up For Me Against the Evildoers?  Or Who will Stand Up For Me Against The Workers of Iniquity ?

Psalm 94:16

Guns Blazing and Boots On!


September 19, 2011, University of Wisconsin, Madison

     I had to pick up Sister Pat at the airport. We did not arrive on campus until almost 1 PM. There was a lot of construction and fences cutting up State Street. In recent years, I have spoken in front of the Humanities Building. However, I decided that I would do better speaking by the platform in the area of the Clock Tower and the Presbyterian Church. This locale also had sun light.

     I held up my "YOU DESERVE HELL" sign. There were several students already sitting on the platform and I drew a few listeners. Within 10 minutes a degenerate kicked over my chair and my brief case which was on the chair and passed on by without saying a word. A male student who was disagreeing with me and a girl recovered my stuff. I had not said anything to the perpetrator before; after he kicked my chair, I warned, "Now you are even more deserving of Hell."

     There was a fellow named Will, who soon engaged me, who was somewhat of a thinker. He said he was committed to a life of celibacy.   However, he seemed to have celibacy confused with asexuality. He claimed that he had a genetic defect which he was likely to pass unto any children he might conceive. He had attended a Catholic school, but he said that he was not a Catholic. He said he was not a homosexual, but he had friends who were and that he did not see anything wrong with it. I explained that homosexuality is mainly wrong because sexual relations are primarily for reproduction, not for pleasure. I also expounded on the health hazards of sodomy. However, he did not want to accept any of these reasons. After a while the conversation became redundant and I focused my attention on preaching to another class break.

     Meanwhile, Gunnar and Mary Dieckman arrived with their daughter. Gunnar started witnessing to Will. I called upon Sister Pat to see if she could draw a crowd but she was unable to do so. Of the countless times I have preached on State Street there were fewer students passing than ever. I supposed that it was because of the construction, which may have been diverting traffic.

Jack Kieler and Gunner Dieckman join us at Madison.

       Eventually, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kieler arrived. She is very zealous in passing out Chick tracts. He hoisted his huge banner with a picture of a very bloody Jesus hanging on the Cross. Both Jack and Gunnar took their turns at preaching but they were not successful in drawing a crowd either.

Mrs. Kieler passes out lots of Chick tracts.

     Meanwhile, Will returned and we picked up our conversation again although this time it was on the sidelines. He was no longer focused on the homosexual issue. Later, Gunnar took over witnessing to him.














UW-Madison student disagrees with Bro. Jed












Serious one-on one conversation can be very fruitful.











     A girl approached me objecting to my negative sign, "If you are going to get your message across you need to be more positive and speak softly."

       I pointed to one of the fences which had a bold sign with black letters and red background which read, "DANGER, this is a construction area."

       I asked, "Why do you suppose that they do not put up a more positive sign and why all the unattractive wire fencing? Perhaps, they ought to put up a smiley face and remove the ugly fencing. Never mind that someone not paying attention might fall into the construction ditch."

       She had mentioned that her father was a physician.   I asked, "How does your father positively tell people they have terminal cancer?"

       She did not seem to accept either one of my analogies.

       I asked what her standard was for determining right from wrong and good from evil. After mentioning a few things she finally came up with Jesus as being her role model. I reminded her of the times Jesus raised his voice and pronounced woes unto whole cities and the religious leaders. She seemed unfamiliar with this side of Jesus.

       Finally, she said, "You are not accomplishing anything. You have even convinced me that Jesus should not be my role model."

       I replied, "I consider it is an accomplishment to show you that your way does not really model Jesus as you thought. Hopefully, you will not be using his name in vain any longer."

       I was thankful to have so many helpers today. Each one reported having good conversations with students.

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September 20, 2011, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

     Bill Landerholm was already preaching when Sister Pat and I arrived. We had arranged to meet on campus. Bill heard me when he was a student on this campus back in the 80's. He was not a Christian then; however, he says he did not mock. Alumnus stems from Latin verb alere, "to nourish or be nourished."

     Regrettably, students are malnourished since they took Christian education out of our public schools and state colleges as well as most private institutions with a Christian heritage. Martin Luther said, "I advise no one to place a child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt."













Bill Landerholm, who heard me on this campus in the 80's returns to preach.

















