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A crucial deadline looms regarding Obamacare and its implementation in the states!  Independent Women's Voice has put together some helpful information to protect all citizens from the government take over of healthcare.  Please read the message below from CNP Action, Inc. constituent Heather Higgins and take immediate Action.  This is a very time-sensitive issue, so we encourage you to pass this along to your networks.



"The results of last week's election were a let down. But the fight against ObamaCare and the harm that it will cause soldiers on.

The Obama Administration has designated tomorrow - Friday, November 16th - as the deadline for states to make a decision on whether or not they will set up an ObamaCare insurance exchange.

The reality is simple: States are under no obligation to set up an exchange. Already, 14 states have made it illegal, and in some cases unconstitutional, for their state to set up an exchange and to implement ObamaCare's mandates.

Now is the time to remind the other 36 states that they don't have to participate in ObamaCare's implementation and help facilitate the harmful effects of this government take-over of our heath care decisions.


Click here to contact your state's governor.


Click here to contact the leaders in your state legislature.


These federally-regulated "exchanges" will replace the individual market in health insurance with crony collusion between insurance companies and government bureaucrats.

Tell your political leaders that you're expecting them to protect you and your fellow citizens from the harms of ObamaCare, and that means refusing to set up an ObamaCare exchange.




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