Welcome to the August 2015 Sire Summary Edition of DIAMONDCuts enews from All-West Select Sires. This issue was designed to save you time by giving you industry updates, bull highlights just prior to new dairy sire summaries and some management information in one quick click of a button!  Enjoy the latest news from All-West!

It Never
Grows Old

Back in the days before social media, proof days were crazy with phones ringing, copy and fax machines running, and offices crowded with people wanting to know the latest numbers. Obviously, as we've evolved and grown more tech savvy, those days are gone and have been replaced by Continue Reading 

August 2015 Proof Prognostications

 When asked to comment on our soon to be graduating class in August, I was a bit reluctant because I believe that every bull that was mentioned in April actually came back to active service!  I make no promises on this group but I can promise you it will be another exciting crop. 

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The Valentino legacy lives

What a crazy summer it has been. While the weather patterns may have caused it to rain too much in some areas and not at all in others, it certainly is comforting to know that Select Sires' Jersey program...   Continue Reading   

Costa-View Farms

Of the 1.8 million cows in California, over 6,000 of them belong to one family whose journey from Portugal to the Central Valley has been a long and rewarding one. 

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Beat the Heat

We've heard it used on everything from water management to fan use, and to be honest, we all know it's summertime and it's hot.  So there's not much more we can do to help our cows through it, right? Continue Reading