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June 2013 - Issue # 13-06


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As you have been reading about Ted and his Attitude in the April and May issues, this June Newsletter (the first of the 2013 summer ones), is your opportunity to do as Ted did, which is to slow down, quiet down, and consider Attitudes. The methodology? Common Outlook's Business/People Change - Attitude Study.


We hope the questions serve you well, and that you find the process interesting and valuable. Happy journey!




Kate Powers has been quoted as saying, "When you feel resistance to change, it's not that you're not good enough, it's the strength of the neural network that has you feel like you are up against a wall." 

How do we overcome this? We work slowly on rewiring the neural network by negotiating with our perspective about the change and doing things differently bit by bit.

Read Kate Powers's article on Change Your Mindset.


What's New (and utterly unique) is You!

"You and I share 99.9% of our DNA with each other.The other .1% is miniscule ... except that it represents roughly 30 million distinguishing differences between us."  


~The Tech, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford U.   



"I cannot always choose what happens to me, but I can always choose what happens in me." 


~John Maxwell




If you're extremely busy; or don't understand the impact your Attitude is having on your career/life; or typically avoid facing 'your own worst enemy', the following can be seen as a hefty self-study. As such, it is set-up so you can access it in a way that suits you. Dive in and do it in one sitting, cherry-pick it, or complete a short section; forward it to your personal email and do the above during a coffee or lunch break; print it off for the week-end; or bypass it altogether and select an article/book from the recommended reading list at the end.   

(Adapted from the Common Outlook Business/People Change program)

A.  Getting Ready For Work

TIP: Attitudes are present in inner monologues.

Chose and respond to declaration 1. or 2.
1. As I think about the day, I encourage myself by imagining events in which I........
a) My encouragement is weakened when I........

2. I discourage myself by imagining problems/situations that pull me down.
a) Those projections affect my mood and therefore my health by........

B.  At Work

The effect of reactions and responses on Attitude

1. The impact of corporate culture
* My organization's Mission Statement and underlying culture: __are aligned __are not aligned.
* If not, what would I say is at the heart of the culture?
* Does what I say and do improve or tear-down the culture? If it tears down the culture, how could I change my actions to improve the culture?


Peter Hiddema


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