Issue No. 40                                                                        September 2015
A Message from Chief Janssens on 
Wildfire Safety

Dear Community Members,

Our wildland environment, though beautiful, creates significant fire hazards that threatens lives and property in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).  

You potentially live in a Wildfire Hazard Zone without knowing it. Check this map to see if your residence is in a Hazard Zone

Studies show that as many as 80% of the homes lost to wildland fires could have been saved if their owners had only followed a few, simple, fire-safe practices.  

Our Ready, Set, Go! Action Guide, which provides the tips and tools you need to prepare, is available to help you. Some quick tips: 

Ready! Be Ready. Prepare for the fire threat by creating defensible space around your home, assembling emergency supplies, and planning evacuation routes.

Set! Situational Awareness. As a fire approaches, stay alert and know how to receive the latest news and information on the fire from local media, your local fire department and public safety agencies. Pack your emergency items and prepare to evacuate if necessary.

Go! Act Early. By leaving early, you have the best chance of surviving a wildland fire. You also support firefighting efforts by keeping the area and roads clear of congestion, which allows firefighters to best maneuver resources to combat the fire. 

We urge residents in the WUI to prepare for a wildland fire threat by following the simple steps provided in the Ready, Set, Go! Action Guide available at your local fire station or for download here

It is not a question of IF, but WHEN, the next major wildland fire will occur. Advance planning and preparation are our best defense. I appreciate your efforts in creating a safer WUI environment for you, your family, and firefighters. 


Erin Janssens
Fire Chief
Portland Fire & Rescue
Donate Blood In Memory of 
Those Lost on September 11th  

Portland Fire & Rescue wants to invite you to this year's annual September 11th Memorial Blood Drive at Station 1, Portland Fire & Rescue's headquarters, 7am-6pm.
PF&R kicked off the blood drive last year because we wanted to offer an avenue of action for those marking this solemn day that has deep significance. 

This event is open to all who can give and is hosted by PF&R and the Red Cross.

Friday, Sept 11

Station 1, PF&R's headquarters, at 55 SW Ash, 7 am to 6 pm
Fire Commissioner Dan Saltzman encourages all who are able to sign up to donate. "September 11th showed us that we must always be ready for the unimaginable. Our first responders train to face worst case scenarios such as we saw on that tragic day in 2001 and their bravery cannot be overstated," he says. "We as a community can also train for worst case scenarios and making sure we have plenty of life saving blood on hand is one way we can prepare. Please sign up to give blood on September 11th at Station 1." 

Blood is needed for a variety of reasons. Accident and burn victims, heart surgery patients, organ transplant patients, and those receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease may all need blood. The need for blood is constant and volunteer donors are the only source of blood for those in need of transfusions.
Please help if you are able. Use the sponsor code PortlandFire and sign up here. Or if you prefer, call our front desk at 823-3700 and someone can help you register.
Portland Timbers Host 2nd Annual
Fire vs Police Soccer Match
September 12, 2015

Join us at 11:00 on September 12th for the second annual charity soccer match between Portland Fire and Police. The event is sponsored by the Portland Timbers and will be held at Providence Park. 

Proceeds will benefit Toy & Joy and The Sunshine Division. 
Support the Portland Firefighter 
Stairclimb Against Cystic Fibrosis

Join hundreds of firefighters from across the country and around the world on September 27, 2015 for the 7th Annual Portland Firefighter Stairclimb.

The challenge is a competitive race up 40 floors and 800 steps of the U.S. Bancorp Tower. Firefighters will be outfitted in over 70 lbs. of full "Combat Gear" including self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) commonly used in the line of duty. Racers will compete for individual titles in both men and women categories.
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About PF&R

Portland's fire service history began in the spring of 1851, with the founding of the Pioneer Engine Company, the same year the City of Portland was officially incorporated. No more than a bucket brigade, it was a volunteer force of 37 fire fighters wearing red shirts with a single hand pump.
Today, Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) is the largest fire and emergency services provider in the State of Oregon with 725 employees and serves a population of 610,000. In 2013, PF&R responded to 70,386 emergency incidents.
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