Fall Faith 2015 
"Authentic Be-ing:  
Living from the Truth of What You Are"

Week One:  "Radical Self-Awareness" 
This Sunday, Reverend Brandon Nagel kicks off our
Fall Faith series with an examination of Robert Brumet's most recent book, Living Originally.
This week we explore the practice of
"Radical Self-Awareness"
which means being aware of not only our thoughts
but also being aware of our response
to that awareness.  It is mindfulness
without judgment. 
We look forward to seeing you there! 
More Information about Fall Faith 2015!

Join us October 4 through November 13 as we explore
"Authentic Be-ing: Living from the Truth of what you are"
We will be studying Robert Brumet's newest book,
Living Originally, which can be purchased now in our UCOP bookstore for $12, less than you can get it on Amazon!
CIRCLES:  Our Fall Faith circles will be a little different this year. Rather than the majority of groups meeting at the church on Wednesday evenings, our 2015 Fall Faith circles will meet on different days, at different times and in different locations. You're sure to find a small group circle that meets at a convenient time for you! And it is our hope that these small group circles will continue to meet even after Fall Faith is concluded, continuing the exploration begun in our Fall Faith series and launching into new territory and new curriculum with each season, thus building strong relationships and community through these small groups.
This Sunday is the last day to sign up for a Fall Faith circle. 
An online registration option is available HERE
for those who would like to be placed in a circle of Spirit's choosing.

FRIENDS & FAMILY DAY POTLUCK: Sunday, October 4, we encourage you to invite your family and friends to church in the morning to help us kick-off Fall Faith with a great big community potluck!  In keeping with the theme of the book,
Living Originally, we invite you to consider bringing a potluck dish of some original family recipe to share.  Then, of course, invite those same family and friends to come back later that evening for...  
KICK-OFF CONCERT:To kick-off the Fall Faith season, we welcome the incomparable Teri Wilder back to town for an amazing concert on Sunday, October 4th!  
Join us in the sanctuary at 7:00 pm and get ready to "authentically be rockin' that Truth of what you are!"  
No tickets are needed.  Just show up! The concert is our gift to you.  We want to fill the house so everyone can enjoy this fun community-building experience.  A love offering will be taken during the concert. 

FALL FAITH EVENT: Then mark your calendars for Friday, November 13,  
and plan to join us for a magical evening of dinner and dancing at the
 Ritz Charles to celebrate the end of a fabulous Fall Faith series and the continuation of our thriving new small groups! Tickets for the Fall Faith Event
will go on sale in mid-October. 

YFM Christmas Play Auditions This Sunday!
Believe it or not, it's already time to think about Christmas!  This year, Youth & Family Ministry is gearing up for a super fun play written by L. Frank Baum (the guy who wrote The Wizard of Oz).  It's called The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus and it has several great roles for all our theatrically inclined kiddos!  We also need kids who can help build the set!

Auditions will be held at 12:30 pm this Sunday, October 4.  Stop by the Potluck down in harmony hall and get some lunch, then bring it up to room 212 so we can get started with auditions.  The kids will be reading from the script.  It doesn't have to be memorized, but we would like to see their unique personalities shining through like Rudolph's shiny red nose!

If you have any questions, contact Kelly Sturgeon at ksturgeon@ucop.org or call 649-1750 x3010.  If you need us to email you the script selections, just contact Kelly.
Volunteer Opportunities for Fall Faith
Several volunteer opportunities are available for our Fall Faith activities this year.  If you would like to step into sacred service in support of this wonderful community-building season, please contact our Fall Faith Coordinator, Brenda Brock, and Volunteer Coordinator, Deb Filby, at fallfaith@ucop.org.

You may also submit your interest online HERE.

Fall Faith Silent Auction
Did you get two toasters for wedding gifts? Have you remodeled the man cave and have cool, autographed, sporting memorabilia that needs a good home? Do you have some tickets, or connection to tickets, that you can't use but would like to donate? Do you have a special skill like cooking, babysitting, massage, building, advising or consulting that you could donate for the good of the cause?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then the
Fall Faith Silent Auction Team wants your stuff!!! 
Please send inquiries to Connie Shidler at FallFaithAuction@ucop.org.

October is Fair Trade Month!

Watch this great video!

Celebrate Fair Trade Month in the Bookstore!
Enjoy 20% off all fair trade products during the month of October.
Unity Church of Overland Park will soon be one of the first 15 churches in the US to be designated a Fair Trade Congregation.