Bill did a great job preaching and witnessing to Platteville students.















     While Bill was preaching last year's president of the student body, introduced himself and we chatted. He seemed open to my admonitions. He wanted his picture taken with me. Bill introduced me around 12:30. The students were docile while I preached. About 1 PM I turned the meeting over to Sister Pat, who stirred the students out of their passiveness. She preached for 45 minutes and turned the meeting back to Bill. Bill, as always, did well in holding the students' attention. He took the day off from work to drive 2 hours from Rockford, Il.














"Malnourished Students"











     Meanwhile, Sandy Kieler joined us; she sowed Chick tracts all afternoon. Gunnar Diekman and his daughter, Rachel, arrived about 2 PM.








Bro. Gunner taking questions on the sidelines.






     Bill lost about half the crowd of 65 students when it started raining. The wind was also blowing. Bill turned the meeting over to me and I taught, "Sex ed with Brother Jed." They wanted me to sing the gay song, but I refused saying, "You know how sensitive these gay people are. What if I sang the gay song and some homo's feelings were hurt and he went out and committed suicide? Would not we all feel bad?"

     "But you sang the song last year!"

     "I am trying to overcome my homophobia. Do not tempt me; I might have a relapse," I responded.

     I asked one vocal lesbian, "Do your parents know that you are lesbian?

   "Of course not, I am still alive," she replied.

   Sodomites usually expect their parents to accept their homosexuality. They have a perverted notion of love. No loving parent would accept a child who chooses perversion.

     "I would no more accept one of my children becoming a homosexual than I would if one became a thief, murderer or rapist," I said.

     After my sex education talk, I related my conversion testimony.  

     It showered for less than an hour; by 3 PM the sun was out again. At 3:30, I turned the meeting over to Gunnar. He was still talking to a small group when Bill, Pat and I left at 4 PM.








"Sex ed With Bro. Jed"
Bro. Jed gives his testimony, "The Making and Breaking of a Hippie."









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September 21, 2011, UW Oshkosh

     I gathered a crowd who listened for a long time with very few questions. A male came up and grabbed my "YOU DESERVE HELL" sign out of my hands. I restrained the culprit until a female police officer came up; the wrongdoer handed her the sign. She took him inside the library. Then she came out to check my I.D. She informed me that I was not to touch or hold any student. I informed her that I had a right to use force to protect my property. She said, "Not when law enforcement is present, and not for a sign."

   I responded, "You were very slow in reacting; meanwhile, my sign could have been destroyed or long gone."

     This was a case where I had to respect the badge and not the person. The female officer had a butch haircut. I had my suspicions, if you know what I mean. It is disturbed me that an officer would tell a citizen that they cannot restrain a thief. It is not like I was holding him at gunpoint or threatening to beat him up. Anyway, I decided not to press the point further. She had no grasp of natural law or cared about it. She remained off at a distance for the rest of the afternoon.











Female Officer reprimands Bro. Jed for holding the student who stole his sign.







Sign thief!









     I called on Sister Pat shortly after the incident. I took my sign back to the car so I would not have to hold it or watch out for it all day. I did not think I could depend on the police, nor did I care to. I returned with my staff crucifix; it is easier to guard with the leather strap wrapped around my wrist.        

     While Pat was speaking, a girl from Intervarsity approached me informing me that I was going about it in the wrong way. By the time Pat turned the meeting back to me numerous Christians had arrived and they were all pleading for sin in the life of a believer and objecting to my lack of love. They think they cannot overcome sin even when in Christ; no wonder, they do not suppose an unbeliever should not sin. Since they do not take sin seriously in their own life, why would they be disturbed about sin in the life of unbelievers?

   There were a couple of lesbians who were all over each other in the front of the crowd all afternoon vigorously promoting their perversion; one of them even claimed to be a Christian. Of course, none of the Christians indicated that they were at all offended by their gross behavior.












Big and rowdy crowds were a regular at Oshkosh.




   A male informed Sister Pat on the sidelines that he was attracted to men but he did not want to be a homosexual, since he was a Christian. He said that he had never committed any homosexual acts. Yet, he was calling himself homosexual because of his obsession.   After Pat counseled him, he allowed her to pray for him.   Pat instructed him not to claim to be homosexual again.


