Dear CNP Action, Inc. Constituent,


CNP Action, Inc. hosted its August "Call to Action" this past Tuesday with Congressman Tom McClintock (CA-4) who discussed the importance of defunding Obamacare and emphasized that constituents must continue reminding their elected officials to investigate the many scandals overlooked and dismissed by the Obama administration. Thanks to CNP Action, Inc. board member Ken Campbell for moderating the call and for those who participated and asked questions.


Congressman McClintock began by discussing the unconstitutional authority taken by President Obama on many instances, the train wreck of Obamacare, and the increasing regulatory bureaucracy championed by this administration. He reminded everyone that individual liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility are the key factors in a thriving democracy and a prosperous economy.


He went on to say that the House of Representatives is dedicated to investigating and providing the American people with answers to the scandals dismissed by the Obama administration and the mainstream media.


CNP Action, Inc. would like to thank Congressman McClintock for helping to lead the fight to wipe Obamacare off the books. Small businesses all across the country have been saying for years that the "Affordable Care Act" is anything but affordable, and the cost will be transferred to consumers and employees of affected businesses. Obama's orders to delay certain parts of the law should be enough to signal that it is not only ineffective but harmful to communities across the country.




  • Call your Representative and Senators and ask when they will host a town hall event.  Participate in the town hall meeting and demand the full defunding and repeal of Obamacare.
  • Write Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds in your local paper about uncovering the details of the Benghazi attack and IRS targeting of conservative groups.