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November 2012 - Issue # 12-10


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At the beginning of our three-part series on Collaboration - this November issue being the last - you learned about the role status plays in creating, or not creating, a collaborative cohesive team. And in October's article, you were privy to team members from other countries 'talking' about the cultural forces driving their behaviours. By the way, if you haven't had time yet to 'hear' that conversation, link into it now.


This article looks at the personal barriers to Collaboration that brought down a former CEO of RIM, and the "best of the bad lot" who ran the T. Eaton Co. It's possible you also have - or are a boss or Leader who has - barriers preventing Collaboration. If you can't identify them, but suspect your behaviour is not quite up to snuff, use the example chart at the bottom to link them. Or, as we often see ourselves in the behaviour of others, take a close look at the people who irk you. In either case, discoveries await.


Collaboration roads are not always easy to travel ... hostile feelings can rankle long after a miserable discussion or project is finished. That's not necessarily bad; in fact, it signifies the people involved-even if they never see one another again, are keeping it current to find their part in it; to find inner resolution. Sometimes that takes a lifetime; sometimes things fall apart; sometimes we have to lose all we value, but the moment we figure it out, we know the travails were worth it.




Overconfident arrogant leaders believe in themselves no matter what; and will lead an organization up the mountain...and right off the cliff.  Confident leaders doubt, change their minds, take different paths.  Believing in themselves and others, they step back and encourage that brand of leadership in others.  

~ Sonia Simone



"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. "

~ Vince Lombardi


"Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable."

~ Kenyan Proverb


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In December, we're hosting "Celebrations Around the World". Venue: here. Dress: Business Casual (and work-at-home jammies.)


In late October our Founder, Peter Hiddema, attended a Memorial Service at Harvard University for his mentor and friend, Roger Fisher, pioneer in our field. Read about it here. 


Violence-surprisingly-has declined significantly since biblical times.  Read about it.


Read our Founder's reflections on Remembrance Day.


Leaders: Smashing Into Barriers


Ready for a collaboration discovery? We'll preamble for a bit while you clear some space for it, which means setting aside any secret superiority felt or pride taken in being a Leader, and gently elbowing away any deference you show others who have more important titles, wealth, acclaim or intellect. When you reach that great levelling place-that sense we're all just people, consider the following. Without exception and on an on-going basis, each of us are challenged by, and must deal with the personal barriers separating us from our finest selves, our deep-seated collaborative natures and best ways of leading others.


Until we deal with the barrier (by looking at our poor behaviours), we'll continue taking the same path; smash into the same obstacles; suffer the loss of this or that job, promotion, bonus, plus the affinity and respect of colleagues ... and if our behaviour makes headlines, the loss of the larger audience. Sometimes, it takes time to realize we, rather than others, are causing the pain. 


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