CFO Systems,LLC Welcomes New Director

Kevin Robinson works with small to medium-sized businesses of all types,providing budget and forecasting assistance, managerial accounting, fixed asset utilization analysis, preparation of business plans and loan applications, and technical support of databases and enterprise systems. Kevin's experience with a variety of common and proprietary software allows him to operate efficiently in many technical environments and to assist with setting up integrated accounting functions within new systems or in better utilizing legacy systems. 

Kevin holds two business administration degrees with a strong focus on finance. He has applied his knowledge and skills in senior management positions with established companies and in diverse project management as a consultant. With direct experience in operations, Kevin brings a great understanding of how financial and accounting data relate to real-world business functions, allowing him to make better recommendations on the trends, warnings, and "what-ifs" that can be revealed in spreadsheets and ledgers.



**Client Spotlight**
Burwell family ranch produces
Wagyu beef for global clients
BURWELL, Neb. -The audible sound of dozens upon dozens of cattle makes it easy to see, it's lunchtime on the Morgan Ranch. At least, for the cows.Dan Morgan spent much of his life here, just outside Burwell, Nebraska. He represents one of four generations of the Morgan family working on the ranch. 
But here in the heart of the Sandhills, there's a beef renaissance afoot."It's wah-g-you," Morgan says, explaining the pronunciation of a word he knows well, "It's a little Japanese."
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Oregon Trail Equipment Merges With
Landmark Implement

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As seasons change, so do we! Each season brings new beginnings and a clean slate. It's amazing that the weather can have such a huge impact on our lives but the weather can influence our attitude. So this spring, ditch your brrr -titude and embrace the sunny skies and spring forward with a positive outlook to take you into summer.

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CFO Systems, LLC welcomes a new Director
Burwell ranch produces Wagyu beef
Oregon Trail/Landmark Merger
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