    The crowd was over a hundred for much of the afternoon. Jesus, sin, holiness, Hell and other religions were among the issues addressed for over five hours. People were talking about and thinking about matters that are usually not on their minds.


     A reporter from the student newspaper called to interview in the evening. She wanted to know why I used the confrontational method.   I answered, "Because Jesus and the Apostles were confrontational. They set the example as did the prophets of old. We succeeded in making Christianity the main issue on campus today. People are still talking all over campus about things we taught today." The reporter admitted that was true.

   Early in the day a male student informed me, "you are ruining everything that we are working for on campus." My answer was, "Good."








Bible Battles: Campus Christian objects to the preaching.




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Guns"Guns Blazing and Boots On!"

September 22, 2011, UW Oshkosh

     It was a little slow getting the students' attention today until a male came up holding a sign which read, "THE RULES" in bold letters. One of the three rules said, "There is probably no God, so relax." He was very vocal, loud and had a considerable amount of energy. By 1 PM we had a large crowd which was usually over 100. They were more rowdy today than yesterday. After an hour the atheist did get to be a pain and distraction. But the students eventually gathered closer so that they could hear us.


      I noticed a white haired lady in the crowd who was listening attentively at a distance. When I called upon Sister Pat, the hoary head approached me and said, "I was walking by and I wondered, why is this crowd mocking this man? Then I realized, 'My God, he is talking about God!'"


     She continued, "I respect what you are doing. These students are snots. They have no respect for anything or anybody. I am a Catholic; I respect your preaching. Keep it up! My son returned to school at fifty; he tells me his professors are atheists."

     She was feisty and likeable; her husband used to pray for everybody and led many to Jesus until he died a few years ago.

   Several Christians came on very nice to me for a while. However, it soon became evident that they were there to tell me how to preach. I eventually grew weary of them. I said, "I am not going to listen any longer to your attempts to correct me. I have been preaching longer than any of you have lived. None of you have any experience at preaching. You need to listen to me and learn something about campus evangelism."

     Then they quoted from Paul's letter to young Timothy, "Let no man despise your youth."

     I replied, "I have no problem with your youth; it is your immaturity and lack of Biblical knowledge that bothers me. None of you come close to Timothy who was a pastor of a congregation who did the work of an evangelist and who was told by Paul to 'Preach the Word, be instant in season and out of season, rebuke, reprove and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.' You youngsters know little of sound doctrine."

 Later a young man from Chi Alpha, who had a better attitude than the others who talked to me earlier, approached me and told how 800 had gotten saved last year at a big rally by bringing in a rock group to sing and an evangelist preached the love of God to them. The Chi Alpha alluded to the verse about not despising the youth. He informed me that all the disciples were teen agers and that Timothy was pastor of a church at 13. This was a new one to me. Evidently, this must be a novel teaching going around to encourage the youth to take on responsibility at an early age. I suspect that it is mostly gendering pride in youth. They are claiming a maturity that they actually do not have, but they should have especially when they have been brought up in church. Shamefully, I have met few knowable Christian college students over the years. It is shameful of the church's weak educational program.

   I dropped Sister Pat off at 11:20 while I parked the car. I had my arms full of stuff when a Hispanic fellow named Marty asked, "Can I help you?"

   First I said, "No thank you."

   Then I thought better of it; I recalled him briefly speaking to me yesterday. I figured his help would give me an opportunity to talk with him. Marty is a conservative Catholic from LaCrosse, which he claims is one of the most conservative dioceses in the country. I liked his spirit and he did have a good working knowledge of the Scriptures. I can usually relate better to knowledgeable conservative Catholics than I can evangelicals, whose knowledge of the Bible may not go beyond, "the Roman road to salvation."


     Marty graduated last year with a major in journalism and minor in religious studies, but he was working at Taco Bell. He gave me a $10 offering which I deeply appreciated. He said that he was going to lunch and that he would return later. He came back wearing a black frock coat with a white collar looking very religious and distinguished. I called on him to address the boisterous students. When he stood before the mob, they got quiet. He said that he was an altar boy from the diocese of LaCrosse. He reverently read John 1; when he read verse 14, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us," he knelt. Later I called him back and he read from Psalm 1. Even Sister Pat, who is not as sympathetic to Catholicism, was impressed with this young man. 