UCOP now serves fair trade coffee and sugar in harmony hall. Support fair trade. Help families improve their lives with fair wages, safe working conditions and access to healthcare and education. Look for products in stores with the fair trade logos on them.

Welcome our New Intern for the Fall!

Please welcome Sherrie Taylor-Jones.
Sherrie is currently a full-time third year Unity Seminary student who has been the director of her own consulting company for ten years. She has designed and developed customized courses in: Strategic Planning, Communications Skills, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Skills, Organizational Development and Computers. She is also a certified pastoral counselor from St. John's University in Nottingham, U.K. Sherrie has been an entrepreneur and owned a restaurant with her husband, Graham. Prior to seminary, Sherrie was also the Shelter Director at The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in NYC for 5 years. 
Men's Group October Breakfast
Men's Breakfast
Saturday, October 3
8 to 10 am in harmony hall

Join the Unity Men's Group Saturday, October 3, for a traditional breakfast with pancakes.Good food and conversation will precede a fascinating look at handwriting analysis with Curtis Wilson. 
Green Team Recycling Event - October 10
Recycling Event
9 am to 12 noon on Saturday, October 10
Help the Earth by diverting material from landfills
Autumn is a great time to get rid of some of that "stuff" that's been cluttering up your house and garage for way too long now. Much of the "stuff" you want to get rid of can be reused by others or recycled (no need to send good stuff to the dump).
On Saturday, October 10 the Green Team and Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) are partnering with the Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition and Goodwill Industries to enable congregation members and their neighbors to bring unwanted items such as old electronics, clothes, books and more to be reused or recycled. This is a great way to help an area charity, raise some funds for SSC and live more sustainably by getting rid of some of your clutter in an earth friendly manner.
We appreciate the following clean, gently-used items*:
*           Clothing and outerwear for all seasons
*           Accessories - jewelry, belts, shoes, pocketbooks, scarves, ties, hats
*           Linens - blankets, sheets, towels, curtains, drapes
*           Housewares - dishes, silverware, pots, pans, baskets, tins, glassware (please package carefully)
*           Books--but no textbooks, encyclopedias or Reader's Digest
*           Small electronics--Stereos (except consoles), computers, monitors, printers, toasters, irons
*           Toys
*           Electronics-clock radios, tape players, mp3 players, speakers, computers (e.g., computers will be safely refurbished or recycled in a safe and secure manner)
*           Lamps & Furniture - but no rusty, stained or worn areas
*           Mechanical items - bikes, lawnmowers, weed whackers
*           Records, tapes, CDs
*           Fabric, sewing supplies, notions
*Goodwill representatives make the final decision on what is acceptable. We no longer repair items.
Items that will not be accepted:
*           Large appliances - stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, TVs, console
*           Mattresses and box springs
*           Auto parts - tires, batteries
*           Venetian blinds, curtain rods
*           Magazines
*           Wire hangers
*           Building material
*           Hazardous chemicals, paint, solvent, oil
A suggested $20 tax deductible donation per car made to SSC would be gratefully accepted so we can continue our mission of partnering with, encouraging, and assisting Kansas City area congregations and people of faith to preach, teach, model, and advocate for sustainable living and ecological justice for all creation.
For more information contact Mike McCord at 913/907-4061 (Michael_mccord@sbcglobal.net).
Women in Unity October Meeting
Women in Unity Meeting
Saturday, October 17
10:30 am to 12:30 pm
in harmony hall

On October 17, we will welcome fall as the busyness of summer subsides. We will embrace the call to softer days of introspection, reflection and emotional healing as we explore the wisdom of the Native Americans.

Please contact Suzanna Peltzie if you have any questions at connectwithsuzanna@gmail.com

Fall Blood Drive - October 25

Community Blood Center needs to collect 580 pints of blood daily
(that's 140,000 pints annually) to meet the needs of our local Kansas and Missouri hospitals because someone, somewhere needs a blood transfusion every four minutes. Blood is a precious commodity with a limited shelf life. Red blood cells must be used within 42 days. Platelets must be used within five days.
Please share your gift of life with local hospital patients who need it by donating at the Fall Blood Drive here at UCOP on October 25 in harmony hall 2. Donations can be made from 9 am to 1 pm that Sunday. You may sign up for your time at the Men's Group counter in the lobby after services on Sunday, October 11 and 18.
Or you may sign up online right now at www.esavealifenow.org and then
use Sponsor Code: UCOP. For additional details please contact Dave Shepherd
at 913-649-5156.
For a listing of medical requirements to give blood, please go to http://www.savealifenow.org/_pdfs/Medical_Requirements_2.0.pdf
Grief Recovery - Registrations close after this evening's class

