Don't Crush Them ~ Restore Them...

It Applies to More Than Cars...       

A high school friend of mine has this phrase on his Facebook page:

"Don't Crush Them ~ Restore Them"...
It's in reference to his love of old cars. I've seen the statement dozens of times but never did it have the impact on my heart, as it did today. 
Today, instead of seeing old cars ... hundreds of faces of those who have chosen abortion flashed across my mind.

Individuals who choose abortion, due so for a variety of reasons. I was raped, someone else was molested, another got pregnant during a one night stand. Couples have unplanned pregnancies too "late in life" and babies are diagnosed with genetic challenges. The "reason" we choose abortion may be valid to us at the time... but we all learn, that they were the WRONG REASON
Abortion is a sin! Our "pro-choice" always ends up revealing itself as a POOR-CHOICE
The residue that abortion leaves in it's wake is horrific. There is no other word that describes the emotional HELL that we go through when we realize we've taken the lives of our own children. Nobody CRUSHES us, more than we do ourselves. Unless you've LIVED "AFTER ABORTION GRIEF", you can't possibly comprehend it. Please don't even try!

You see... Abortion Effects Everything! 


Think about it. It does. It impacts our marriages and our most intimate bonds with each other. It sneaks about in our families and with friends. It whispers in our church and murmurs in the body of Christ. It infects our society and infiltrates our schools. It attaches itself to the media and takes over our politics. It's not just a simple word that explains a medical procedure resulting in death. It effects our community in ways that no other topic does.

But it goes deeper than that. We as a society, don't know how to respond. Families are not talking about the subject matter. Not because they don't want to, but because they don't know what to say or how to say it. And many times, parents themselves may be hurting from their own abortion experience. And so the cycle of silent pain continues...their children have abortions and so on, and so on.


The cycle needs to end. We need to stop CRUSHING the hearts of those who chosen abortion and reach out to help them RESTORE their lives. Healing from a decision that leaves huge scars on our families and friends, our church and our communities is possible and necessary. Why? Because abortion separates us from God!


We, at Abortion Recovery InterNational, believe that society deserves a balanced discussion. Our youth should be able to talk about this safely in the privacy of their own homes with their parents. Parents should be able to deliver the facts without the emotional complications of their own post-abortion pain. Pastors should be able to speak about the component of healing and the impact it would have on the body of Christ, without being charged with a "political" stance. Because our Father wants to heal His sons and daughters!


Scripture instructs us to show compassion to others. Compassion will change the heart of our nations. A loving dialogue may lead a couple through recovery and reconcile their marriage. A mother who finally tells her daughter about the pain of her own abortion, may save the lives of her grandchildren. Suicide, drugs or alcohol need not be the answer to the pain of abortion. A repenting soul, forgiving God, loving family and friends, church support ... Those should be the answer.  


Don't Crush Them ~ Restore Them!!


We are so blessed to be able to encourage and extend healing, enlighten society and educate the community. We love our Kingdom Assignment of establishing and equipping a world-wide association of Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts.

In 2012, over 40,000 individuals and families hurting from the pain of abortion reached out to be RESTORED!  Praise God  :)

Thank YOU Affiliates for your continued dedication to this line of ministry.  Thank you Advocates for your continual prayers, generous provisions and pleasant encouragements! It's an honor to work along side of each of you!


Restored by Him,


Stacy Massey
President / Founding Partner



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