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2016 Change Leader Forum, June 13-16, 2016, Broomfield, CO
2015 Change Leader Forum a Huge Success
Over 200 change leaders from engineering colleges, corporations, non-profit and government organizations engaged in focused conversations, flash talks, workshops, panels and networking about culture, change and inclusion in engineering.

"This was a great conference! I...have returned to work re-energized, and with lots of ideas! Thanks!"

"...the best thing was the amazing networking. It was easier here than I have ever seen at a conference and everyone is willing to talk to you...Really great! I've met a lot of people..to collaborate with in the future!"
Powerful Conversation: Putting Faces to the Statistics: Experiences and Strategies for Retaining Women of Color in STEM
From left to right: Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves, Violetta Garcia, Kelly Mack, Carmen Sibury
Not Pictured: Stephanie Adams

Drs. Stephanie Adams and Carmen Sidbury, joined by Drs. Violetta Garcia, Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves and Kelly Mack, led a frank and powerful discussion about issues that pertain specifically to women of color in STEM. The dialogue inspired Forum participants think about ways they can work together to identify and address the special challenges that face women students and faculty of color in STEM. Plans are already being made to continue this dialogue at the 2016 Change Leader Forum.
Culture Rock Stars Share Cultural Factors that Affect Inclusion Engineering

Drs. Hazel Rose Markus and Alana Conner, leading thinkers and researchers on culture as it relates to diversity and inclusion shared their book CLASH! and their fascinating work on interdependent-independent cultural styles. Their review of how culture influences people and organizations pressed Forum participants to take a closer look at the many cultural factors that can affect inclusive cultures in engineering.

What Do Rockwell Automation and Harley Davidson Have in Common?
They Measure Culture Using the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks Tool (GDIB)

Dr. Joan Buccigrossi and her colleague Tchernavia Rocker shared how Rockwell Automation and Harley Davidson have utilized the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks tool (GDIB) to make noteworthy advancements in their diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Attendees learned about this important system of 13 benchmarks for inclusion and diversity.

Stunning History Revealed: Women Enter Engineering, Pre- and Post- World War II

Dr. Amy Sue Bix presented a stunning synopsis of her book, Girls Coming to Tech!:  A History of American Engineering Education for Women. Bix analyzed the story of women gaining entrance to the male field of engineering in American higher education, looking at individual experiences and institutional evolution. Her high-impact presentation revealed the history of female engineering students before and during World War II, and highlighted resistance to women engineering students in case studies of post-

war engineering coeducation at Georgia Tech, Caltech, and MIT.

WEPAN Award Winners Recognized for Excellence 
WEPAN Awards honor key individuals, programs, and corporations for accomplishments that underscore WEPAN's mission. Read about those recognized for extraordinary service, significant achievement, model programs, and work environments that support the full inclusion of women in engineering here
Insights on Achieving Sustained Inclusion in Engineering Higher Education 
Dr. Teri Reed, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Texas A&M University, offered her insights on what it will take to achieve sustained inclusive environments: repeated, collaborative and creative endeavors among those in the classroom, department, college, university and workplaces.   
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For making the WEPAN 2015 Change Leader Forum a tremendous success!

Back Row from left to right: Meltem Erol, Jennifer Groh, La'Tonia Stiner-Jones, Judy Cordes, Lora Leigh Chrystal Front Row from left to right: Veronica Arreola, Sarah Whetsell, Laura Bistrek, Sandy Christlieb, Ana Dison, Sheila Ross. Not pictured: Bria Barry, Stephanie Berry, Mary Fitzpatrick, Elena Gearheart, Ann Gordon-Ross, Abby Hickman, Cathryne Jordan, Taylor Shire, Cindy Simpson.