Who Will Rise Up For Me Against the Evildoers?  Or Who will Stand Up For Me Against The Workers of Iniquity ?

Psalm 94:16

 I'm So Glad I'm a Part of

The Family of God!


September 6, 2011, University of Missouri


     Ideal preaching weather today, sunny and in the low 70's, which is quite a relief, especially for UM since there is no shade in Speakers' Circle. When I started a decadent group of boys called the Antlers, were loudly promoting their organization in the Circle. They are a group that sits together at ball games and noisily and vulgarly cheers the team. The Antlers were not too much of a disturbance; it was obvious that the students wanted to hear me. 

Ideal preaching weather helps draw a huge crowd at Mizzou.


     I held my "YOU DESERVE HELL" sign for a while without saying much. Soon students started sitting on the steps. Eventually, I started commenting on the sign explaining that God offers them what they do not deserve the forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Sister Cindy joined me on campus. Sister Pat has gone to Pennsylvania for a few weeks to visit Laurie White and children. She will be rejoining me in Wisconsin.


     A member of the Hare Krishna cult was witnessing to my gathering and promoting copies of the


Bhagavad Gita. Eventually, he started questioning me on eating of meat. These cultists regard not eating animals as the height of spirituality. He was not particularly argumentative, but I rarely have had one of them address me. He was also promoting reincarnation. I promoted the new birth and the resurrection of the body. 




Hare Krishna member defends reincarnation.


     Until the last 90 minutes I was not getting a lot of questions from the crowd which swelled to 150 at times today. The last hour I was repeatedly asked, "What evidence is there for Christianity?"

       I responded, "My faith may be the best evidence you have encountered to substantiate the claims of the Christian religion."


     "After all, Hebrews 11 says, 'Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.' Faith is the evidence. I have a living and vital faith."    


     One atheist said he believed that a pink hippopotamus was God. I said, "We all know that you do not really believe that." He claimed that anyone can assert anything or anybody as God. I asked, "Would you be willing to die for your alleged belief? If so, that would at least be evidence for the pink hippopotamus as God, but not very good evidence unless you could cite a significant number of other who believed unto death in the pink hippo. Multitudes of Christians down through the ages have proclaimed the resurrection of Christ. When required to denounce his resurrection or die, they chose death, whether than denying their Savior. That is evidence that they truly believed. And it is evidence of his Resurrection."




"Would you be willing to die for your belief?"



     Sister Cindy had a home school graduate, who had attended some of her youth activities, challenge her on the sidelines. He was embarrassed by our ministry and did not believe we were demonstrating the love of God or preaching the gospel. He said that his father had heard me preach 20 years ago at Arizona State. His father says the he cannot remember the names of any of his professors but he does remember me. He claims that this is evidence that I am going about the ministry in the wrong way. His recollection was an interesting twist on what I often say to students, "In 20 years you will not remember the names of your professors, but you will remember Brother Jed's invasion of your campus."



     I consider students' remembrance of me decades later as positive not a negative. Cindy replied to the embarrassed boy, 




"Beware when all men speak well of you."

"Beware when all men speak well of you."

She explained to him that we are preaching repentance and warning the wicked. He claimed repentance is a message for the Jews and warning the wicked applies to backslidden Christians. Cindy had a fifteen minute conversation with the young man on the sidelines.


     We preached from 11:40 until 5:10. 


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September 7, 2011, University of Illinois


     I left Columbia, MO, early for my five hour drive to Champaign. On the way Rick Bradley called and asked, "Could I watch you preach today?" I suggested that he start preaching at noon since I would not be there until 12:30 or so. Rick is too good of a preacher to just listen to me. When I arrived at 12:45, about a dozen people were gathered around Rick. At 1PM he turned the meeting over to me; for most of the rest of the afternoon the crowd ranged from 35-60. I called on Rick again to preach from 2-3 PM; he spent a lot of time speaking of his days as a wanton youth who was converted at 19. I met Rick in the mid eighties when he was a student at UT Arlington. Rick caught the vision to preach and has spent most of his time since then either on the campuses or doing missionary work in the Ukraine, where he found his bride about 12 years ago. He also came to understand holiness from my teaching. Rick testified that he used material he had learned from me to convince his bride of the error of communism and the benefits of capitalism. He now has five children; he has not done the foreign missions for five years. He is concentrating on the campuses.




