Making an Impact!
It's an action...not a statement

For those that have enjoyed our Sires of Impact painting that was revealed last summer, we have committed to living out the "Making an Impact" theme every day at All West/Select Sires. 


The first quarter of each year, the All West/Select Sires cooperative and the Select Sires federated cooperative hold their respective annual meetings. At these meetings, directors and/or delegates meet to hear individual business results for the previous year.  2013 was an outstanding year for both All West/Select Sires and Select Sires Inc, and we appreciate and value the trust and confidence our member-owners have placed in us to deliver. Thank you. 


But our goals go beyond the products and programs we can deliver.  We want to be living examples of "Making an Impact."  As cooperative members, we have been provided numerous tools to help our customers succeed, and I can't remember the last time I came away from an annual meeting more impressed and fired up.  The direction and leadership of Select Sires Inc. and its member owner cooperatives is second to none.  You have at your fingertips a group of dedicated representatives whose passion truly is to make a positive impact on your herd and your bottom line.


If we break down the action statement, every company must have certain factors working in its favor to "Make an Impact." 

1. People Power- an organization must have the best people in the industry, with the best knowledge and training, fueled with the desire to be of service to you. When it comes to this point, Select Sires people lead the industry!

2. Genetic Power- having the highest ranking sires is great, but that power must be built on other factors such as industry-leading fertility and ongoing research to make the best better. We're moving forward at a rapid speed, so there's no room for status quo. Our bulls, fertility and quality must be, and are, the gold standard.

3. Program Power- Behind great teams of people and bulls are great programs, and our SMS and SRS programs deliver the added value tools you can use to succeed!

4. Innovation Power- Select Sires was the first to bring sex-sorted semen to the market on a scale that few could imagine. Select Detect brought the technology of the iPhone to heat detection systems and now a new version, Select Detect-Plus is just around the corner for release. StrataGen brings a new system to manage inbreeding like we've not seen before.


All West/Select Sires is well known for being a true partner with its member-owners to achieve the level of success that every dairymen or cattleman has for their operation. Our entire team stands ready to go beyond the statement, and move into action, because we truly want to help you "Make an Impact!"  



Jim Wells

All-West Select Sires

Loading the deck with Gold Chip

Every once in a while, you find a bull that lives up to his family's name and reputation.


Other times you come across a bull that's so extreme on type, he's almost a sure bet.

And then there are occasions when you find a bull that makes 2-year-olds that please every type of breeder.


It's a rarity that you find a bull that can do all three...but Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP (EX-92) just might be...THAT BULL.


7HO10920 GOLD CHIP burst into the A.I. industry as an exciting, high-debuting, young GTPI phenomenon.  From one of the breed's most consistent transmitting cow families, GOLD CHIP quickly became a leading choice of show-ring enthusiasts because of his high type and legendary family.  The Goldwyn son comes from some pretty familiar cows:   


D: Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 GMD-DOM (by Shottle)
2nd d: Regancrest Cinderella EX-92 GMD-DOM (by Champion)
3rd d: Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD-DOM (by Durham)
4th d: Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92 GMD
5th d: Regancrest Aerostar Bert EX-90 GMD-DOM
6th d: Regancrest Mark Chairman Bea EX-91 2E GMD-DOM
7th d: Regancrest Board Chairman Bea EX-90


Early on, he sired many class winners earning him a "Showcase Selections" designation by Select Sires.  But it was the commercial breeder that really catapulted GOLD CHIP into the limelight.  As a Calving Ease sire who was plus on type, udder composite, foot & leg composite, milk and SCR, Gold Chip was used in many mating programs throughout the All-West region. 

Today, GOLD CHIP daughters are calving in around the world, and this young genomic hotshot is making friends at every turn.


Jimmy Perreault of Vieux Saule Holstein in Saint-Esprit, Quebec, has sold two Gold Chip daughters, and still has eight at home.  "I think they are impressive for the show!  Gold Chip daughters are extreme which is what we need in the ring. For commercial settings, I would protect them a little for length of rear rib and being a bit straight-legged. I'm really satisfied so far.  Ours have tremendous body and great frames."


Lars Zeldenryk of New Galma Dairy in Tillsonburg, Ontario, is really excited about his early daughters.  "We have been using Gold Chip for just over a year and have some pretty good looking calves born.  We have our first at breeding age and they are big with a lot of power to them.  We look to improve our herd classification each round and we have a good feeling that Gold Chip daughters will bring something special to the herd." 


All-West Select Sires' own Tony DeMello, PGA Coordinator, echoes the praises of GOLD CHIP.  "I've seen some early Gold Chip daughters and I'm in love," he said.  "Day-in and day-out, they're my choice over other type specialists such as Atwood.  They are very balanced - quality rumps & legs and they are simply awesome!"


Commercial dairyman Mitch Breunig of Mystic Valley Dairy in Wisconsin is milking two GOLD CHIP daughters and eagerly awaits his new proof next week.  "Our Gold Chips have the right make up and are easy breeders.  They have functional feet & legs with a really good foot," which would be a good trait for any type of operation.


