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August 2016 - Issue # 16-07
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David C. Dingwall's 2016 book, Negotiating So Everyone Wins, is a pleasure to read.  


Dingwall is a Cape Breton janitor's son who rose to become Canada's Health Minister (he introduced and passed the Tobacco Control Act, a highly contentious and complex negotiation).  Among other achievements, he also served as President and CEO of The Royal Canadian Mint.  


In his book, he has not only compiled his extensive experience over the years as negotiator par excellence, but offers us the insights of the twenty-two seasoned professionals involved in The Ryerson Negotiation Project (1)... people like Ed Clark, former TD Bank President & CEO; NHL Players' Association head Donald Fehr, Bob Rae - former Ontario premier and Liberal Party Leader, and even the (often controversial) Buzz Hargrove - former head of the Canadian Autoworkers' Union. Video links to those interviews are also included (Dingwall is the host of the program, and he also lectures on negotiation at Ryerson University).  


The book is filled with great anecdotes and useful pointers, plus there are a ton of practical takeaways listed at the end of each chapter. It's a highly readable, entertaining, and thoroughly Canadian book that we believe will prove to have enduring value in the years to come.



"...Everything in public life, the private sector and even personal matters happens as a result of a negotiation."
~ Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada


One way to become a top-notch listener is to develop into a great note-taker, for as author David Dingwall says: Note-taking is a formidable method for building rapport, expecially since the person who is writing is less likely to be talking, interrupting, or distracted by gadgets.


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This fall we continue our exploration of the hidden drivers of behaviour, and how to harness this understanding for improved outcomes in business and in life.


Book Review


You may not think of yourself as a negotiator, but indeed, you are. For as Jean Chrétien says in the foreword to David Dingwall's new book, Negotiating So Everyone Wins, "...everything in public life, the private sector and even personal matters happens as a result of a negotiation".


The trick is to become good at it. Lucky for us, David Dingwall has given us a step-by-step tome on exactly how to create the kind of deals that satisfy you and the other person/party.

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