Building a city that looks like
heaven on earth

A conference that will eventually leave believers disappointed and ill prepared to face the times ahead

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A group composed of many of Sacramento's most notable Christian leaders has scheduled a revival conference for October 25th. The name chosen for the conference is "Leading in These Times 2014." Its stated purpose is to turn Sacramento into a "city that looks like heaven." Among the pastors promoting the conference and listed as speakers are...  
  • Rick Cole of Capital Christian Center;
  • Lance Hahn of Bridgeway Christian Church;
  • Doug Bird of Abundant Life Fellowship;
  • Greg Farrington of Destiny Christian Church;
  • Scott Hagan of Real Life Church;
  • John Jackson, President of William Jessup University; and
  • Francis Anfuso of The Rock of Roseville.
The front and back covers of a flyer publicizing the conference are shown to the right. On the back of the front page is a headline that reads...


It's ostensibly taken from the Lord's Prayer in Matthew Chapter Six, "May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." But it's torn from context and neglects the many prophetic passages that spell out exactly when and how God intends to "bring heaven to earth" ...
  • only after the Tribulation and the return of Christ;
  • only after a series of horrific events reflecting God's judgment on a world that has rebelled against him;
  • only after believers have endured unmitigated hostility and persecution.
It should therefore surprise no one that prophecy is not listed among the many topics to be taken up during the conference. The prophetic scriptures are completely ignored - and at a time when the signs heralding the approach of the Tribulation are being broadcast each day on every news outlet - not only in this country but throughout the world: the restoration of the state of Israel in 1948; the capture of Jerusalem in 1967; a moral collapse that's occurring throughout the world and is undergirded by a post-modern mindset that legitimizes it; a social and political polarization that's unprecedented and that's leading to a level of dissension and conflict impervious to all attempts at reducing it; the ever quickening loss of civil liberties; the rise of anti-semitism not just in the Middle East, but most especially in Europe and even here in America; hatred of Israel - her alienation from the world community of nations; the ever mounting threat of a global economic collapse. And now, with the ebola plague spreading in West Africa, even the hint of a world-wide epidemic. It's hard to fathom how a conference geared toward revival could possibly overlook all these events - events plainly underscored in the prophetic scriptures. Christian leaders seem bent on ignoring them - when, in point of fact, the unsaved aren't ignoring them and want desperately to know what it all means. Here we have a foundation upon which to build a genuine and powerful revival, but it's being completely overlooked. Overlooked by pastors who don't want to rock the boat - who are fearful of broaching troubling issues!
Are these the men and the topics promising revival in Sacramento?

Instead of warning believers to "gird up their loins" and expect misunderstanding and distrust when the gospel is proclaimed, Christian pastors are leading their congregants to think the gospel will be openly embraced. And, yes, it might not encounter much opposition ...
  • if the gospel is watered down to the point that it amounts to little more than "building bridges of love and understanding;" 
  • if it amounts to little more than constructing shelters for the homeless; planting community gardens in neglected neighborhoods; stocking food closets for the hungry; and coaching soccer teams;
  • if it fails to warn the unsaved that only faith in Christ will save them from eternal damnation;
  • if it doesn't warn the unsaved that there is no other name given under heaven that promises eternal life - that all other faiths are false;
  • if it plays down the horrifying nature of sin and the need to overcome its power - and instead seeks to forge an accommodation with sins the unsaved refuse to give up - especially the sin of homosexuality - the toleration of which has become pretty much the lynch pin of politically correct behavior here in America;
  • if pastors refuse to deny fellowship to anyone who insists that the church embrace him notwithstanding his continuing sinful behavior. 
Just recently I attended the funeral of Sean Trank, a staff worker for Jews for Jesus and who for more than ten years attended the congregation I pastored here in Sacramento. While there, I spoke briefly with David Brickner, the head of Jews for Jesus - who complained ruefully that "mercy missions" are replacing the straight-on gospel message for more and more churches throughout America - and all because proclaiming a straight-on, no-holds-barred gospel message exposes believers to a level of animosity unknown thirty and forty years ago - and ever more so with each passing year.

No, promising believers that they can proclaim the gospel without encountering hostility - especially on the part of civic leaders; promising them that the church can bring heaven to earth before the Tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ - it's all setting up believers to be bitterly disappointed and terribly ill prepared for what lies ahead.

Now more than ever we need prophets to take over the helm of the church - prophets who, like Jeremiah, will warn us ...

If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you,
how then will you contend with horses?
And if in a land of peace, in which you've trusted, you have become worn out, how will you do when the flood comes?