To save the precious lives of cats and kittens who are abandoned, abused, displaced, neglected or surrendered, and to find them permanent homes or provide them 
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Welcome to our first e-newsletter of 2015 and Happy New Year!

Thanks to your caring and support in 2014, the Sanctuary was able to take in 399 animals (cats, kittens, dogs and puppies) in need and we found loving homes for 352 of those animals so far! This includes three cats that were returned to their guardians and two cats that became new residents of Maya's Wildheart Village.

You will also noticed that we have a new logo and a revised mission statement. Due to space constraints at the sanctuary and an increasing number of cats and kittens currently at risk - Wild Blue will focus our efforts on saving and caring for felines from here on out. 


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Thank you for helping us put the animals first and Save Precious Lives!


New Wild Blue Website
Please check it out!


Another new element for 2015 is the revised Wild Blue website created by MNM Webworks based here in Colorado. 


The site will be maintained by our public relations firm, Perini & Associates.


New features include an online adoption application and contract, financial documents and a calendar of events. Updates to come soon will include online volunteer and foster applications.  Click here to visit the new site!


Good MEWS!!
Latest rescue news 


Three Colorado Springs rescue organizations recently worked together to help several cats (and kittens) in need.


It's been a few years since Lauri Cross and Mike Nelson from Wild Blue met Jennifer Parks who needed assistance through the sanctuary's TNR (trap, neuter, return) program. Wild Blue took in a pregnant feral cat named Tinder. They placed her into their foster care program, found homes for her babies, made sure she was spayed and had proper veterinary care and then returned her to her very grateful guardian, Jennifer.


A bit later, Jennifer, then a taxi driver in Colorado Springs, was involved in a terrible traffic accident and again reached out to Wild Blue for help with another of her kitties named Hero. She was afraid that Hero wouldn't have the care he needed while she was in the hospital and then during her stay at a rehab facility. Lauri asked Cynthia Bullock, founder of a local, pet care organization, Harley's Hope Foundation, if she could assist in some way and not only did Cynthia step up immediately to take Hero into her own home - she also took Hero on regular visits to see Jennifer in the rehab facility!

Jennifer was also worried about who would care for Tinder and the other feral cats in her colony while she was away. Again not only did Lauri and Mike go out to her home to set up feeding stations and a fresh water supply - Lauri asked and received help from the National Mill Dog Rescue facility, located nearby to Jennifer's home, to keep an eye on the feeding station and refill the water and to watch over the cats.

Jennifer, Tinder and Hero are now back together at home and they are all doing well considering the circumstances. Jennifer's road to recovery will be a long one - but she is thankful to have her kitties there with her and to the gracious people who helped her. Jennifer shared in a recent email to Wild Blue that she 'just loves what (Wild Blue) is doing. It seems that the dogs have such an abundance of help, but people like you are so rare that focus on the kitties. It warms my heart to think of you and what you are doing when see those straggly rag-a-muffins running to find a hiding place. You deserve warm thoughts and kind words."

Thanks Jennifer!



A kitty's life was saved thanks to the quick actions of a kind stranger and Wild Blue.


It was a Sunday afternoon when Casie called Lauri asking for help with a skinny white cat who looked like she had 'yellow stuff like pee all over her'.  Casie brought the cat to Lauri and she saw nasty yellow pus oozing out of open sores on her belly. The cat also had a tennis ball-sized mass on her underside. After an emergency, 2-hour visit to the vet, it was discovered that the cat had a severe case of mastitis and that this poor 8 to 9 month-old baby had had babies herself!

Casie and Lauri decided to name the kitty Beatrice. And it turned out that Casie, a wonderful young Mom of two kids and two dogs, and her Fort Carson soldier and husband, Travis, were serious animal lovers and had dreams of doing animal rescue work someday. She asked if they would be considered as adopters and if Beatrice survived that maybe they could adopt her.  

A few hours later when Lauri picked up Beatrice from the vet...she already looked a lot better.  The ER doctor said that Bea was an ideal patient who let them work on her without being sedated, despite certainly being in pain. Lauri needed to give her fluids, pain meds, antibiotics and warm compresses to help with draining her mammary ducts - but she healed very fast.

