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May 31-June 3 2011
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"Even so, hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the Gospel should  live of  the Gospel."    

I Cor. 9:14


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Summer Schedule

July 10  Centenary UMC Friendship Class, Terre Haute  IN
July 17  Victory Chapel, Cortez, CO
July 24
Wentzville First Assembly of God, MO

I still have some open dates for the summer should anyone be interested in scheduling me for a service or for a series of meetings (REVIVAL).  Also, I am working on my fall campus schedule, which will begin at the University of Kansas August 22, Washburn University Aug. 23 and Kansas State August 24 .  An invite from a particular local Church or even an individual interested in working with me on campus or sponsoring an outreach to your area campuses could influence my itinerary.   



Western Washington University, May 31, 2011

     The sun broke out as I started preaching.  Nevertheless, no one stopped.  A policewoman informed me that it was against the rules of Red Square to speak above normal conversation.  She claimed that she had received three complaints.  I think she was mistaken on the volume issue, but I did not argue with her.  I have never been told that in all my years of going to this campus.   I determined that Pat could speak at the next break; she is not as loud as me. 

Students Gather Around Sis. Pat on Red Square
Sis. Pat is Great at Starting Conversations

      About 12:30 Pat stood up and spoke softly as students were passing.  Soon four girls and a boy gathered around her.  I was sitting on a picnic table on Red Square and a male student engaged me.  He had an attitude most of the time, but I was patient with him.  Two dread lock guys sat down.  One of them had some good questions and was receptive.  He asked if Jesus was a socialist.  "No way," I replied.  I spent a lot of time speaking on capitalism.  One of the dreadlocks guys affirmed that his mother told him much the same thing that I was teaching.  He seemed to know the gospel but had sin in his life.  So I preached holiness unto him.  The other dreadlocks believed that love is God.  Both dreadlockers thought that Bob Marley was a good Christian example.  They were both hung up by the fact that they were descendants of slaves.  I told them that it was time to get over the slavery thing.  Both of these fellows were likeable.  

"Is Jesus a Socialist?"
"No Way," Bro. Jed replied.

     In the intervening time, other boys joined me at the table and a few girls from time to time.  I continued in a conversational tone for almost three hours, some of that time in the rain.  I had from 4-8 with me throughout the afternoon.  Meanwhile, Pat was ministering to different ones.

At the picnic table Bro. Jed talked to students for three hours.



Conversation Continues in the Rain!








Conversations were intense. Pray for the harvest of souls.




 A big issue with some girls was the pictures which I posted last week from my visit to WWU last week.  A few strongly objected to our picture taking today.  I informed them we have every legal right to take their pictures in a public place and post them on the internet, especially when the students are hanging around me, a public person.

     One girl claimed that I ought to at least ask their permission before taking or posting their pictures.  I pointed out her hypocrisy because she had been filming both Sister Pat and me without our permission. 

   We left campus at 4:15.  






Two Things a Campus Preacher Needs in the Northwest: a Bible and an Umbrella!








University of Washington, June 1, 2011


     "A dreary day in Seattle," said the weatherman tonight.  We preached under umbrellas for three and a half hours.  Almost daily the last two weeks in Washington, the showers come and go during our preaching sessions, but today the rain was steady and no sign of the sun.  However, the preaching was bright relative to the weather conditions.  Students from up to twenty stood in the precipitation as we preached, many of them for over an hour.  I handled the first two hours and forty minutes and Sister Pat finished the day.






Preaching the Gospel, Rain or Shine
May God, with the help of other saints water the many seeds that were sown.

    A man of the Baha'i Faith was a real nuisance and an interruption today.  His belief system emphasizes the unity of all religions.  This man also confronted me last year.  Today he wanted to engage me on Biblical prophecy.  Usually, I do not care to get too much into controversies concerning Biblical prophecy.  I prefer to warn them of their impending death.  When I asked him if Christ has already returned, he refused to answer.  He was a persistent devil and was expecting all my attention.  When I finally turned the meeting over to Sister Pat, he even followed me to the Hub where I went to dry out for a few minutes.  Then he returned to be an annoyance to Sister Pat, who pointed her finger in his face and rebuked the devil in him. 

