"Hike For Healing..."



Why We're Doing This...



On October 10th, 2013 Deborah Tilden (ARIN Recovery Ambassador for Oregon) will hike from the Lovejoy abortion clinic in Portland Oregon to the NW Memorial for the Unborn. She knows that not everyone will understand WHY she's doing this.   


You see thirty-three years ago, on October 10th, 1980 Deb's life was profoundly changed as she made the decision to end the life of her unborn daughter. No one told her then about abortion's aftermath and trauma. She, like thousands of other women, men and families, were young, naive, scared and lied to!  


So, Deb's walking a 23 mile route from Portland to Newberg to honor the life of her daughter, Guinevere Rose, on Thursday, October 10th - rain or shine! She's praying for sunshine!  She encourages you to join her team either through financial support or by coming and "hiking" with her all or part of her 23 miles.  You can click this link to learn more about Team Tilden.



Sandy Arena'
s family has lost so much from abortion. Each of them have been profoundly impacted as parents and as siblings. ARIN assisted Sandy personally, as well as professionally and now she Dances for Healing while traveling around the United States.

Sandy (now ARIN Recovery Ambassador for New York)has a God-given gift in HER feet! She's a dancer! And a heck of a good one! Sandy shares a message of life to the next generation and a message of hope and healing to those who suffer through her Life Ballet. These amazing shows are dedicated to the unborn children in Heaven, including her own: Sarah, Dean and Solomon.  
You can join Sandy's Dance for Healing Team on Friday, November 22nd at her dance studios in Rochester, New York. Click this link for more information on the Dance for Healing Team!



We've Hiked In Their Shoes...  


My mother was Native American. She had this Indian Prayer posted in our home my entire life. She "lived" it and expected us to do so as well!

Abortion Recovery InterNational was founded with one thought in mind:


            To help those impacted by abortion!


Christine Jackman and I had both been traumatized by our own "choices". We personally knew the pain of those hurting.


            We HAD walked a mile in their moccasins!

Ten years later, we continue to be honored to walk alongside the men, women and families who have been impacted emotionally, psychologically and spiritually by abortion.


Holding the hands of these precious individuals, as they walk their healing journey, is truly a blessing for each of us! And believe me when I say the process can seem like "quite the hike" for those approaching their recovery! Witnessing our clients' renewed faith in the Father, their reconciliation with family and restored relationships is beyond words of explanation. 


            What a better way to promote healing than to "hike" in honor of all the                 unborn children not here to "take a step" themselves?! 


Here's How You Can Participate!



1) You can support Deb or Sandy's teams, or any of the other Ambassador/State teams already               established!  The winning H4H Team Leader wins an iPad Mini :)
    Click here: Hike for Healing! (Simply click the "Team" tab to see the teams developing)!


2) You might consider starting your own team. The "more the merrier" as Mom used to say! 
    Consider, like we said above, the winning team leader wins an iPad Mini!  
    Start your H4H Team here and truly walk alongside us:  H4H Sign-Up  
3) Not the "hiking" type?  You can still "partner-up" by donating financially to support one of the             teams already established. Pick a team and donate through their H4H page.
    Simply click the navy blue GIVE NOW button to the right of the page.
4) Don't wish to mess with picking a team? (Fantasy Football is enough!)
    Donate through our generic donation page and insert amount in the appropriate box: 

Wondering Where To Hike?  

You could "hike" to the water cooler if you can't get away from the office. Or maybe your weekends are free, in which case you could "hike" up the local park trail.

You might consider gathering a group of friends or work associates and take a "
Hike for Healing" as a group! Grab the family late one afternoon and "hike" around your neighborhood. Maybe your church would like to "Hike for Healing" in your community.

This is a team focused fundraiser, customized by YOU. You get to choose the who, when, where and how. (We chose the why!) It doesn't matter where you hike, or even if you put on your shoes. In California, barefoot on the beach is our favorite option... 

What does matters is that you are helping to heal the broken heart of a woman who chose abortion. You're assisting to fill the hole in the life of a father who didn't have a voice. You are aiding to ease the pain of grandparents who begged their daughter to choose "life", but didn't! And you are sending heartfelt love to the sibling who desperately misses the younger brother/sister they never got to meet.


Your financial support provides ARIN the opportunity to train-up Abortion Recovery Counselors who will minister to those wounded. Requests for after-abortion assistance increase annually. Abortion Recovery InterNational received over 40,000 requests for help in 2012 and by the end of 2013, we project over 50,000 individuals will have reached out to us. The ripple effect of abortion is world wide. How awesome is God's forgiveness and grace! 

We can not possibly do this Kingdom Assignment without you! Please join us in our "Hike for Healing". We're more than happy to help you... help us... help them!    


Thank you in advance for your ongoing support. 



Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner

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Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. is the first and only Affiliate association/network helping to restore lives and relationships after reproductive loss by abortion.   

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