Who Will Rise Up For Me Against the Evildoers?  Or Who will Stand Up For Me Against The Workers of Iniquity ?

Psalm 94:16


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Campus Mission 2011-2012 -- Fundraiser

Dear Saints of God,

     Webster's defines deploy as: to place in battle formation or appropriate or strategic positions.

     Bro. Jed has spent his summer preparing for the 2011-2012 mission to the campuses of America. Upon returning from the battlefield on June 5th, he implemented an exercise/diet routine that included healthy eating, work-outs, and walking five miles a day. The lengthy walks gave him added opportunity for prayer, meditation and intercession. The summer also provided needed time for study, research and preparation. Bro. Jed wants to be strong spiritually and physically when he takes his stand at Kansas University on August 22 to proclaim the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to a wicked and perverse generation.  

     Last year Bro. Jed spent virtually every school day from the third week in August through the first week of June, from noon to 5PM, battling for the hearts and minds of our campus youth.   One of our longtime supporters commented, "It appears to me that this last school year has had much more than usual positive responses (and conversions of students) than in past years."  This is true and it is a joy to see fruit from the long days and hours of ministry. We believe for even more open hearts and salvations as our battle worn warrior begins his 39th year of combat.

     This year's plan of attack includes the same rigorous travel and ministry schedule (see schedule below). Bro. Jed will be storming the gates of Hell to "save with fear, pulling them (students) out of the fire." (Jude 23)   Last year Bro. Jed spent $30,000 in travel expenses. He did this on a remarkably frugal budget, after paying for the gas! He stayed in Econo Lodges and ate in inexpensive restaurants when he was not in homes. (Sometimes it seemed like he and Martha were living on McDonald's sweet tea!)

     To be frank about our personal finances, we do not have any debts.   Our home is paid for thanks to a gift years ago. Both our vehicles, a 2005 Dodge Caravan and a 1994 Lincoln Continental have high mileage but are paid for. Bro. Jed has opted out of Social Security and has no retirement or medical insurance. We do have a small amount of savings that we would like to keep for future needs, or any emergency. We may also need the savings to purchase a new vehicle in the near future.

   This year we were $5000 short of donations to meet the travel expenses and therefore owed that sum on the CMUSA travel card in June. We paid the debt with our personal savings since we did not want the ministry to be in the red to start the new year. We prayed about a way to avoid this in the future and came up with a fundraising plan. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by August 22 to start the new year of ministry with a cash reserve. Assuming that our donation income remains the same as last year, the $10,000 will give us a small storehouse to use for travel when the regular gifts do not cover.

     We are looking for TEN "cheerful givers" who will donate $1000 each. The money will be put in a special account and only used for travel expenses throughout the year. We are asking you to prayerfully consider being one of the TEN who help deploy Bro. Jed on his 2011-2012 preaching mission with a sound financial strategy.   If you can't afford the whole $1000 you could raise the funds from a group of family and friends. If you would like to join the battle in this way, please mail your check for $1000 to our home office address on this letter, payable to CMUSA or you may give online through PayPal by clicking the Donate button on this letter.  Please designate the gift: "Deploy Bro. Jed."  CMUSA is a nonprofit organization.

     Fundraising is the least favorite part of our ministry, but Jesus commanded to "ask and you shall receive." We look to God Almighty as our ultimate source, not man, however we believe that the "ask and you shall receive" principle applies to man also.   We are humbling ourselves and letting you know what our needs are and at the same time trusting God with the final results.

     We appreciate that many of you have already given sacrificially. If you cannot be one of the TEN, there are many other ways that you can partner with CMUSA. Please see Home Front Help below for more details.

     "May fruit abound to your account," and "our God supply all your need according to His riches in glory."Philippines 4:16-19

     For the Glory of Christ,   Sister Cindy


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HelponhomefrontHelp on the Home Front
Partners in Mission 


As we prepare to deploy Bro. Jed for his 39th year of preaching the Gospel on the campuses we are reminded of you our many helpers on the home front. Without your partnership and faithfulness in many ways CMUSA would not have continued for almost four decades and we would not have seen so many lives changed for Jesus Christ. THANK YOU!   You are our fellow workers which provide much comfort and encouragement. (Colossians 4:11)


Some of you have already responded to our snail letters.  We want to give you a big THANK YOU!


