February 2016
GCAAR Forms Update
Real estate forms are one of the most important benefits of your GCAAR membership.  GCAAR's Forms Committee is committed to ensuring our forms are not only technically accurate, but easy to use.

Effective February 1, 2016, there are a number of new and revised forms.  Some of the most substantial changes include:

GCAAR Form 907A, "Lead Paint - Federal Disclosure...SALES" and GCAAR Form 907B, "Lead Paint - Federal Disclosure...RENTALS"
*    The form was separated into two forms, "907A" & "907B" - SALES and RENTALS.

GCAAR Form #910, "Listing Agreement for Improved Real Property and Co-operatives"
*    The word 'sub-agent' was replaced with the words 'non-assigned agent' and the section 'Existing Liens/Encumbrances' was reorganized.  

GCAAR Form #1309, "Post Settlement Occupancy Addendum"
*    Changed from an "Agreement" to an "Addendum." 
*    "Risk of Loss" was revised to include indemnity for the Buyer.

GCAAR Form #1314, "DC Tenancy Addendum"
*    Modifications were made to provide a more realistic understanding of the need to conform to underwriting requirements.
*    The definition of "Tenant" was amended to comport to the recently revised definition contained in the "DC Jurisdictional Addendum."  References were added to show that proof of mailings will be required.  Specific TOPA related form references were added.

Technical changes & editorial updates also were made to the following forms:

GCAAR Form #909, "Montgomery County Jurisdictional Addendum to the Listing Agreement
GCAAR Form #914, "Seller's Estimated Costs Worksheet"
GCAAR Form #1357, "City of Takoma Park Disclosures"
GCAAR From #1361, "Agricultural Zone Disclosure"

Access all of the new and revised forms, along with detailed explanations of the changes, at gcaar.com.
The forms are also available on ZipForms, which you can access here.
Have questions?  Contact GCAAR's Legal Hotline.  
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