     A student commented on my rainbow umbrella and claimed that the rainbow was a sign that God would not destroy the world again.  This is a frequent error I hear from students.  I was able to correct him by getting him to read from Genesis 9:15, which teaches that the rainbow is a sign "that the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh."  Then with an open Bible I preached from 2 Peter 3:6-7, "Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:  But the heaven and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto FIRE against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men."

    Later, a professing Christian, Kyle, who stayed around all afternoon, said that he had been studying the Book of Jude in his religion class. I read Jude the way that it ought to be read (I doubt that it was read in that way in class) with the intent of putting the fear of God in men.  Usually in religion classes they approach the Bible from a textual criticism point of view whether than treating it as the written Word of God, which we are to apply in our lives.  At the university and even largely in our seminaries, men want to sit in judgment on the Biblical text instead of allowing the text to sit in judgment upon them.  




Heckler Helps Draw a Crowd





       Other students who gathered were lively and attentive.  Among the chief issues today was socialism vs. capitalism.  Sister Pat encouraged two girls present to preserve their virginity.  She usually asks the girls "Are you a virgin?"


       We stopped preaching at 3:30.



University of Washington, June 2, 2011,

      Today was another wet, cloudy, cool day and only in the mid-fifties, not good preaching weather.  I started in the rain and no one stopped for long.  At the 1:20 break it was raining even harder; nevertheless, I proclaimed the gospel under my rainbow umbrella. 

     My message was, Do you suppose those who perished last night in Springfield, Mass., were worse sinners than you?  I tell you, Nay:  but, except you repent, you shall all likewise perish.  The Bible warns, If you sow to the wind you will reap a whirlwind.  You shall reap not only what you have sown (vanity and folly), but with a terrible increase.  People of Mass. were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, buying and selling, planting and building and knew not until a tornado came and took them away.

    Or do you suppose the hundred who perished in Joplin, MO last week were greater sinner that you. . .

    Or do you suppose that those scores who perished in the Tuscaloosa, AL tornado last month were greater sinners than you?

     Judgment is coming.  Prepare to meet thy God.

     Alas, students appeared to be indifferent to my warnings.  By the 2:20 break it stopped raining and for a brief time the sun was shining through the clouds, but again I appeared to be mostly ignored.

     At 2:35, Sister Pat addressed a few students who were sitting around.  One was an atheist girl who lost her virginity when they both were drunk.  Her parents were atheists; she said, "My mother encouraged me to have sex with a lot of different men before I get married to make sure I found one who is good in bed." 

      This girl seemed to have no shame or any regrets and was very matter of fact and even well-mannered.  Seemingly, she had a seared conscience.  Sister Pat strongly exhorted her but she appeared not to be offended.  Sister Pat also had conversation with an Asian girl and a long-haired fellow, who has been hanging around us a lot, who carries a NT. He believes in God but he does not believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

     Kyle was back from yesterday and he listened briefly at each break.  He tried to defend the position that Jesus warning to not look upon a woman to lust only applied to married men.  Later, he did back off on that point when I had personal conversation with him. 

      Andrew has been listening regularly to us since we have been at UW.  He also listened last year.  He attended Liberty University in VA for a year but transferred to UW.  He is majoring in engineering.  I had a good doctrinal talk with him, especially on the Calvinistic doctrine of limited atonement.  He said he believed in limited atonement otherwise all men should be saved if Jesus paid for the sins of all men.  I instructed him on the governmental theory of the atonement which satisfies public justice as opposed to the view of Jesus making an exact payment for sin.  He concluded that my teaching made more sense.  









"Beseeching Men to Repent and Offering Them the Gift of Salvation








thegrandfinaleTHE GRAND FINALE

University of Washington, June 3, 2011


     Sister Pat in our morning devotion prayed that God would give us a grand finale to finish off the academic year.  We were encouraged because the weather called for sun and 68 degrees. Our host later said, "Today was a heat wave around here." 





"In the first hour, I concentrated on the essentials of the Gospel."