Bro. Gunner does a great job defending the faith.




     Gunnar arrived in the middle of the afternoon and he had a good session exposing the folly of evolution and especially scientism. Scientism teaches that science alone can render truth about the world and reality; it teaches that only through the empirical method can we access truth. But Gunnar pointed out that science studies the natural world. Science cannot furnish the answer as to how we ought to live. That is a metaphysical question.

   There was much commotion today, making it difficult to get into any doctrine with depth. At one point it was so raucous that I simply sang hymns for 15 minutes, Amazing Grace, the Old Rugged Cross, Rock of Ages, Onward Christian Soldiers, and A Mighty Fortress is Our God. I figured since this is Lutheran country, some would relate to Luther's greatest hymn. Later the Chi Alpha guy asked why I started singing hymns. Never mind his ministry had brought in a rock group last year. He has likely been taught that his generation does not relate to hymns, which may well be the case. But, my primary concern is relating to God and demonstrating that we Christians are a peculiar people. Besides the hymns encourage me, even if they do not relate to youth. I do not worship at the altar of youth. I am trying to reconcile the world unto Christ, not reconcile Christ unto the world.



      One of the long time supporters of my ministry, Scott S. arrived about 4 PM. He immediately was active in talking with students. I called upon him after 5 PM to address the students which were now divided up into three groups, one around Sister Pat, and another around Gunnar and the third group around Scott and me. Scott had to defend my approach and message to all my critics.






Marty reading from John 1.




     About 5:30, Scott took Sister Pat and me to dinner. I returned to campus at 8 PM to speak to the seniors' seminar in religious studies. The professor wanted the students to interview me after I briefly introduced myself by relating my testimony. The session went very well as I was able to expound upon confrontational evangelism, apologetics, the moral state of college students, comparative religions the gospel, etc. I considered it a productive hour. Only about 10 students were in the class and they were all respectful.











Scott addresses the students.




     The professor's final question to me was, "What do you want your legacy to be when you retire?"

     I answered, "I have no intention of retiring; I want to leave this world with my guns a blazing and my boots on! And when I reach the throne, I trust the Lord will say, 'Well done thou good and faithful servant.'"

   Indeed, this was a full and productive day. I am so glad I decided to extend my stay here.









Bro. Jed speaks at the "seniors' seminar in religious studies."




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September 23, 2011, UW Oshkosh

     Jesus said, "The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil."-John 7:7.


      Three days on this campus have demonstrated the fulfillment of this verse. I have been telling the students that their works are wicked and they despise me for it. Usually, I am able to win over the students somewhat after a few days. But they were as hateful today as the other two days, if not more so. There was more harassment today. For about 30 minutes a student got in front of me and tried to block me from being heard and seen by the students all the while blowing smoke in my face. I could not interact with the audience so I just preached, mostly quoting Scriptures, which have to do with sin, righteousness, and judgment. I stayed on the move, which required him to counter all my shifts. I am relatively agile for my age so he had his work cut out for him. A few others followed his lead. Usually, when this sort of thing takes place some student or students will object to the heckler's behavior. However, not one them protested.










Having ears that could not hear...third day at Oshkosh.
Bro. Jed listens to Oshkosh heckler.


       Finally, a middle aged lady, who has been monitoring the gathering daily, who must have some position with the University, tried to get him to stop but she evidently she did not speak with authority. She represents the Oshkosh Civility Project which is a community-based effort to encourage better practices of interpersonal communication. She has been passing out cards daily urging students to aspire to 1. Pay attention, 2. Listen, 3. Be inclusive, 4. Not gossip, 5. Show respect, 6. Be agreeable, 7. Apologize. 8. Give constructive criticism, 9. Take responsibility. Perhaps this is a useful project but the lady did not seem to be making any more headway in civilizing the savages than I. Only Jesus can truly civilize a man.

       She finally called the police, who eventually arrived. She reported her observations to the Chief. Finally, the Chief called me aside to ask, "When are you going to wrapping this up? We have had a lot of complaints that the students cannot study."