Bro. Rick Bradley at the University of Illinois.

     About 3:30 I informed the students that I was not taking any more questions concerning sex. I led them in an exercise where they symbolic lift their brains out of their genital area back into their craniums. It seemed to help some; I challenged students to ask questions concerning the great issues of life. One asked, "What is the meaning of life?" I was able to expound on that subject; we all intuitively know that life has meaning. Who has not asked, "What does that mean?" By 4:30 most of the students had left and I was able to have a productive addition fifteen minutes with four remaining students.

   Earlier one student informed the crowd that I had a great comedy act better than any of the prominent figures on comedy central such as Corbett or John Stewart. I acknowledged that satire is central to my spectacle. I use ironic comedy to illustrate serious points of theology and to demonstrate the folly of sin. Students ridicule me. But God and I will get the last laugh; see Proverbs 1. This student repeatedly let some in the crowd in a chant, "We want Brother Jed."



Some of the "regulars" at Mizzou.


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September 8, 2011, University of Illinois


     Although I was scheduled for Purdue, I changed my mind since the weather looked cooler and wetter at Purdue than in Champaign-Urbana.

I figured if I started at 11:45 at the U of I., could get in two good hours of preaching before the rain came. Then I could drive over four hours to the EEM Conference in Shipsheswana, IN.

     At the first break I drew about a dozen students, which never got much larger. They had lots of questions. Someone asked me, "What is the worst religion?"

     I answered, "The religion of Mohammad, Islam."

     There was also an Indian present, who had also been in the crowd most of yesterday afternoon. He referred to himself as a "homosexual Hindu." I did not want to leave him out. Therefore, I said, "Hinduism may be the dumbest religion since Hindus deny the reality of matter, worship cows and consider drinking cow urine as the height of spirituality." He was an amusing pervert, who did not take offense at my slams against Hinduism and "homoing."

     It was a Moslem who asked the question. He was serious and he wanted to know why Islam is the worst religion.

     I answered, "It is very deceptive, more believable and simpler than other bad religions; it is monotheistic and claims to highly regard Jesus and believes that there a Judgment Day. However, it denies that Jesus is the Son of God, died on the Cross and rose from the dead. It is dangerous because it promotes violence in order to spread the religion and wants to establish Sharia Law throughout the world, especially in the U.S. Moslems are treacherously adept at using American principles of freedom of religion to establish the false prophet's teachings in this country. Moslems have already succeeded in intimidating multitudes of Americans including much of our political leadership. " I did not say it; but they may have already taken over the Presidency.

     This man was quite a thinker and well versed in the Koran. He really challenged me to defend the doctrines of the Trinity, the Atonement of Christ, and the character of Jehovah and the idea of man made in the image of God. I regret that our dialogue was not recorded; it would have been a conversational way of introducing men to basic Christian doctrines.

     The Moslem claimed that Jesus is no more the Son of God than Adam, who was created without either a mother or father. I admitted that the Bible teaches that there is a likeness between Adam and Jesus. The Bible calls Jesus the second or the last Adam. However, there are vital differences between the two men. "The first Adam was made a living soul the last Adam was made a quickening spirit." We receive our natural life from Adam. We receive our spiritual and eternal life though Jesus. Jesus was born of the seed of woman; Adam was created from the dust of the ground. Jesus is the only begotten Son of our Father God. "The first man is of the earth, earthly: the second man is the Lord from heaven!"-1 Cor. 15:45, 47

     After at least thirty minutes of edifying discussion the Moslem politely dismissed himself. I left campus at 1:15 and I was not on the road long before the rains came. I was very happy to get in the two hours of preaching. 

