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December 2014 - Issue # 14-12

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Looptail: How One Company Changed the World by Reinventing Business

The title of this book may give you some indication of the ambition and breadth of mind of its author, Bruce Poon Tip, the Canadian social entrepreneur who believes that
many small coordinated gestures can relieve the suffering of whole countries. Those gestures are coming out of his phenomenally-successful, small-group adventure travel company, G Adventures, for it is a company that's intent on putting power and money back into the hands of local citizens in every country it visits.


Started 25 years ago with a cash-advance from credit cards,  

G Adventures is now the world's most successful adventure travel company. Last year alone they brought 150,000 people to 109 countries, with an average group size of only 12 people. Yes, 150,000 travelers, just twelve people at a time.  

Remarkable, don't you think?


His Holiness the Dalia Lama introduces the inspirational Looptail (the only book he has ever written a foreword for) by saying: "Bruce seems to be one of those entrepreneurs who understand that human dignity, freedom and genuine well-being are more important than the mere accumulation of wealth." He also says that Bruce is creating a model from which others can learn. We had the privilege of having Bruce as our keynote speaker at an event we co-created this past October, so we can vouch for the fact that he is the real deal.


We say Looptail is a great book for your holiday reading (and your gift list too).  Check out our book review





[With traditional travel companies], of the $100 spent on vacations in developing countries, only $5 stays in local hands.   
~ Bruce Poon Tip


A Tip from Mr. Tip    


Kind actions beget good fortunes.


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Book Review

More and more nowadays, we hear about people who are not simply entrepreneurial leaders, but who are leaders with a social conscience - social entrepreneurs. Leading this vanguard is Bruce Poon Tip, a resident of Toronto who heads up G Adventures - the most successful small-group travel company in the world.


His isn't a silver-spoon success story; the roots of it go all the way back to Trinidad and Tobago when he was a small boy.

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