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April 11, 2015
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Announcement from the Rector

The Rev. John Kitagawa On Saturday, 11 April 2015, the Vestry and program staff met for what was originally billed as a time for working on strategic mission priorities and goals. This remains the agenda, but with a significant twist because I informed them of my decision to retire on 1 August 2015. I did not come to this decision easily or quickly. Being in ministry as Rector of St. Philip's Parish has been wonderfully challenging and fulfilling. I have grown and matured as priest and person while in community with you. I want to thank Alison Lee, Senior Warden, and Herb Burton, Junior Warden, for keeping confidentiality, and for their great care and support these past several months. St. Philip's is very fortunate to have these competent, dedicated and faithful leaders for the transition.


I think it was in my first Annual Meeting report that I said I wanted to be a "leader of leaders." I believe this has been achieved. As I look at any gathering of St. Philippians, I see many leaders, past, present, and yet to be tapped. I have been blessed to find so many lay leaders and staff members with whom to collaborate, to develop vision, and to implement good, creative, and life transforming ministries. In my view, St. Philip's is in a strong position -- spiritually, missionally, and financially. A new Rector will have the opportunity to build on this foundation and lead the parish to touch and transform even more lives within the parish community, and in the wider Tucson community.


I feel good about what we have accomplished, and that the parish's future is bright. But, in my own life, it is time for less stress, more leisure, and new opportunities to read and write. As I adjust to a new pace of life, Kathy will continue her independent consulting practice. And, for a couple of years, being President of the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity Tucson will call upon my energy, creativity, and time.


Bishop Smith will meet with the Vestry on Wednesday, 15 April 2015, and Canon Megan Traquair will meet with the Vestry and program staff on Saturday, 25 April 2015, to begin work on the transition process. The Wardens are committed to communicating with you and the parish every step of the way.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for fourteen years of blessings.  



John E. Kitagawa

NOTE: This announcement will be made at all services on Sunday, April 12 (tomorrow)