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MBOT Meets with Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper 

Mississauga, ON (February 2013)  - Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) had the privilege of being represented at an intimate meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, on Saturday, January 19, 2013, along with seven other businesses from Mississauga and Brampton.

MBOT was asked to comment and discuss the current state of the economy, thoughts on the 2013 budget and where business saw the economy heading.

Attendees were also asked to provide input into recommendations on the economic direction of the government.

MBOT, represented by 2013 Chair Karen Ras, Enersource, provided input on topics such as:  


  • The need to keep taxes low - or lower.
  • Ensuring changes made to the immigration system, notably the additional integration of economic class newcomers, are appropriate services to support them.
  • Reducing the need for red tape in other foreign jurisdictions while enabling Federal trade offices as true connectors of businesses in those markets.
  • Getting all levels of government to work together on a long-term transportation infrastructure investment strategy.


The meeting lasted over an hour and by all accounts the Prime Minister was very engaged and appreciated the valuable feedback of the participants.       


As the voice of business since 1976, Mississauga Board of Trade is a private-sector, not-for-profit business organization representing approximately 1,500 businesses, employing 65,000 people in Mississauga.  MBOT is well positioned to meet the needs of business by using its considerable influence at all levels of government.  As the forum for business, MBOT works together to influence public policy and promote a better understanding of the marketplace among policy makers, media and the general public. 




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