GOLD CHIP's in the showring are numerous, and just recently a GOLD CHIP daughter was named 1st senior calf and Junior Champion of the 2014 Borderway UK Dairy Expo.   In fact, by Holmland Gold Chip Alanya winning Junior Champion honors for her owners Jackson, Hallhead & Crossrigg, she also earned the All-Britain Intermediate Heifer Res. Champion award.

Holmland Gold Chip Alanya ET shown by Anthony Jackson  


And in the U.S., GOLD CHIP made Holstein Association USA's list, "Leading Sires of 2013 National Holstein Show Winners," ranking #4 for heifers and #10 overall, which is quite impressive considering he's not even on the proven sire lineup yet.


We've seen quite a few GOLD CHIPS pictured at shows, but we've seen an equal number of impressive GOLD CHIP daughters pictured on cell phones, Twitter and Facebook.  The "crossover" appeal of this high GTPI young sire is enjoyable to hear about, and we think the GOLD CHIP influence is just beginning! 

Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, Sauk City, WI   

Landon Van Dyk, Lynden, WA


If you're looking for a return on investment, GOLD CHIP is a good sire of choice as well.  Earlier this month, a GOLD CHIP was the second high seller at the well-known March Madness Sale in Frederick, MD.  The sale averaged $7709 and this June 13th daughter from the Elegance family sold for $43,000. 
With new proofs coming out next week on April 1, it will be interesting to see if GOLD CHIP adds enough daughters for an official proof, and we think he will.  Keep sending in your success stories and let us know how the decks are stacked with your own GOLD CHIPS! 




Inside Scoop 
The "no fools" guide to April 1st Proofs!


Ever wonder what all the symbols are that appear in the Select Sires directories and flyers?  They're not just decorations, they're designations that allow producers to easily identify groups of bulls that excel in certain traits.  Below you'll find explanations for the various symbols and once you get familiar with their meanings, you'll be able to navigate the directories easier and more efficiently!


Superior Settlers
Want to select bulls with a heavy emphasis on semen fertility?  This is your category!  While the greatest variables affecting pregnancy rates are accuracy of heat detection, inseminator technique and other management factors, looking at all available fertility values of individual sires can help. Through evaluation of the Composite Fertility Index (CFI) and Sire Conception Rate (SCR), along with intense semen quality evaluations, these elite sires earn the designation of Superior Settler.


HealthMark sires
When a balance of health and fertility traits is important, you can turn to Select Sires and sires carrying the HealthMark designation. Positive genetic evaluation data, which includes genomic information for somatic cell score, daughter pregnancy rate and productive life, are used to identify these sires. When selecting from this elite group, you can also expect the balance of type and production that only Select Sires can deliver.

FeedPro sires
More Income, Less Feed.  That's what most every dairy producer is looking for and with the current fluctuating feed prices, it's even more important to breed for animals that are as efficient as possible.  In 2009, Select Sires' genetics staff took a closer look at the large variety of traits measured by current USDA genetic evaluations to see if they could identify some key indicator traits for producing greater income over feed costs. After an extensive review of available research, Select Sires introduced FeedPRO as a sire selection tool for the dairy producer concerned about feed costs and wants to improve overall profitability. The index identifies the top 20 percent of Select Sires' lineup that transmit the traits consistent with more income from less feed, sires that maximize production while moderating size and improving long-term fitness and productivity. The research behind FeedPRO confirms that it works.


 "Feed efficiency is a critical issue to dairy farm profitability, and we are currently researching methods of selecting for more efficient cows," says Dr. Chad Dechow, dairy genetics research scientist. "Though we have much to learn, I find Select's application of this science to be sound and useful for today's dairy producers. In my review of FeedPRO, I found that daughters of FeedPRO sires have an advantage, on average, of 13 to 18 cents per day in income over feed cost when compared to the active A.I. average. I salute Select Sires for their efforts in helping producers put more emphasis on moderate-sized cows while maintaining production."    


gender SELECTed Sires
Don't worry about sacrificing genetics for more heifer calves...we've got you covered!  Select Sires offers the highest ranking bulls in sexed semen that has been rigorously tested for fertility and semen quality in the lab and in the field.  A straw of gender SELECTed semen provides you with the most value for each dose you purchase, providing a wealth of opportunities for more heifers, more replacement...more profit for you!


Diamond SELECTion Sires
The best of the best...that's what a Diamond SELECTion Sire is, and that's what you can expect from the industry's largest and most diverse A.I. company.  Diamond SELECTion status is not given out readily, so sires with this designation excel in industry indexes, offer great diversity and fit a wide range of breeding plans.  They are strong in highly heritable traits and produce cows that excel in production, udders and feet & legs.  To be a Diamond SELECTion Sire, bulls have an index that combines production traits (40%), type traits (40%) and fitness traits (20%).


Showcase Selections Sires
Looking for extreme show-type in your breeding program?  Showcase Selections Sires will deliver breed-leading type in all breeds that will help you stand-out in the winner's circle!



