Join us this evening at 5, 7 and 10 pm

with Reverend Brandon Nagel,  
Reverend Jan Stromseth 
and Jan Chapman as The Story Teller
Tonight we celebrate the season and the awakening of the
Christ Presence within each and every one of us!

Singer, Pancho Javier joins Fred Albers and our marvelous UCOP Band for glorious Christmas Eve service you will definitely want to experience!  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sign language interpreter at 5 and 7 pm 
A Video Invitation from Rev. Brandon Nagel

An invitation to our special holiday services from Reverend Brandon!

Guest Speaker December 27 - Michael Perrie
Guest Speaker, Michael Perrie
Sunday, December 27
"Unwrapped Presence"
We all have a bit of "imprisoned divine splendor" within us. We shall explore how to unwrap that gift of Presence and let it shine forth in our lives.

Michael Perrie is a 3rd year student at Unity Institute and served as our UCOP intern this past summer. Michael entered his first Unity church in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1975. Along the way he has served his deep spiritual calling as a founding board member of the Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill, NC; as a spiritual practitioner, chaplain and small group leader for the Living Enrichment Center in Wilsonville, OR; and as a founding board member for New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego, OR. Michael was first certified as a Spiritual Practitioner in 2003, licensed as a Religious Science Practitioner in 2008 and he most recently served Unity of Beaverton, OR as platform assistant, prayer leader and ministerial intern.
Michael has developed professional business, administrative and entrepreneurial experience through establishing and operating two jewelry businesses, one in Boston and one in North Carolina; through licensing and marketing in the financial services industry; and as a public procurement officer for local government in Portland, OR for 16 years.
Since arriving at the Village, Michael has gladly served the community as treasurer and student affairs representative for the Student Association Board, as a volunteer for the World Day of Prayer, student chapel services, Vespers services, Daily Word services, and many other volunteer activities. A daily practice of the Living Presence of Spirit is the consistent striving of his life.

Touching Hearts in Haiti Volunteer Spaces Open
"Touching Hearts in Haiti" Volunteer Spots Open
The Unity Church of Overland Park global outreach project, "Touching Hearts in Haiti," in partnership with Heart to Heart International, is now scheduled for March 28 through April 3.
We were blessed to receive guidance and support from Church of the Resurrection in the use of their well-tested mission program and procedures as a resource in developing our own mission program. The mission is to work on a health care clinic in Leogane, Haiti.
Five travelers are confirmed to go from UCOP and five slots are open to new volunteers within the Greater Kansas City Unity community. The cost will be approximately $1800 per person. $700 is due immediately, and $600 is due by January 15. The remaining $600 balance will be due February 15 and will be dependent upon our fundraising efforts.
Travelers to Haiti will land in Port-au-Prince and spend the night before leaving for Leogane the next day. There will also be a day of sight seeing in Port-au-Prince at the end of the trip. We are told that Wi-Fi connections are good over there. And all travelers will need a current passport and malaria shot.
If interested please contact Cheryl Schroeder at cheryl_j25@hotmail.com as soon as possible.
The "Taste of Haiti" fundraising dinner and reception, hosted by Chef Gary Hild, is scheduled for Saturday evening, January 16 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Additional tickets for that event will be available online at www.ucop.org as of December 28 and after services on Sundays, January 3 and 10. Tickets are $25/person or two for $45.

Got some holiday shopping to do on Amazon?

Many of us do our holiday shopping these days from the comfort and convenience of our own homes using the Amazon marketplace.
Did you know that if you go to our website first, and then enter the Amazon site through our link, the church will then get a small percentage of that purchase?  It's like free money for the church!  And it doesn't have to be a spiritual book or something church-related either. We will get a small percentage of anything you purchase on Amazon, if you go through our site first on your way there. How cool is that?!  It doesn't cost you anything to help support your spiritual community because you were going to shop anyway, weren't you!  Now you can do it and help UCOP at the same time. Just click here and it will take you to the UCOP Amazon access page.  You can also find the Amazon access page from a link on our Homepage as well at www.ucop.org.