For those who do not receive our paper newsletter or anyone that may need a reminder, here is a list of ways that you can join the battle with us in the 2011-2012 school year.

  •  Prayers and intercessions: We cannot stress the importance of prayer enough. We know that we have faithful saints who pray for us daily. We believe that this is a key to our success. Drop us a note or an email and let us know that you are praying for the ministry.


  •    Financial gifts :
    •  Monthly Support-- A few of you send us a check each month. This is a great blessing, whether large or small, because it helps with budget planning. We invite others to consider being a monthly supporter.If you have online bill pay with your bank you can schedule a check to be sent to CMUSA each month automatically, that way you don't have to remember to do it. Another easy way is to just click the Donate or PayPal button on this letter. (You do not need a PayPal account but can use a debit card.) Or you may mail a check to our home office. If you plan to support us monthly, drop a note or email and let us know.
    •  Anytime, Any Size Gift-- This provides a great percentage of our support.


  •  Church and home meetings: Bro. Jed has many powerful messages and teachings to bless the believers in your area. When he comes to your community don't miss the opportunity to hear a call to evangelism, a challenge to live holy, or an inspiring teaching on the atonement. It will change lives! Ask your pastor to invite him to your church or Sunday school class or just plan a small home meeting to bless and revive your friends and family. Hint: If you provide food, (even just pizza) people will come! Contact us for more info.


  •  Lodging and/or meals: If you can provide lodging in your home that saves us an enormous amount of money as well as giving Bro. Jed the blessing of fellowship. Even one meal or night is a great help. Thank you to all who do this yearly! Bro. Jed looks forward to seeing you in 2011-2012.


  •   Join us in the battlefields when we come to your community--your witness for just an hour or an afternoon on campus can make a difference! Take a week vacation and travel with Bro. Jed.


  •  Visit our website at brojed.org and tell others about it.
  •  Subscribe to Bro Jed's e-journal and receive a weekly report. This is a day-by-day account of the highlights on campus as well as some inspiring teaching and apologetics, plus lots of great pictures. Learn how to defend the faith. Get revived!


  •  Tell a friend about CMUSA!

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Marching Orders, Fall Semester 2011

Please Note: This schedule has been updated since we sent out the paper newsletter.  It may change again based on weather and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  If you plan to meet Bro. Jed on campus, please email or call him to confirm his appearance.  The wind bloweth where it willeth... John 3


August 21, Victory World Outreach, Colorado Springs, CO

August 22-23 & 26 University of Colorado

August 24 & 25, Colorado State University

August 29-September 2, University of Nebraska

September 6, University of Missouri

September 7, University of Illinois

September 8, Purdue University

September 8-9, Evangelistic Education Ministries, Farmstead, IN

September 12-13 Michigan State

September 14-16, University of Michigan

September 19, University of Wisconsin, Madison

September 20, UW-Platteville

September 21, UW-Oshkosh

September 22-23 UW-Madison

September 25, Richland Center Fellowship, Richland Center, WI

September 26-27, Iowa State

September 28, 29 & 30, University of Iowa

October 1 & 2 Chapelwood Church, Rockford, IL

October 3, University of Kansas

October 4, Kansas State

October 5 & 6, Washburn University

October 7, University of Kansas

October 10-11, 13, & 14, University of Missouri

October 12, Truman State

October 17-18, Missouri State

October 19-21, University of Missouri

October 24, Western Illinois University

October 25 & 26 Illinois State

October 27-28, University of Illinois

October 31 & November 7, Indiana State

November 1 &2, Purdue

November 3 & 9, IUPUI

November 4, 8, 10 & 11, IU

November 14-18 Arkansas State, University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas, Little Rock

November 21-21 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

November 28 University of Florida

November 29, 30, & December 1 University of Central Florida

December 5-9 Florida State University

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MarthajimmyjohnsMartha Marie Battles at Jimmy Johns


     Martha Marie took a summer job at Jimmy Johns, a local sub shop. The guys that she works with think that it is "awesome" that she is Bro. Jed's daughter.  After hours, she has had a number of intense discussions with agnostic co-workers.  They have been respectful and Martha is keeping her sword sharp by answering their endless questions  and arguments about the Faith of her Father.
     Pray for Martha as she begins her photography internship in Fullerton, California on September 6.

pictorialreview2010-2011 Pictorial Review 

martha and dad 
martha anddad2