Welcome to the Spring Edition of DIAMONDCuts enews from All-West Select Sires.   It's a busy time of year with fieldwork, graduations and more.  It's even busier when you consider all the changes you need to make in management to accommodate the seasonal shift to summer.  This issue was designed to save you time by giving you industry updates, bull highlights and some management information in one quick click of a button!  Enjoy the latest news from All-West!

So What?

So...what difference does a cow family make? Are good bulls just the luck of the genomic draw these days? Is there anything to the whole cow family concept? Are we chasing a dream of developing long-standing, high performing cow families? And most importantly, do they even matter anymore? Continue Reading

The Jersey Revolution

River Valley Farm will be one of the featured farms on tour during the National Convention, visitors will get a first-hand look at the immaculate show barn, as well as the highly efficient robotic milking barns.

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The Impact of 1% Improvement

One percent doesn't seem like a big deal in some measurements. Increasing preg rate by 1% can equate to real dollars in your pocket. These savings can be significant. Paying attention to the details pays off. Continue Reading 


Sire Update


PGA Coordinator Tony DeMello travels throughout All-West territory, not only visiting PGA herds, but riding with classifiers and doing direct sales. With his years of experience in the A.I. industry, we thought it was time to share some of his viewpoints in this issue! Continue Reading


Making Headlines

We've always thought our All-West Select Sires customers were superstars, but now we have even more proof.  This spring, several members made headlines in the news for their accomplishments in breeding and technology Continue Reading


Market update
from Hoards

It's one of the most commonly asked questions - Where are milk prices headed?  Corey Geiger of Hoards' Dairyman gives us some possible answers. After falling over 40 percent from last year's all-time peak, many are wondering.
More factors could push milk prices down. Continue Reading

Introducing the All West Pantry

We now have an  All West Pantry Facebook page. From calf blankets to BioFresh boluses to DTX to Uddermint, we carry a wide variety of products that can help your herd in many "surprise" situations. Continue Reading





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Beat the Heat


During the summer months, milk production drops right along with reproductive efficiency. Cows are less mobile, they get to the bunk less and their dry matter intake decreases. We have a program for Fresh & Transition Cows During Summer Heat 

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