So happy shopping and thank you for your support! 
We truly appreciate you.

Upcoming Special Holiday Services!

Release all that no longer serves you and make space your good in 2016!

Declare your intention for the New Year and affirm that truth
by writing it upon your white stone!

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Returns!

We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University (FPU) is that plan! Through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely and much more!
 More than 1.5 million families have taken FPU. The average family completing the course pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 in just 90 days. That's a $8,000 change in position! Whether you're struggling to make ends meet or you're a millionaire, Financial Peace University has something for you. This isn't some stuffy economics class! You'll laugh as you learn money skills from Dave and participate in entertaining class activities.
Rob Jones will be available to talk with you about the class and answer any of your questions at a registration table in Harmony Hall after services on December 13 and January 3. You may also learn more about this amazing class and register for it by visiting
Class Fee: $93
Rob Jones, MS, MAEd, AFC, CSA is a financial counselor and educator for the Hutchins & Haake CPA firm. Rob holds two master's degrees - one in family financial planning and the other in adult education. He is an Accredited Financial Counselor and specializes in helping families set financial goals then uses proven techniques to help folks reach those goals through dumping debt and planning for the future. Rob is a long-time member of Unity Church of Overland Park and volunteers to coordinate the Financial Peace University course as a way to share his time and talent with the church and community. We offer FPU at this time of year because folks are focused on their New Year's resolutions of getting their financial life in order and getting organized and Financial Peace University can be a great benefit in reaching those goals. If you have questions about the course, you can reach Rob at 913 620-7148.
Joining Rob as co-coordinators for this course will be Deb and Jim Filby. The Filbys have been attending UCOP since 1999. Deb has served on the Board of Directors and is currently a prayer chaplain and the Volunteer Coordinator. They have completed Financial Peace University (FPU) and are happy to help you work through any questions you might have about the program.

In the Presence "Twelve Powers" Meditation
As we explore the 12 Powers in 2016, described by Charles Fillmore as "expressions of the divine power inherent in each of us," Debra Baker will lead a deep meditation each month to help us expand and explore these innate gifts. Individually, we find ourselves with stronger abilities to utilize some of these powers over others. Through meditation we will discover (and uncover) on a profoundly spiritual level the presence of each power and learn how to further develop and use it in our daily lives. Completely guided by Spirit, these monthly sessions will provide insight into ourselves and a deeper connection with Source and one another.

For the month of January the power is Faith.
Class Fee: $15  REGISTER HERE
Debra Baker is a spiritual counselor, energy worker, Reiki Master, Oneness Blessing Giver and teacher who has been helping people heal their lives since 1988. A gifted medium and intuitive, Debra is the author of Amazing Intuition, Expanding Your Most Important Resource, which is available in the UCOP bookstore.
World Premier Workshop Event January 9

Unity Worldwide Ministries has partnered with the Pachamama Alliance to create "Awakening the Dreamer Through Unity," a 3-hour workshop whose purpose is to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. This powerful event, which has been presented in over 70 countries in 12 languages, has been tailored specifically for Unity congregations to assist with integrating an earth-oriented spirituality into their ministries.
As founder Lynne Twist says, "It's clear when two organizations like Unity and the Pachamama Alliance can align in action that a powerful force is unleashed in the world.  Such is this moment. I'm thrilled to see our partnership manifested now with Unity adaptations of Pachamama Alliance tools and strategies that can spread far and wide through the Unity network, awakening many thousands more people into action for our shared vision."
Yoganetics Fall Series
Begin again. 
With each breath we are rewriting the body.  Yoganetics is a
core-based, slow-motion approach to increasing flexibility, reducing stress, and relieving chronic pain.  
Poet Laureate of Kansas Emeritus, Wyatt Townley, has been teaching Yoganetics for decades.  Her Yoganetics book was deemed an "Editor's Choice" by Yoga Journal, and her work has been featured in Self, Dance Magazine, Parents, Body and Soul and The New York Times. 
To learn more, call (913) 381-1984, or go to www.yoganetics.com
(Note: this class closes with a waiting list, so register early.)

