6th Grade Option Coming Fall of 2016  

Dear Trinity Community,

As many of you know, we have been exploring the possibility of adding a 6th grade option at Trinity School at River Ridge for several years now.

As most of the school systems in the Twin Cities have moved their grammar school model from K-6 to K-5 and begun shifting their junior high programs to 6th-8th grade, many of our current and prospective parents who want their children to attend Trinity School have found themselves trapped with a "gap year" between their children's grammar school experience and Trinity School's 7th grade entry point. 

This has left parents with a choice between several options: enrolling their children in another school for one year only, considering grade advancement directly into Trinity, or homeschooling for a year. Of course, for some parents each of these options has downsides.

I am excited to announce that after giving careful consideration to the problem, the board of Trinity Schools, Inc. has approved a proposal to add a 6th grade option at Trinity School at River Ridge, beginning in the fall of 2016.
We believe this will be an attractive option for many parents who find themselves facing such a "gap year." We think it will also allow us to do some things at the sixth grade level that will help students in preparation for our 7th-12th grade program, which will remain intact as is.

The sixth grade program will focus on developing a sense of wonder and depth of inquiry, making sure students are adequately prepared for mathematics, developing good study skills, and providing a strong head start to the Trinity School program in areas like grammar, reading, history, and the arts.

We will also for the first time be able to cover some subject areas like World Geography, World Mythology, Keyboarding and Minnesota History -- subjects that are valuable in and of themselves but for one reason or another have not been a part of Trinity School's traditional 7th-12th grade program.

There is nothing about the 6th grade program, however, that will disrupt a traditional 7th grade entry.

Please pass this information on to parents you know who might be interested. We are excited about this prospect and looking forward to welcoming our first official 6th grade class in August! 

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Mr. Jon Balsbaugh
Trinity School at River Ridge