"Love Equally"... Starts HERE People... In The Womb!






I've been up all night thinking about this "equality" thing. Yesterday and today being two days in which the Supreme Court are rehashing California's Prop 8! Red equal signs have covered the social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, etc. proclaiming a solidarity in promoting marriage equality. The "pause sign" you see below is just the equal sign I turned on it's edge, to make a point!

Let me begin by stating that I TOTALLY BELIEVE that God designed, defined and created marriage. It is a part of my faith ... which is at the core of my being. I vote accordingly and preach accordingly!

Yet, at the same time, I have dozens of gay friends, some married, who I adore and respect their desire for legal equality.
Pause to Pray!

This position, of loving them, but loving my Lord first, often puts me in "pause-mode"! I constantly have to remind myself to pause and pray before dialoguing!



I grew up with a Native American grandfather who used to tell me stories of how the white people took AWAY the rights of Papa's "people" (meaning Native American Indians)! 

I watched the news and heard countless African American's share their stories of rejection and segregation.

I run an international ministry which supports the emotional needs of individuals and families impacted by abortion. Abortion, where the RIGHTS of the unborn (over 115,000) are TAKEN AWAY each day by the people who should love them the most (their parents)! And then over 65% of those who make an abortion choice end up regretting their decision and suffering the emotional and psychological consequences that often follow.  


How do we, as a society, promote the rights of gay marriage yet deny the rights of the unborn? No offense, but our LIVES are already here! Yet we're terminating the lives of our youngest gay/straight population because they are somehow an "inconvenience"?! Something is wrong with this picture.

I love the Lord and know HE loves each of us, through our sins, whatever those may be. I am a proclaimed sinner! As are each of us reading this email. I chose abortion twice, among many other sins less dramatic. Your sins may be different. I will continue to sin each and everyday, until He takes me Home, because I am flesh!

In the mean time, I want to promote dialogue. I think we need to open up the discussions on some of these "HOT" topics and listen to those who are impacted! Whether the topics be gay marriage, abortion or whatever else. 

How can we help if we are not taking the time to LISTEN? How can we understand the pain of the issue if we're too busy preaching? How can we share the love of Christ, if we can't even start a conversation, with those that might need Him most?! 

Abortion Recovery Awareness Month is right around the corner... start now! Who will you reach out to today? Just pick one person! Just one! In so doing, please humbly remember, that God did gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason!

Stepping down from my soapbox to pause and pray. Our Supreme Court needs their Father, as does my home state of California.

Please Join Us,
Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

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