Fertility PRO Sires
Looking for the latest genetics with proven fertility? Made up of genomic young sires, this group has been selected based on rigid semen quality standards and their high-ranking Sire Conception Rate (SCR) from progeny test semen usage. Additionally, Fertility PRO sires have outstanding genetic merit with a highly reliable sire stack. Fertility PRO sires combine the best of genetics and fertility together in one package to meet your breeding goals.  




Dazzling Diamonds
Product, program and service insights from the field

ImmPower TBC Colostrum Replacement
Ever wondered if colostrum replacement would work for you? Check out our short video interview with Dean Hibbs, All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist from Richland, WA.

CONVERT ImmPower TBC is a source of True Bovine Colostrum for dairy and beef calves that incorporates both low temperature (100 -- 110F) and excellent mixing to reduce clogged nipples and/or feed tube feeders. It is a highly available source of immunity (Colostral Ig) and CONVERT to protect calves from environmental challenges.  

For more information on ImmPower TBC and other Select Sires nutrition, fresh-cow, calf care products

Around All West
Photos from the field

The BC Spring Holstein Show was just held last weekend in Chilliwack. ALEXANDER emerged victorious as he sired the Grand Champion female! Thanks to Chad Griffith and Dairy Agenda Today for the coverage and congratulations to the Borbas!
Pictured at right: Western Lite I ALEXANDER Raja, exhibited by T&L Cattle (now owned by Frank & Diane Borba & Frank & Carol Borba)


ATWOOD Lynx 2y VG-87, VG-88 MS
Owned by Mts.Lawerman, Hiaure (The Netherlands)
Dam is Lylehaven DAMION Lynx EX-94

Two BRAXTON 2-year-olds at Lovhill Holsteins, Alberta

Groups from World Wide Sires Australia and New Zealand made their way through the U.S. touring dairies in late March.  They loved their tour, especially seeing this impressive group of 7JE1067 GOLDA daughters in California.

A new EX-95!  Valleyville Rae Lynn just scored EX-95 with the following breakdowns:  Rump-96, Mammary-95, Dairy Strength-94, Feet & Legs-95.


The SANCHEZ daughter was pictured right before being classified at Quality Holsteins in Ontario.  She milks too!  Her 3-year-old record: 3-00 2x 365d 38,715 3.9 1526 3.2 1241

Three daughters of 7HO10406 DASHAWN (Boliver x Outside x Rudolph) at Lucas & Lucas Dairy, Turlock, CA


Jeff Wilbur of Rio Blanco Dairy in Tulare, CA, talks to participants at the Western Regional Dairy Challenge Contest, held in late February.  All-West and Select Sires are both proud supporters.


"Yes...we really ARE happy cows!"  One of the many, consistent pens of young cows at P&D Dairy in Chino, CA...100% Select Sires bred.

A recent photo from Plain City, OH, shows a group celebrating National Ag Day! From everyone at Select Sires we thank our customer-owners for their dedication to providing safe and nutritious food for people around the world! Pictured is our board of directors which consists of dairy and beef producers from across the country.  


The Jersey Revolution shines on! 
Tim Baumgartner
Jersey Genetics & Marketing Specialist
Select Sires, Inc.

From genomic predictions to actual daughter proven results, the information that is presented can be confusing at times. Bottom line is that young bulls with a genomic prediction are not the same as a bull with daughter data. The subtle differences are found in the reliability of the information presented as well as the actual number of daughters listed.


The importance of daughter data has never been more important. The value associated with this data goes a long way in buying genetics and knowing that the semen you have invested in will result in the type of daughters and performance you were hoping for at the start. Second crop bulls like Kyros, Miles, Eclipes-P and Belvedere are stamping them out with consistency and this is why they continue to be a major part of our program at Select Sires.

First crop bulls like Valentino and Golda are sensations in the industry and each began their proven career at the tops of the breed charts. 2014 will be a year of additions for us at Select Sires as the listing of bulls that may graduate is impressive. Early indications on performance and type reports suggest the fun is just beginning and another great reason to stay involved with The Jersey Revolution.

Not to be outdone, the young bulls being sampled in 2014 is staggering. With breed leading genomic predictions, these bull's averages set the tone for all others to follow. The first sons of Irwin, Topeka, Fastrack, Zipper, and Golda will take their turn via the PGA program all in hopes of one day earning the right to be a graduate at Select Sires! The Revolution continues . . .    
From the Sire Analyst's perspective
Kevin Jorgensen
Holstein Sire Analyst
Select Sires Inc.

It is always risky to prognosticate about an upcoming sire summary but I think there are a couple of safe bets for April. First off, 7HO10920 Gold Chip will be a part of the active lineup and will be a major factor in the high type market. Simply put his daughters are some of the most impressive young cows across the country. I saw several in California during my travels in January and they all have amazing udders. I have also had the chance to see 15-20 in Wisconsin and Iowa and his pattern is consistent. His daughters have amazing height and width to their rear udders and I think he makes a more appealing rear udder than even GW Atwood. The udders are also well above the hocks with long fore udders and great udder quality. He sires a cleaner bone quality than GW Atwood but maybe not as extreme in the frames. Bottom line, he is the real deal when it comes to type!

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