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When I am on a campus for several days, there are certain students who come out daily and become my regulars. Most of them are bored with their classes. Their text books are also uninteresting. They spend all afternoon in my congregation, hour after hour, day after day. On the campuses which I hit annually, the same ones come out year after year. Some of my regulars are supportive or at least sympathetic, most never say a word [Who knows what is going on in their heads?], others are vocally and vehemently in opposition, some are simply curious, others are amused and entertained. Some make it a point to meet their friends for an afternoon with Brother Jed. Others make new friends. There are even those who are honest seekers after the Truth. Usually some are there as counter demonstrators. Some are Christians who work my crowd; others are atheists, who also work the crowd. Some are Christians who think they are going to set me straight. Others may not know why they are there, but I know the Holy Spirit has drawn them all, even the ones who mock and heckle. Yes, even the atheists, agnostics, skeptics and the hypocrites as well. Philosophy students love to attend my open air preaching and endlessly debate. Some students are desperate for the attention that I give them. There are those who love my stories and could even relate them verbatim. All are soon captivated! I have seen some stomp off in anger only to return later in the day and stand quickly on the outskirts of the crowd. Many students request to become my friend on FB. Others seem to hate me. One tall curly haired male with whom I had a number of arguments at UNL would daily lift both middle fingers not just to me but to Sister Pat as well before departing; then later return to go through the same routine. Even this response can be a sign of deep conviction, a conviction which is being strong resisted. I have been billed as the man they love to hate. Decades ago, a newspaper article was headlined, "Brother Jed, the man they hate to love."  



One regular that I noticed at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln was Shelby Marie. She daily sat on the same step in front of me. One day she answered one of my questions so I gave her a signed copy of Walking in the Spirit. On my forth day on campus she wrote on her FB wall, "Brother Jed continues to amaze on the streets of UNL!"


Eight days later Molly posted on my FB wall, "Hey Jed. Just wanted to drop by and tell you that as an Atheist, I love hearing you preach. I was out by the Union for two of the days you came to UNL. You're a fantastic speaker and I can tell you've interpreted the bible correctly. I hope you'll come back soon!"


Shelby responded, "I agree, he was quite intriguing at the Union! I got him on video." Video cameras are always rolling when I am preaching.


Shelby also posted to me on the eighth day after I departed, "I went down to the Union at UNL the other day to where I sit and snack on some lunch with a friend. It just wasn't the same without you there! I hope you come back sometime soon!"




Students often email or facebook and ask when we will return.


Our ministry is an event on campus.   Over the years many have said that it is the highlight of their college days. Virtually daily I get inquiries as to when I am coming to a particular campus. For these reasons I sense an obligation to make every effort to be on campus hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, until the very end.   

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September 12, 2011, Michigan State University


     There is a lot of construction around Wells Hall where I have preached over the years. So I started preaching in front of the International Center. My, host, Michael Reed, accompanied me to campus. He wore a sandwich board sign. Another Brother, Matt Wilson, also joined us. I got in on the end of the 11 AM class break so I did not gather a crowd.




Bro. Mike Reed
Bro. Mike Reed did a lot of important one-on-one with Michigan students.

     Chris Nada, who is an associate of Michael Venya, arrived with a couple of brothers holding banners. I thought with the signs and banners and a team of witness we cannot miss drawing a crowd. But even the second time, except for some passing objections to my YOU DESERVE HELL sign, I received little attention.          

     Chris and I huddled and decide to move back in front of Wells Hall; despite the construction, there seemed to be more people passing in that location. The third break I also failed to draw an audience. Half way through the break I called on Chris, who was also unsuccessful in getting anyone to stop for long.

     During my stint, I made much of a pink bicycle which was parked in a rack. It had the boy's bar, yet it was pink. I speculated that it was a gay bike! I exclaimed, "No real Spartan man would ride a pink bike with a boy's bar. But so many Spartan males have been sissified." In my youth you had boy's bikes and girl's bikes and now evidently we have gay bikes. When girls stopped wearing skirts, I guess the distinction between boy's and girl's bikes was blurred into unisex bikes.




pink bike
Bro. Jed asks why a man would want a pink bike?


     I directed Chris to start preaching at the next break. He drew a crowd of 25-30. He had them quite stirred by preaching against "those who abuse themselves with mankind (1 Cor 6:9 KJV)." Chris pointed out that the term homosexual had not been coined in the 17th Century. He likes the KJV way of expressing this sin of sodomy as male self abuse with other men. Everyone wants to talk about homosexual rights today. But we talk about the vileness of what these perverts do. And they do not like it.




