November 2, 2014
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Just last week, a group of courageous pastors and Christian leaders stood on the steps of the Michigan state capital and proclaimed their faith in Christ and their determination to honor biblically grounded moral principles. Out front, in the open, and with cameras rolling, they announced their willingness to be jailed for standing firm in opposition to an amendment to the state's constitution that would include same sex marriage as a civil right. But it wasn't just what they were standing against, it's that the gospel itself was proclaimed with such beauty, clarity, and power.

Their stand is in marked contrast to recent events and pronouncements by Christian leaders here in Sacramento - their readiness to either play down the egregious nature of  homosexuality or, at the very least, to give the appearance that same sex marriage is a debatable issue. (Press here for additional information.)

I strongly encourage you to watch the video over on the right - and take a good look at what real courage looks and feels like - and what its cost might well entail in the months and years that lie ahead.

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Compare the stand taken here in Michigan to the compromises being made in Sacramento
Pastors Against Amending Michigan's Elliott-Larson Act Press Conference Oct 22 2014
Pastors willing to go to jail for their faith
Pastors and Christian Leaders against amending Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation, gender identity, or other similar designations. On the footsteps of the Michigan Capital Building, October 22, 2014.
What these pastors know that many Sacramento pastors and Christian leaders seem to be forgetting is that the gospel message is all about sin - both deliverance from its penalty and from its power. Whenever the gospel message plays down the abhorrent nature of sin and its terrifying consequences, the gospel loses both its meaning and its power.
Topics to be taken up at our
November 21st and 22nd Conference
  • Are these indeed the Last Days?
  • What are the specific events that will herald the approach of the Last Days? Does the Bible really spell them out?
  • What is the spiritual significance of Israel? What role is she called upon to play in the Last Days?
  • How can I know for sure that Israel - this Israel - is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy - and is not simply a fluke of history?
  • Does the Bible really tell us that the Jews will return to Israel in unbelief?
  • How can I use prophecy to reach the unsaved and bring them to Christ?
  • What does the Bible have to say about apostasy in the Last Days?
  • Does the Bible call upon the church to engage in social, cultural, and political reformation?
  • Do adherents of the Christian and Islamic faiths worship the same God - as we're being told by so many of today's evangelical leaders?
  • Why are so many Christian pastors emphasizing what the Christian and Islamic faiths share in common when it's what they don't share in common that is of such eternal importance?
  • Why are so many church leaders redefining sin and playing down its consequences; e.g., homosexuality?
  • Why has the church lapsed into silence regarding these questions?