In the Presence Meditation
This meditation provides the opportunity to go into a deep, deep experience of the Presence. Meditation does wonderful things to our human bodies, giving them time to revitalize and heal themselves. At the same time, our souls experience their real, true selves, going to the place inside that is timeless and eternal. After the meditation, there will be a sacred prayer circle to share and honor one another's prayer intentions. You'll experience such serenity you'll want it to go on forever.
Debra Baker is a spiritual counselor, energy worker, Reiki Master, Oneness Blessing Giver and teacher who has been helping people heal their lives since 1988. A gifted medium and intuitive, Debra is the author of Amazing Intuition, Expanding Your Most Important Resource, which is available in the UCOP bookstore.
Men's Group Breakfasts for January & February
Men's Group Breakfast - 8 to 10 am
1st Saturdays in Harmony Hall
Please join the Unity Men's Group 8:00 - 10:00 am the first Saturday of each month for a delicious breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes and "all the fixin's." Good food and conversation precede each month's programming.

January 9th Roger Abbott will be discussing Food Safety in the U.S.
February 6th will feature Curt Straub on Arbitration and Mediation.
About the January 9th Program:
When you buy food from a grocer, whether frozen, refrigerated, vacuum-packed, canned, twist-tied, pre-cooked, or displayed whole and raw in the vegetable aisle, you never have to wonder whether it's safe to feed to your family-you know it is.
But still, you read the news: Listeria in Blue Bunny ice cream, salmonella in peanut butter, E. coli in spinach. These headlines grab a lot of attention. Make no mistake: food-borne illness is real, and it can kill. Nevertheless, stories like these are newsworthy precisely because they are the exception rather than the rule. The US food supply is the safest in the world.
The modern approach to food safety was not invented by Betty Crocker or Julia Child or the lunch lady with the mustache from your grade school; it was in fact developed in the 1960's by NASA engineers working on the space program, who realized a case of food poisoning could scuttle the mission and possibly kill the astronaut. The methods and protocols developed back then now form the basis for ensuring food safety world-wide.
Nevertheless, consumers and retailers demand more. Larger retailers like Costco and Walmart insist their food suppliers pass special food safety audits that go way beyond simple regulatory compliance, and even beyond the principles developed by NASA. Every aspect of food production needs to be controlled, from the safety standards of ingredient suppliers to the nightmare of intentional contamination by a terrorist or disgruntled employee.
Since 2005, Rodger Abbott of Abbott Consulting Group has been working with food manufacturers to help develop and document food safety processes and "best practices" to avoid food contamination, and to make sure clients have emergency recall plans in place before they need them.
Changes to Couples Group Brunches
There will be no Couples group Brunches in December.  Brunches will resume in January 2016, but they will be on every SECOND Sunday, rather than on 3rd SundaysSo the first one will be January 10, 2016.

The UCOP Couples Group meets for brunch every month at the First Watch restaurant at College Boulevard and Highway 69 in the private dining area. It's fun, food and fellowship! Please contact couples@ucop.org with any questions.

Singles Group Sunday Brunch 
Singles Group

Want to connect with other singles at Unity Church of Overland Park? Each Sunday at 12:30 this group meets at various local restaurants. Put these dates and locations on your schedule. We'd love to have you join us. 
December 27- HyVee Buffet, 8501 W. 95th St, Overland Park
January 4 - Talk of the Town, 11922 W. 119th St.
January 10- Five Guys Burgers & Fries, 12025 Metcalf Ave.
January 17- J Alexanders, 11471 Metcalf Ave.
January 24- First Watch, 9916 College Blvd.
January 31 - Five Pie Pizza, 9133 Metcalf Ave
February 7 - K-Machos, 11741 Metcalf Ave.
February 14 - The Peanut, 7938 Santa Fe Drive, Downtown OP
February 21 - Jack's Stack Barbecue, 9520 Metcalf Ave.
February 28 - Le Peep, 7936 Quivira Rd.

Contact Linda Brozanic for more information at 913-219-7538.
Please arrive at the restaurant no later than 12:45. 
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