Bro. Chris explains why the term "homosexual" is not in the KJV.

     Chris had one base fellow really stirred up, who loudly went face to face with Chris, waving his arms and working the crowd declaring how offensive Chris was. Soon Chris turned the meeting over to me and this same fellow cursed me to my face all in the name of love, of course.    

     Another student moved close to me and the crowd followed; he asked, "Why should I follow your religion as opposed to those religionists who say we should not eat pork?" I explained the four basic questions that any religion must answer. I said diet is not one of the central issues of life. Pork or no pork has nothing to do with origins, meaning, morality or destiny. Another male objected to my Hell sign. I explained that if God does not damn the wicked he is unjust and unloving. By now the crowd was down to 10-12 and much calmer after the bellicose fellow had left. However, once again, one by one people departed until within 20 minutes everyone had left.        

     Meanwhile, I noticed that the belligerent fellow was talking with Mike. He was now claiming to Mike that he was a Christian but he did not like our approach.

     I decided to give it one more shot at 3:50. I gathered another 25-30. One fellow sat beside me holding a sign with a pointer saying, "F this guy." Many were taking pictures and I did get some dialogue going. However, once again with 20 minutes everyone left. After I had gathered my things to depart a fellow wanted to get a picture of me holding my Hell sign with the pervert who had the sign cursing me. Another asked, "Why do you allow yourself to be ridiculed like this?" I countered, "Why did Jesus subject himself to the shame of the Cross?"

     Over the decades I have had days like this at MSU, where I gather a crowd at each break but I am not able to hold it for long. It is strange how certain patterns of reaction develop upon a particular campus and remain the same with each generation of students.

     Mike, Matt and I left campus with Chris and his team still witnessing to a few students. Mike reported that he was busy all day talking with students. He reported several good conversations. One that did not go so well was a male who made a pretense of being interested in converting. But he finally admitted that he was lying. He told Mike that he was a lesbian woman in a male body.

     An old codger like me gets confused these days with pink boy's bikes (homo bikes) and lesbians in male bodies. Maybe if we got back to the boy's wearing the trousers and the girls wearing the skirts, there would be less confusion and less perversion. And if there was less concern over what we eat and more concern over what we do and our motive for doing it, we could get back on track.

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September 13, 2011, University of Michigan


     Holding up my YOU DESERVE HELL sign easily drew a crowd. I held it up on and off throughout the afternoon. Each time I was told by someone, usually a professing Christian, "No one is going to want to talk to you as long as you are holding that sign." Yet, repeatedly, students asked, "Why do I deserve Hell?"




"No one is going to talk to you as long as you are holding that sign,"  student warned Bro. Jed.  Note the i-phone taking a picture of two students who asked to be photographed with the sign later in the week.

     "You deserve Hell for the same reason that criminals deserve prison," I answered.   "Lawbreakers must be separated from the law-abiding," I added. 




"You Deserve Hell" sign draws listeners.


       One Christian suggested that I hold up an "I CARE" sign. I laughed. One sinner in the crowd admitted, "If he held up the caring sign; I would not care. Nor would I stop to hear what he had to say."

     Most of these campus Christians do not have a clue as to how to get or hold people's attention. No wonder Jesus said, "The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."-Luke 16:8.

     Telling people you care is usually empty. I demonstrate that I care by warning the wicked to flee from the wrath to come.

     The crowd mostly ranged from 25-35 throughout the afternoon. Whenever things seemed to be slowing down, all I had to do was hold up the sign and the birds would come flocking back.

     Mike and Matt joined me again today. Matt was very enthusiastic at the end of the day with all the opportunities he had to testify of his faith. A few times he even had up to 10-12 flocked around him. Usually, Mike also had someone's ear as he wore the sandwich board sign.

     During of the afternoon, a black preacher dressed in a black suit was at the center of the Diag preaching and singing. He seemed full of the zeal of the Lord; however, no one seemed to be paying attention to him.

   Again and again I asked, "Why does my sign upset you so much? Since when did you people start believing that Hell exists?"

