CNN Wants Your Post-Abortion Story...


CNN Looks to Hear the Heart of Those Impacted by Abortion!


This will be super short and sweet.  CNN is taking iReports from those impacted by abortion over the last 40 years.  

Here's what the CNN website says:

Forty years ago this year, the Supreme Court decided the historic Roe v. Wade case regarding whether women in the United States are legally permitted to have abortions. The result is that abortion cannot be legally banned, but states can regulate abortion procedures starting at the end of the pregnancy's first trimester.

As much as abortion gets debated politically, rarely do we read stories of women who have chosen to terminate a pregnancy. We want to hear from anyone who has had first-hand experience with abortion. How difficult was the decision? How do you feel about it now? How did it change your life?

We understand that abortion is a sensitive subject, and all submissions will be treated with discretion. You don't have to show yourself on camera. But feel free to write your thoughts, record your voice, or make a video telling us about your story.


Please send your submission by Feb. 15.


Here's the direct link:

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