          Within minutes I drew a crowd of over one hundred and for three hours the numbers varied from 100-150.  In the first hour I concentrated on the essentials of the gospel.  Yet, there were a lot of questions about politics and economics.  A passionate socialist jumped into the middle of the circle claiming the government had an obligation to fix his knee.  I defended the free enterprise system against all of his objections.  I sensed that I might have been the first one who challenged his views.  One will find few defenders of capitalism on campus.  Not surprising, since a state university is a socialist institution as are our government primary and secondary schools.  Few of the professors even in the business department have ever had to meet a payroll.  Once they get tenure their job is secure whether they are performing well or not.






Sunny Day Draws the Crowd



       Finally, at 2:30 I called upon Sister Pat.  She opened with her message on how to get a husband or wife. Students had a lot of questions for her on the role of women. 



      I took over again at 3:30 and gave my testimony and a few of my stories to illustrate basic truths.  About 4 PM our hosts, Fred and Ardi, arrived.  They listened to me defend the faith for a while.  Eventually, I called upon Fred.  He has studied Creation vs. evolution issues considerably so he spent a good thirty minutes countering all the students' arguments to support the fairy tale and those idolatrous beasts, the dinosaurs.  Later Ardi communicated with a group of students.  Our hosts are both very effective witnesses for the Lord and relate to the students well.  Although as Fred was speaking, one of the students said, "This guy is not a professional like Brother Jed."  





Fred, Our Host, Counters Evolution Arguments
Ardie Gives a Bold Witness for the Lord Jesus













    Meanwhile, on the sidelines a pleasant homosexual pleaded with me for acceptance, but I stood firm against his perversion.  The lesbians have not been hanging out this week.  However, the British blond lessie arrived with her new companion in perversion.  They are both cute and pleasant girls.  I told them that they are deceived and confused into thinking that they are supposed to be lesbians.  I reminded them that they are women.  They were petting one another the whole time we talked.  The Brit pointed out the irony that the two of them, who have been inseparable over the last week, met the first day that I was on campus during my preaching.  I informed them that Satan had put them together.  I warned the girls that there was a great battle going on for their minds.  Satan had captivated them and I was sent as God's warrior to set them free.  I told them the story of how the devil spoke to me when I first entered the ministry and said, "Wherever you go to speak, I will be there to set up right across from you."  The man whom the devil spoke through that day has been dead for a decade.  But Satan has been true to his Word.  He is there or his minions wherever I speak.   I told the inside story to the gals.  The Brit said, "Wow! That is a frightening story."










Satan Has Captivated You!








The blond girl promised Sis. Pat that she would re-consider her perverted ways.


     I have been parking in my hosts' church lot which is a good walk from Red Square so I left the remaining students with Sister Pat as I left to get the car.  Meanwhile, the Blond Brit gathered around Pat who said, "You are a pretty girl.  You need a man who will love you and care for you."  The girl confessed to Sister Pat that that was an option that she would consider.  So maybe I did make some progress with her.  These girls did indicate affection for me which is a help in reaching anyone.  It is not unusual for homosexuals to show liking for me.  Down deep they know what they are doing is wrong.  Some of them appreciate ministers who will speak the truth to them in love over the phony ministers with their feigned love who accept them just as they are.  





As the day winds down, an atheist is teaching unbelief on the left, Ardie is witnessing in the middle and Bro. Jed instructs a group on the right.

       Today was a wonderful way to top off another year on the road.  How much longer can I do this?  We shall see.  As for now I feel as good as ever.  

       Thankyou friends, prayer warriors and supporters.   You made this year of ministry possible.  Bro Jed 















































































































































































































































































     At 3:30 I walked through fraternity row to the church parking lot.  A panhandler was asking those passing for three or four dollars.  He was in the same spot when I walked to campus earlier in the day.  Today, I felt just a notch or two above the panhandler.  I am beseeching men to repent and offering them the gift of salvation.  Yet, like the panhandler, I was largely ignored this afternoon.  Open air preaching can be humbling.  However, I suppose the panhandler has enough who give to him or he would not be faithful to his spot in the street.  Thank God, a few also believe us so we continue.  Indeed, we should persevere even if no one accepts our offering of salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord.




























































































































The conversations were very productive.  Pray for the harvest.



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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