   I continued, "The fact that you are so upset with my sign demonstrates that you intuitively know there must be a Hell and you deserve to go there for living contrary to your conscience. Without Hell there is no justice. Yet you are always demanding justice. Why demand what doesn't exist? We all know that there is a lot of unfinished justice in this world. For instance there are serial killers and rapists who never get caught, etc. So if there is justice, it must come in the next life. Hence there must be a Hell."

   We left campus at 4:30 after five good hours of preaching.




"Without hell there is no justice," Bro. Jed

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ghandiWhere is Ghandi? 

September 14, 2011, University of Michigan

     I gathered a steady crowd today that was often up to fifty students. Students from India had tables set up promoting their culture on the Diag. An Americanized Hindu girl asked me about Gandhi. I answered, "Gandhi is in Hell."

       She quoted Gandhi, "I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

     I countered, "Christians represent Christ on earth. We are his body. Jesus is the head of his body, the Church. One who rejects the Church rejects Christ. Of course, there are hypocrites who misrepresent Christ. However, Gandhi had the opportunity to meet sincere Christians. He believed that all religions were true and that there were many paths to God. Gandhi is usually promoted as the most Christ like person since Christ walked the earth. You students are impressed by the appearance of this emaciated man wrapped in a white sheet and you assume that he was a spiritual man."

     To Gandhi Jesus was essentially merely a principle of non-violence. Gandhi did not believe him to be the only begotten Son of God.      

     I asked the Hindu girl, "What does Hinduism teach is the meaning of life?"

     She answered, "To promote a good society."

     I asked, "What is your standard for determining the good society?"

     "One that promotes love," she replied.

     "Define love," I countered.

     "You cannot define love," she responded.

     I asked, "If love cannot be defined, how do you know whether you are promoting a good society or not?"

     She had no answer. I did not bother to challenge her on her idea that Hinduism teaches that the purpose of life is to promote a good society.










"What is your standard for determining a good society?"



     My Bible and Matt's were on the bench. At one point a blond male took our Bibles and threw them in the trash and walked away. Matt recovered them. Later he returned and proceeded to tear pages out of Matt's Bible until he was able to recover it. Can you imagine the stir if someone would publically treat the Koran is such a matter? Of course, all the students would be afraid to do that.

     In the middle of the afternoon a boy from the Chi Alpha fellowship, which is the student arm of the Assemblies of God, interrupted me and started reading from the Bible including the admonition not to do your alms before men. He chastened me for judging. He carried on for several minutes. Afterwards he talked with Mike and Matt and listened more to my message. He finally apologized to Matt for opposing my ministry. Too often Christians go up against my mission based upon the negative response of students without really listening to my preaching.

     At the end of the day I called upon Matt. He received his baptism of fire. He held his own as he stood for the Truth for about 30 minutes. Matt said as we were going to the car, "I have never done anything like that before."

     Shortly after we left campus at 4:45, it started raining. Thank God we were able to get in a full day of preaching. About the middle of the afternoon, my voice started cracking, which is unusual for me.










Very irate University of Michigan female makes her point.


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September 15, 2011, University of Michigan


     A Moslem, who has been listening to me hour after hour for three days, asked, "What can you tell me that I do not already know?" 


     I responded, "I have mostly just been reminding you of what you do know. God's law is written on your conscience. You already know of God and what he requires of you. The problem is that you are not obeying the moral law of God. God is revealed to you and all men through his creative order and his various manifestations of love. You have rejected the God of Creation for a God of Mohammad's imagination. You have projected a false God, who is like your own wicked self. You know of the true and living God, but you refuse to trust in him, because he requires of you to live a life of self-sacrifice and self-denial. Instead you want a God who will allow you to gratify the lusts of your flesh throughout eternity. However, there is one thing that I can tell you that you do not know, which is that you need the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ."

     He asked me to explain the Trinity. I answered, "The oneness of the Trinity is not a oneness of persons but a oneness of love, spirit and purpose. The three persons of the Godhead are also one in essence, that is each one is God. Just as you and I are one in essence; we are both essentially male human beings, but we are not the same person."

