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Male Allies Moving the Gender Equity Needle
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Collaborations that include men offer distinct benefits in efforts to achieve gender equity. In the past six years FORWARD, through its NSF Institutional Transformation ADVANCE project, has developed and implemented an Advocates and Allies program for male faculty, designed to augment its goals to transform the climate of the institution and increase participation of women faculty.


This program is composed of FORWARD Advocates, male faculty who educate themselves about issues of gender equality, and Allies, male faculty whom the Advocates train as proponents for gender equity in their departments. FORWARD Advocates are men who have a record of supporting women in their department, colleges, and the university. FORWARD Advocates and Allies are expected to be active and effective proponents of gender diversity and equality specifically in terms of increasing the number of women faculty, encouraging the hiring and promotion of women faculty in administrative positions, and ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of women within their units.

Our Presenters 
Dr. Canan Bilen-Green
is Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Dale Hogoboom Professor and Interim Chair of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department at North Dakota State University. As director and lead investigator of the NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation project, Dr. Bilen-Green has guided North Dakota State University toward positive climate change and gender equity for women in academic careers with a particular focus on women in science and engineering. She has been actively involved since 2002 in the NDSU effort (known as FORWARD) to advance women faculty.
Dr. Thomas Stone Carlson is a professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at North Dakota State University and serves as the program coordinator of the Couple and Family Therapy Doctoral Program. Dr. Stone Carlson has been involved in diversity related training efforts at NDSU since 2000 and has been a NDSU FORWARD Advocate since 2008. He regularly offers ally trainings to help male faculty become better partners for gender equity in academia at NDSU and universities across the United States.    
Dr. Roger Green is currently an associate professor with the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at North Dakota State University, where he teaches courses and conducts research in signal processing. Since its inception in 2008, Dr. Green has been an active member of the NDSU Advance FORWARD Advocates, a group of male faculty dedicated to effecting departmental and institutional change in support of gender equality. As part of this group, he regularly trains men, at NDSU and other institutions, to better serve as gender equity allies.

Dr. Christi McGeorge

is an associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. She has been active with the North Dakota State University FORWARD (Focus on Resources for Women's Advancement, Recruitment/Retention, and Development) Advance Team since 2003. McGeorge serves as the internal evaluator for the ADVANCE FORWARD project, provides new faculty climate training, and serves on the project's steering committee. 

April 16, 2014 
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WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network) is excited to convene the 2014 Change Leader Forum: Engineering a Culture that Drives Innovation. It is imperative that we transform engineering culture to recognize, value, engage and leverage difference to support advanced innovation and business performance.

At WEPAN's Forum, leading experts in culture change will open a crucial national dialogue about the impact of culture on engaging and retaining diverse communities of women in engineering-both in education and the workforce. WEPAN invites its members and other change leader communities to submit proposals on best practices and initiatives to advance culture in engineering.

WEPAN is championing a purposeful rebuilding of the culture in engineering education and the engineering workplace. Research suggests that substantial culture change in engineering will require a broader spectrum of partners working at multiple levels.  Consequently, the Forum will be organized around the  Framework for Promoting Gender Equity in Organizations which describes the four ways (prepare women, create equal opportunity, value difference, re-envision work culture) that organizations can promote gender equity.  As the four Frames progress, they become more focused on the complexities of organizational cultures and take into account a greater number of factors.
Recognizing Excellence
WEPAN Awards honor key individuals, programs, and corporations for accomplishments that underscore WEPAN's mission. They are presented each year at the annual conference for extraordinary service, significant achievement, model programs, and work environments that support the career success of women engineers.

Deadline for nominations April 8th!

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