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November, 2015
- In this edition we have added new online features including satellite view for the map and wide variable speed error warning to the analysis section. 
Satellite map view -
We have expanded the printed map page to show the reference maps larger on a dedicated page. You now have the option to choose between the default street view or a satellite view. To make this selection, go into settings and configure your printed reports.

Here is the new satellite map view....
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 Wide Varying Speed Warning - We added a warning for curve passes that have test speeds which vary by more than 15%. As a reminder, the test speed can be collected at any speed. However, to minimize acceleration errors, it is important to drive at a constant speed throughout the curve (slow a smooth). You will now be alerted to any pass where the highest and lowest test speed used for the collection vary by more than 15%. Learn More
Bulk Export Options - You can now export all of your data. You will see a new tab called 'Data Export Options'. Under this tab you can choose to Export your data into text files with comma separated data (.CSV), or as the printed PDF reports.   In either case, the export may take from 10-30 minutes depending on how much data you have collected and stored. If you close the browser before the export has completed, you can come back at a later time and see the list of data exported over the past week. All the data will be compressed onto a single .zip file for you to copy. In the case of the PDF repository, the files will be organized by corridor name. Learn More
Coming Soon...
Look for additional export options, such as date filtering, and corridor filtering, over the few releases! 
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