   There were periods of up to an hour at a time that the students were relatively subdued and that I was able to teach on the basic issues of the nature of man and the nature of God. They were attentive as I related my testimony. I tell the story of my conversion almost daily. A Christian has a life changing story to tell. One cannot have an encounter with the living God without his life being profoundly affected. Paul related his testimony three times in the Books of Acts.










Bro. Jed explains the oneness of the Trinity.


   Once again Matt addressed the crowd for about 20 minutes; Mike was active on the sidelines talking to students all afternoon. I am appreciative to have a few brethren standing with me to talk to students personally and also to watch my back.

     Mike and Linda Reed have been hosting me in Lansing. Several times today I was asked how I am able to afford preaching all over the country. The students are confounded as to how I can travel in the apparent comfort that I do without having what they call a job. Of course, God is my source through the generosity of his family. The family of God is evidence to the truth of Christianity. It is amazing how I can travel all over the country and folks take me in and treat me like one of their own. Often for my first visit they scarcely know me, usually just knowing of me. The generosity and hospitality of the body of Christ towards me has greatly increased my faith in God. Now the world usually does not see the wonderful fellowship of God's family. They see buildings; they hear of scandals; they may have read a tract; they see preachers on T.V.











"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."- Jesus

     Jesus said, "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."-

John 7:17. I obeyed God in going forth full time on the gospel road 37 years ago, trusting in God "to supply all of my needs according to his riches in glory." He has done this though hosts' homes or providing the finances to have a comfortable hotel room, more food than I should eat and more clothes then I can carry. Not only all of this, but he has provided a lovely home in Missouri and support for my family. Praise be to God!




     As the old songs says,      


I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God
I've been washed in the fountain
And cleansed by His blood
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod
For I'm a part of the family
The family of God.


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September 16, 2011, Grand Valley State University

     This was a new campus for me. It is a modern campus which was founded in 1960; it looks like most of the buildings were erected in the last 10 to 20 years. There are 24, 000 students.

     I had to reserve the "Transformation Link" and register upon arrival with the administration. They were cooperative, even providing a table. The free speech area is on a main thorough fare.









Bro. Jed preaching in the "Tranformation Link" at Grand Valley State.

     Initially, a small crowd quietly gathered. Soon the campus atheists, who must have been notified of my coming, arrived carry handmade signs. The counter demonstration stirred the students and had the effect of drawing a larger crowd.

     One of the atheists asked, "Does God know everything?"

     I answered, "He does not have absolute knowledge of the future."

   "But the Bible teaches that he is omniscient, which means that he is all-knowing," he countered.

     I replied, "Yes, he is omniscient; he knows all there is to know. The future does not exist; so there is nothing there for God to know. He knows his plans for the future; but he does not know man's future moral choices."

     The atheist continued to argue that God know everything including the future. It was ironic that the atheist was arguing for the absolute omniscience of God. He claimed that if God did not know everything about the future he cannot be God.

     The atheist was postulating a God that does not exist. By teaching the true nature of God, I was removing one of his chief complaints against God.   He wanted to argue, "Why would God create a world in which so much evil would come about?"

     The question of omniscience came up several times throughout the day, including with Mike and Robert.

     Robert and Sherrie Pruitt arrived about 12:30; soon I called upon him to preach. Robert is a disciple of my late good friend, Bill McMillan. He recently returned to Michigan from a missionary stint in Mexico. Robert is an excellent preacher who understands how to seriously interact with students, yet maintain good humor. Robert told me, "I learned from you to be provocative."

     Robert is a retired engineer, who knows physics and other sciences well. We make a good team since he is strong in the scientific field and I am more philosophical in my interaction with students. Robert wore a suit and leather hat. He looks professional. He soon took off his suit coat which revealed his purple vest with the embroidered verse "Sinners will be destroyed."-Psalm 37:38.

     Back in the eighties my ministry was often known as "The Destroyers." Robert is strong on preaching holiness, meaning that Christians are obligated to live holy, that is not to sin. I am encouraging and praying for Robert to go into the full time campus ministry. He is well prepared and suited for this ministry.










Bro. Robert in his purple vest which says, "Sinners will be Destroyed!"

     One atheist held a sign which quoted, "When you understand why you dismiss other possible gods. You will understand why I dismiss yours." He attributed the quote to Stephen F. Roberts. I asked, "Who is he?" The atheist did not know.

