Dear CNP Action, Inc. Constituent,


CNP Action, Inc. hosted its April "Call to Action" yesterday, featuring Congressman Steve King (IA-4) who discussed several of the nation's most pressing issues including the debt ceiling and immigration.  Thanks to those who participated and asked questions.  Below is a list of specific actions YOU should take to help advance conservative principles.


Under the Obama administration, we have witnessed our national debt grow and the President's solution is to spend more money.  Members of Congress must be reminded of the conservative principles that make our nation great and that the future generations depend on fiscal responsibility and curtailed spending.  Please call your Congressman and Senators and tell them that a prosperous America depends on controlling spending and practicing discipline with taxpayer dollars. 


Another immediate action for CNP Action, Inc. constituents to take is to call their Congressman and ask them to co-sponsor the New Illegal Deduction Elimination Act, H.R. 1292 (New IDEA).  According to Congressman King's press release, this bill "gives employers 'safe harbor' if they use the E-verify program, which ensures employment documents identify lawful workers. When the IRS determines employees are illegal, the business expense for the wages and benefits paid to them will be denied and will instead become taxable income. When taxes are assessed, including interest and penalty, a $10/hour illegal worker costs the employer approximately $16/hour. New IDEA is serious about cracking down on illegal labor and leveling the playing field for law-abiding employers." ( 


Even though there is significant talk about the details of comprehensive immigration reform, one aspect that can unite conservatives is the need to secure our borders.  The non-negotiable term of any immigration reform talks must be the method to secure the borders.  Contact your Congressman and Senators and tell them that securing the nation's borders must be the first step in immigration reform.



  • Contact your Congressman and Senators and encourage them to support a measure to secure our borders.  Any immigration discussion that does not address securing the border is a non-starter.
  • Call  Congressman Steve King (IA-4)(202) 225-4426. Identify yourself as a CNP Action, Inc. constituent and thank him for representing conservative principles.