All the while, Casie kept in touch with Lauri and even brought her family to visit Beatrice. Of course they fell in love with her and she climbed up in their laps and purred and purred. The adoption was completed shortly afterward and Casie sends regular updates on Beatrice's progress. This is indeed a good, happy beginning for all of them.  And, Wild Blue saved a beautiful kitty from a certain and painful death.

New Director of Operations
Melinda Reichal


Wild Blue is happy to announce that Melinda Reichal, one of our awesome volunteers has agreed to step up to being our Director of Operations!   


While we are still outlining her specific tasks in this new position, she will, in general, be responsible for helping Lauri and Shirley to run Wild Blue and she will be a major player in our crucial programs such as spay/neuter, kitty care and administration.  


Melinda admits to being super organized and her skills will allow day to day operations at the sanctuary to run all the smoother.


Melinda has been a Wild Blue volunteer for several months. She started out just stopping by to visit during Petco adoption fairs when she was volunteering for the National Mill Dog Rescue. 

After retirement she starting volunteering and has done a terrific job! She is quick to get to know all the cats, and is very thorough in accomplishing all the cleaning tasks.

Recently, she started offering to take on additional tasks such as transporting kitties to or from the adoption fairs, and helping out at the adoption fairs as well.  

Best of all, she adopted a Wild Blue kitty (Vaquero), and her daughter adopted another kitty (Hazel)! Speaking of her love of four-footed pet companions - she says that 'there is always room in her heart for one more!'


Maya's Wildheart Village
Hermosa enjoying her up high tree perch
Hermosa enjoying her high tree perch

Thank You! Wild Blue's new feral cat enclosure, Maya's Wildheart Vllage, would not have been possible without the community members who showed their support of Wild Blue during the El Paso County Planning Commission and the County Commissioners' special use permit hearings last Fall. 


Not only did our supporters show up at the meetings, they packed the house and spoke on behalf of the sanctuary and the feral cats who were desperately in need of proper care and outdoor housing. The Village has electricity to provide for outside heated houses and heated water bowls and the 'shed' house (indoor facility) has heat as well. And the permit will allow for a maximum of 20 kitty residents.


 Custom built walkways and enclosures
These are just two stories of the kitties who have been saved -- Hermosa was a feral living outside an apartment complex in a field.  People had been feeding her, but there was no plan for her to be allowed back on the property after she was trapped and spayed.  She lived in a large outdoor shed at Wild Blue for months while we were putting Maya's together, always hiding in the rafters up high...she loves being high in the trees now!  


The indoor heated 'shed' house

Ramona enjoys staying in the heated 'shed'.  She came to Wild Blue with a compound fracture in her front right leg and we had to amputate the leg to save her life.  She loves Mike (one of the Wild Blue team members) and now allows him to pet her and she head butts him.



Wild Blue will be participating in the Best Friends Animal Society's "Love Comes In All Sizes" adoption campaign during the month of March. For 31 days, all Wild Blue cats and kittens over 6 months will have an adoption fee of $25 each. Please check out the Wild Blue Facebook page ( for more details during the campaign.

Wild Blue will also be holding a "Spring Into Action" fundraising campaign during the month of March to continue to raise funds to support construct
 ion of our
Special Care Unit, the new building that is planned to care for pregnant and nursing Mamas, especially ferals who cannot easily be fostered in homes. This building will also be the sanctuary home for special needs kitties and a limited number of FeLV and FIV positive kitties.  

The unit will also have additional storage space, a bathroom for our volunteers to use and a washer and dryer for the tons of laundry our rescue generates.  We have raised and saved more than $35K so far for this building and will continue to work on raising an additional $10k to commence with construction.  Beginning on March 1st - please go to to donate to this important campaign.


We will also need a few kitten birthing condos and two fold down exam tables, in addition to Home Depot and/or Lowes gift cards for various building items to help defer construction costs.   



Photos Pics--Please Smile!!
Send us a photo of your favorite rescued 4-footed family member to:

We will select the best for Facebook.

 Great news! Thanks to Dr Elsey's Precious Cat litter - new Wild Blue adopters will now receive a free bag of litter and coupon packs/litter guides. We very much appreciate their support! Find out more about their products at


Offer Expires: Once supply has been distributed