   I explained, "I dismiss the god of Mohammad because he is a tyrant. A tyrant by definition is a law unto himself; he is above the law. On the other hand the God of the Bible submits himself to the same Moral Law to which he expects man to submit, thus making him a moral Governor. Also, Allah is not a loving God. If there is a God, he should be a loving being. A loving God is revealed through Creation. Although the Koran may speak of a loving God, the book does not demonstrate love after the manner of the Biblical God, who leaves his throne in Heaven to serve humanity and give his life as a ransom for many. I reject the Allah of the Koran because he is a self-centered God. I have faith in the Trinity because he is benevolent.

     I reject the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which you atheists promote. I would worship men before I would worship a monster. If I am going to worship something or somebody, I will worship what is greater than not less than I. Therefore, I will not worship idols fashioned by men's minds. I will worship a rational, sentient benevolent being, not inanimate objects or even animent non-moral beings such as birds, four-footed animals or creeping things."

     The atheist nodded his head as if he understood my point.

     At one point in the afternoon it was quite hectic. A few were throwing coins at me and cigarette butts. A sophomore stepped out and boldly and passionately reproved the mob for their disrespectful mentality and behavior. He had a calming effect on the crowd, which generally lasted for the last two hours. From time to time, he would confirm that I was making a good point. However, he acknowledged that he himself was not a believer.

     Robert preached for about an hour. The rest of the afternoon he had 8-12 students around him with whom he was sitting on the grass. For most of the afternoon, Mike Reed also had a group gathered around him.










Pleading with sinners to be reconcilled to God.

     A student followed us back to the car. He asked for an explanation of 1John 1:8. I gave him a brief run down on the passage. I told him that in my car I had written a book which covered this verse. He followed us to the car; I gave him a copy of Walking in the Spirit. Earlier I had given four copies of the book to inquiring students.








Pray for our congregations!








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August 28, Victory World Outreach, Greeley A.M., VWO, Cheyenne P.M.

August 29-University of Wyoming

August 30-September 2, University of Nebraska

September 6, University of Missouri

September 7-8, University of Illinois

September 8-9, Evangelistic Education Ministries, Farmstead, IN

September 11, Faith Tech Lancing

September 12, Michigan State

September 13-15, University of Michigan

September 16, Grand Valley State, Grand Rapids, MI

September 16, Bob Allen Fellowship, Grand Rapids

September 18, Cornerstone Church, Spring Green, WI

September 19, University of Wisconsin, Madison

September 20, UW-Platteville

September 21-23, UW-Oshkosh

September 25, AM, Richland Center, WI, Church, PM, Living Faith, Rockford

September 26 & 27, University of Iowa

September 28, University of Northern Iowa

September 29 & 30, University of Iowa

October 1 & 2, Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

October 3-7 University of Missouri

October 7, Smock open house for Mizzou students

October 10, University of Kansas

October 11 & 12, Washburn University

October 13, Kansas State University

October 14, University of Kansas

October 17 & 18, Missouri State University

October 19, Truman State

October 20 & 21, University of Missouri

October 24,   Western Illinois University

October 25 & 26, Illinois State

October 27-28, University of Illinois

October 31, Indiana State

November 1 &2, Purdue

November 3, IUPUI

November 4, Indiana University

November 7, Indiana State

November 8, Indiana University

November 9, IUPUI

November 10-11, IU

November 14-18, Arkansas State, University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas, Little Rock

November 21-21, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

November 28 University of Florida

November 29, 30, & December 1 University of Central Florida

December 5-9 Florida State University

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ReviewPictorial Review
"Antler Club" at Mizzou, tried, but failed to be a distraction.
Bro. Jed is a lot more interesting than the Antler party club.
Holy Spirit preaching captives the unbelievers.
Giving evidence for the resurrection of Christ.
Speakers Circle at Mizzou is a great place for a crowd to gather. Bro. Jed is seated at the left center.


"The Holy Bible answers all of life's important questions."
"My faith is evidence for the claims of Christianity."
"People who make signs go to hell."  ??
Lots of dialogue at the University of Michigan.
Christian student witnesses beside Bro. Jed.



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