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Marcus Lemonis:
Marcus Lemonis: "I'm Shocked by the Fact 
They Don't Know the Numbers'
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Many American entrepreneurs have been watching Marcus Lemonis, "The PROFIT" on CNBC these past three years. During this TRUE reality show, Marcus invests in small and lower middle market businesses, and proceeds to turn them around, and helps drive growth.

Over these three years, Marcus repeats several key phrases- "People Process Product", "I am 100% in charge" and of course, our favorite- "You've GOT to know your numbers!"

Marcus presented twice during the Inc. 5000 Conference; Shelly and Brett were able to get a conversation with him after a session. They discussed kids, Omaha and where to find great off the rack sport coats!
Pictured at the event:
Marcus Lemonis, Shelly Ruwe, Brett Frevert

CFO Capital is pleased to announce that ePAR, LLC has secured $4.2 million in convertible note financing in February 2016 to support the growth of the company's ATS Secured platform. The terms of financing and the identities of the investors were not disclosed. This round follows a $3 million private placement completed in July 2015. 

**Client Spotlight**

Brickway Brewery Nebraska brewer offers 'Beer Amnesty' to trade in bad brews

 - The Washington Times - Sunday, March 13, 2016
Its nickname is the Cornhusker State, so perhaps it was little wonder - and a matter of time - before someone took the opportunity to utilize the state's most famous crop to return distilling to Nebraska. Craft brewer and distiller Zac Triemert of Brickway Brewery & Distillery in Omaha has done precisely that.
Mr. Triemert is but one sailor on the ongoing voyage of craft beer's attempts to dent the market share of the Big Three. But Mr. Triemert decided to take it one step further and return distilling to a state where it had effectively been banned since Prohibition.
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Human Resources
"What Managers Need to Know About HIPAA"

50 Inspirational Motivational Quotes to 
Boost Your Confidence and Self-Belief

Some people don't need motivational quotes. Some people don't need inspirational quotes. Some people seem to naturally believe in themselves. (Here's how you can tell if someone is genuinely confident.)
It's like they were born confident.
The rest of us? We're not as confident as we'd like to be--especially in challenging or stressful moments when we most need to believe in ourselves.
Fortunately for us, self-confidence is a quality we can develop. Anyone--even me--can be more confident.
Unfortunately for us, building self-confidence also takes time. That's why these motivational quotes can help inspire you when you need a quick burst of confidence and self-assurance:

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