     I reminded him, "It is Friday afternoon; there is little study that is going on now."

     He threatened, "I will have to shut this down if it gets noisier." Meanwhile, I had called on Gunnar, the policeman called him aside to warn him about the noise level.   Not a word was said to the man who had been harassing me and invading my space.

     Later after the police left another student took dry leaves and was sprinkling them on my head and shoulders. Again the civility advocate intervened and this time she was able to get the student to stop. But not one word of protest from the loving students or any of those who had been exhorting me to love.

     The naked apes have been so frantic and consumed with hatred that my usual tactic of telling stories to calm them down has not usually been effective. When I have attempted to share my testimony, I have had to condense it. I was the object of more cussing and middle fingers than usual. No protest from the love birds on that either.  









Stern rebukes were the order of the day.


     The weather the last few days has been in the low fifties and cloudy. In the middle of the afternoon it started raining lightly but the apes were so frantic they did not seem to notice. Eventually, I announced that I was moving about 30 yards under the library overhang. Soon the crowd who had been demanding that I leave followed me to hear more. I said, "You are drawing to me like a magnate. You cannot resist the Truth, nor can you bear the Truth."

     An atheist, who yesterday had tried to body block my preaching, today was passing around a petition to get me off campus. Many students were signing it. Now there have been a few students who privately commended and encouraged me.

     Scott S. returned, today for the whole afternoon. He was able to keep some of the professing Christians occupied. At the end of the day Gunnar prayed with a boy for salvation.

     Sister Pat started the meeting today. The first one to stop was a Christian who was trying to get her to adapt relational evangelism. There is a place for relational evangelism but public preaching out where the sinners are is the main Biblical approach. Jesus built a relationship with the twelve, but he preached to the multitudes as did John the Baptist, and Jesus' disciples.

     We left campus with students still milling around in the rain at 4:30. I thought of Jesus' words, "If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. Now, however, they have no excuse for their sin."

     Professing believers and unbelievers alike rejected my message; I fear that the multitudes of them are worse off than ever. Nevertheless, I expect some will want to hear more on the matter and a few will believe, eventually.

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I received the following FB response from Dylan Whatley to this entry, "Brother Jed, as an unbeliever who has heard you speak many times at the University of Oklahoma and greatly enjoyed the intellectualism you bring with you when you preach, I find the behavior of the students you describe here appalling. I have never before heard you be rude, impolite, or crass in your preaching, though you obviously say things that others disagree with or are offended by, so on no level can I see something like this as appropriate. I hope you meet warmer receptions in your next stops."


   I received the following report from Gunnar who helped us at UW Oshkosh:

Brother Jed,

           Thank you for letting me to join you on the campuses this week. It has been a blessing to go out for more than one day. As I told you I had been considering taking a week vacation and following you around.          

I am writing to let you know a little more about Justin. He came to me, as many had, to tell me that your ways of evangelization (Sister Pat included) are wrong. Something we have all heard many times. He also told me that he was not a Christian although he had in the past attended church. However, he was not hard like the others - God had been working on him as I came to find out as he shared about his life. He realized in a physiology course last year that if babies are inclined to respond to parents, then we also to God. With this he went to a church service last year, a United Methodist Church-the one north of the campus. There were only about 20 people and they were not open - no one spoke with him. Yet he felt something else - God. Our coming to campus seems to have triggered something. Latter in the discussion he said something of the following, "I now seem to be conscious of God's working." Furthermore, he came around to acknowledge the sinfulness of the sins that so many were seeking to defend. Clearly God was working. With this I pressed him with the question, "Was God was putting his finger on something in his life". Although he did not verbally admit this; it was clear that God was doing exactly this. After some hesitation he prayed with his baseball cap removed. Although one cannot be certain about salvation, I wanted you to know a little of what God was doing during the Oshkosh visit. I find it wonderful that a "protestor" came to pray. Isn't God marvelous?


MockerRepentsSunday morning, September 25,

I preached my signature message, "Who Will Rise Up?" at Richland Center Fellowship, Wisconsin. After the service an Asian girl tearfully approached me and confessed, "I am a student at UW Oshkosh, I heard you preach there this past week. I repent that I did not stand with you. I mocked you in my heart." I gave her a copy of my book.

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