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Information to Improve YOUR Golf Game (AUGUST 2016)

Way To Go "Mr. 58!!"   

I have always been a huge Jim Furyk fan.  When I was at Oakmont, I spent about 3 hours on the course watching one of his rounds.  So to hear yesterday that he became the first PGA Tour golfer to ever shoot a 58 in a tournament round - well, great going!

Here are a few additional things related to his round that you might not know...
  • This is his second sub 60 round in a PGA Tour event - he shot 59 a few years ago!
  • From a Strokes Gained standpoint (Dr. Mark Broadie) he gained 10.7 strokes on the field on Sunday - 1.0 stroke driving, 6.3 strokes approaches to the green, 0.0 around the green (he was never AROUND the green, hit 17 greens and dunked one other shot for eagle!), and 3.3 strokes putting.
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  • What is kind of neat is that he had been strugging with his game.  He spent a lot of time on the range the night before.  Read this Golf Digest article about this.

Awesome stuff!    




Recently I learned about a neat Meditation Process called HeadSpace - from a Mindside Podcast from Dr. Bhrett McCabe.   If you are looking for a meditiation process to help your life and your golf - this is one you should strongly consider.  10 minutes a day.  I have been doing this for over a month now, and it has made a huge difference for me. There is a 10 day free trial if you are interested in learning about HeadSpace.




So can we ever stop learning about ways to improve our golf performance?  Well, here is a recent interesting little article about one pretty good player helping another "pretty good player."


     Golfweek - Lee Helping Jack!! 


The "DECADE" Of Great Golf Strategy       
I have been aware of Scott Fawcett's DECADE golf strategy system for about a year now - and to say that it looks valuable for golfers is an understatement.  In words from his Playinglesson.com web site, it is a "...proven system that combines shot patterns and scoring data to optimize your target selection, improve your golf performance, and lower your scores."

Scott analyzed a huge amount of PGA Tour Shotlink data, and combined that with knowledge he obtained from the Dr. Mark Broadie "Lowest Score Wins" principles. 

The BIG takeaway you can get from some of the video links I provide below is this - even the BEST ball strikers have a lot of dispersion in their shots - and if you factor this into your shot choices you can score better!  For example, he based his driving presentation (below) on an assumed driving dispersion of 65 yards.  Think about that!

So here are some interesting links to look at....

     Scott Fawcett - Introductory Lesson

     Scott Fawcett - Loving The AVERAGE Golf Shot

     Scott Fawcett NCGAA Driving Video

So what is the future of the DECADE System?  Well, in the near future there will be a DECADE App created - a partnership of Scott Fawcett and a company called BirdieFire.  The first version of this app will be for designed for college golfers.  Soon after that - hopefully in the fall - a version of the DECADE App for all of us.  I will let you know when this happens - great work Scott!

Wedging Your Way To Lower Scores!    

Do you think that the golfers in the early and mid 1900s had talent in hitting short game shots with their wedges?  Well, I have a much greater appreciation for their skills after reading this article about The History Of The Sand Wedge:

     GolfWRX - The Story Of The Sand Wedge

Can you BELIEVE that they could hit great short pitch shots and sand shots with some of these clubs - incredible.

My thinking about wedges and wedge fitting has evolved quite a lot over the 8 years or so I have been a custom club fitter.  Here are a few of what I think are the main points you need to consider about these scoring clubs:
  • Wedges are absolutely clubs where Touch And Feel are hugely important.  The overall design of the wedges you play need to fit you and your particular technique to hit these shots.
  • Job One about Wedge Play is TECHNIQUE.  Well designed wedges can overcome some technique issues - but it is a lot easier to hit great wedge shots with good wedge technique - find a great short game instructor!
  • If you buy a set of irons, do not see the choice of wedges as an afterthought.  
  • Take time to make your choices for wedges - both in terms of the amount and type of bounce that they have, and in how many wedges you will play with.  There are many many many different wedge design options that you can choose from - high or low bounce, wide sole or narrow sole bounce, dual bounce grinds, and more.  Find a wedge design that can make all of your short game shots - but particularly your short 10 to 30 yard wedge shots - easily to hit with touch.
  • Finally - Wedge Shafts Are Important!  You may like to play with a shaft that feels like "rebar," or perhaps with a shaft that has a softer flex than in your irons.  If you have not listened to my podcast on Wedge Shafts consider doing so.  Your choice of wedge shaft should be made with care if you want to play your best.

Bottom Line - if we care about scoring well, there are lots of good wedge options available to help us do so!


September Is Golf Experiment Month
AND New Mizuno Irons Coming Soon!

I have declared September as Golf Experiment Month at the Centennial Golf Academy.  If any of you have any golf club "experiments" you are curious about - that can be done in an hour - please get in touch with me to set up a time on Saturdays in September!


In a week, I expect to receive two big boxes of goodies from Mizuno Golf - the new Mizuno iron heads for 2017, and new iron shaft options that Mizuno will include in my fitting cart.  I have not seen the actual new irons yet - but expecting good things!  If you are interested in hitting these let me know (hey, could be a September Experiment!).


Finally I want to thank all of my loyal customers.  Though mid August, my 2016 sales have exceeded those in any past full year.  There are no overnight successes - but thanks to all of you who are helping me achieve my dream to help golfers play their best!

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