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Information to Improve YOUR Golf Game (FEBRUARY 2016)

The 2015 Pro Golf Synopsis
eBook is Now Available! 

I look forward every year to getting Richie Hunt's annual Pro Golf Synopsis eBook.  Not only does this eBook provide the 2015 stats for every one of your favorite golfers (in 36 categories, and also a narrative related to each tour player), but it provides insights related to how golfers can use information from golf statistics to improve their games.  An absolute STEAL at $10! (and no, I get no financial kickback from promoting this eBook).
Below is a small sample of some of the information in this eBook, and also a link where you can purchase it (available as a pdf download)...
Wow, not only have many of my friends had a hole in one, but now a golf robot has had one!  This video came from the 2016 Phoenix Open on the 16th hole, during a practice round day - see people react like a real person made the hole in one!
And Finally - hope you enjoy the start of Year Six of my monthly newsletter!  I continue to get new subscribers each month, and hope you all continue to enjoy the content that I pull together for you to read.  Here is a neat quote I read this month that captures I think the intent of what I hope we attempt to achieve for our golf games...

"If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them. But if you argue for your possibilities you get to create them!"
Information From The
2016 PGA Equipment Show    
The PGA Equipment Show was again a great success for me.  I believe I learned first-hand a lot of information that can help golfers play their best.  Here are for me the highlights of the things I learned at the 2016 Show...
  • My favorite "surprise" find at the Show was a neat little putting training aid from 5Footer.com. It is a brilliant little putting practice tool that you can use indoors (mine is in my basement) or outside to practice - well - 5 footers! 

  • My club fitting friend Brian Morrissey from Canada first told me about the Rotex Motion device to improve muscle and joint balance through rotational resistance.  Here is a link to some of the Rotex Benefits.  Joe LaCaze, the developer of Rotex, has been working for I believe about 2 years to develop a very affordable version of Rotex - it will be available in just a few months, for I believe $249 plus shipping. One will be in my basement when it becomes available.

  • Edel Single-Length Golf Clubs.  Edel Golf as usual had a very large presence at the Show. I found out from Bobby Dean, Edel Director of Product Development, they they are coming out with a single-length iron design.  You may recall that the irons that Bryson DeChambeau plays with were created by David Edel - and here is a great link to a new article about Bryson, David, and His Instructor. Edel is initially creating two single-length iron fitting carts - one will be in Liberty Hills, TX (where Edel Golf is located), the other at a location in California.

  • Edel Golf also had a lot of putter fitting activity at the Show.  I am pretty certain their best selling putter model now is their Torque Balanced style.  The face balance of this putter is different than most available - it is Toe Up as opposed to face balanced or toe down.  As a result there is less natural putter rotation in the stroke using this putter.  Here is a Torque Balanced Putter link from the Edel site that explains this a bit more.
  • Lowest Score Wins Instructor Training.  In my January newsletter, I discussed the terrific golf improvement approach described in the book Lowest Score Wins.  The authors of Lowest Score Wins are now starting to train instructors in their approach - at the Show they did an Instructor Training.  My partner Des Mahoney attended the training, was very impressed, and is planning to present this training to golfers in the East Tennessee area in the near future.  In addition, a Lowest Score Wins DVD will be available sooon for golfers to purchase and use to improve their games.
  • SAM PuttLab Putter Fitting Training.  I attended a 1-hour training session on how to use data from the SAM PuttLab to do effective putter fitting.  In addition to useful information to help me improve my putter fitting, I loved this quote from the instructor - "Loving Your Putter Is Ideal - Accepting Is Absolutely Necessary."
  • My indulgence for my personal golf game at the Show was to attend a 4 hour Fluid Motion Factor training session that was done by Steven Yellin and Rick McCord at the McCord Golf Academy.  We all have had golf experiences (and other experiences) where we know we played to our potential.  Steven's 38-year passion has been to understand why this happens, and how to help golfers to create this by design when they play.  During the training Steven discussed his knowledge about what happens when golfers create Fluid Motion, and he taught us a number of cues to use to help create it when we were hitting golf shots.  In the link I provided above, please take the time to listen to the How It Works short video.  My plan over the next few months it to complete Steven's on-line player and instructor certification program, and also to do a future podcast interview with Steven.  I can't wait to share more with you that can help you play To Your Potential.

More On The New Wishon Golf
Single-Length Irons

The new Wishon Golf Sterling single-length irons were actually developed in a partnership between Tom Wishon and Jaacob Bowden, a European golf professional and swing speed trainer.  They started working on developing these irons in 2013.  Here is a recent article that discusses more about this collaboration...

   GolfWRX Article on Wishon - Bowden Single-Length Irons

The first two Wishon Golf shipments of these iron heads are sold out, and Tom is now taking orders for club heads that will be delivered in May.  I ordered two sets of Sterling demo heads - 5, 7, and 9 irons - in late March, and will build some demo clubs for golfers to hit.  Until then though! - I used some other Wishon heads to create some constant length demos that golfers can hit and experience.  If you are curious about single-length irons, feel free to contact me at tony@gameimprovementgolf.com and I will set up a 30-minute "test drive" appointment!
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