The Grief Recovery Support Program uses the time-tested Grief Recovery Method® in a step-by-step format. It creates a safe environment in which to look at learned beliefs around dealing with loss and provides specific steps to help participants reclaim their lives, whether their grief is from death, divorce, loss of job, loss of health, loss of finances, or even safety and trust. Please visit www.griefrecoverymethod.com to learn more about this wonderful program.
Materials fee: $13 - Participants will work from The Grief Recovery Handbook, which will be supplied at the first class and payment will be collected at that time.
Class fee: $15 per session
Jonna Templar is a life coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.
Please contact her with any questions at jtemplar@kc.rr.com.

Sacred Gong Meditation with Teri Wilder

Quiet your mind in this meditation and feel calm, centered and balanced.
Relax your fears away with the soothing sound vibrations of the gong.
Let go of what's keeping you in the past and experience joy now.
Allow your body to restore itself to optimum health.
Go from feeling stressed to feeling blessed.
If you missed it the last time she was here, now is your chance to
experience the deepest and most profound level of relaxation as you bathe in the vibrations of this ancient therapeutic instrument, helping you release negative emotions and fears that can cause illness, dis-ease or blockages in your body. The gong's vibrations will gently and safely guide your body into a state of bliss and harmony. There is nothing you need to do but relax
and let the gong do the rest.
~ Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillows (for under head & knees) and water bottle
~ Regular seating is also available
~ Wear comfortable, loose clothing
Teri's Gong Meditation CD's will also be available for purchase at the event.
No prior experience, effort or practice is required to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Admission: $20   (REGISTER HERE early as space is limited) 
Teri Wilder plays a Paiste 30" Symphonic gong named "Om" and a Venus Planetary gong named "Charlie." The symphonic gong contains within it all of the sounds of creation, allowing for a more powerful meditation!

Prepare to Land: Navigating Your Retirement Glide Path

Join us for the first course in our Practical Prosperity financial education series.       These courses will be taught by experienced financial educators and other subject
 matter experts with the true heart of a teacher. Our first course in this series will
 focus on the social, emotional, physical and financial aspects of retirement planning.
This isn't your typical boring sales pitch designed to get you to purchase
some financial product of questionable value.
 Here you'll learn how retirement planning is similar to landing an aircraft. You need to have a checklist and a solid plan to get it right. Whether you are cruising along with many years to go until retirement, preparing for "final approach" as you get ready to retire, or are currently in retirement, this course has something for you.
Rob, Mickie and Jeff are pros at making courses fun and informative. As a bonus,
we'll take an optional field trip on November 2 to see a nationally known speaker from the Dave Ramsey organization give you his view on retirement planning. If you'd like to attend the optional class on November 2, please contact Rob Jones at 913 620-7148
 for info on how to purchase tickets to that event.

Class Fee: $15 per session    REGISTER HERE
Rob Jones, financial counselor and educator with the Hutchins & Haake CPA firm holds two master's degrees - one in adult education and the other in family financial planning. An active member of UCOP, he coordinates our Dave Ramsey financial education courses. If you have questions about the course, you can reach Rob at 913 620-7148.

Mickie Schroder is an adjunct faculty member at Avila University and has many years of teaching experience as a corporate trainer for Sprint Nextel before she and her husband Jeff retired and started BOOMERangs Retirement Coaching. She served for two years as a prayer chaplain for UCOP and currently attends Unity of Kansas City North. Jeff Jans was also a corporate trainer and executive coach for Sprint Nextel and has served as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Unity of Kansas City North.

In the Presence Meditation
This meditation provides the opportunity to go into a deep, deep experience of the Presence. Meditation does wonderful things to our human bodies, giving them time to revitalize and heal themselves. At the same time, our souls experience their real, true selves, going to the place inside that is timeless and eternal. After the meditation, there will be a sacred prayer circle to share and honor one another's prayer intentions. You'll experience such serenity you'll want it to go on forever.


Class Fee: $15



Debra Baker is a spiritual counselor, energy worker, Reiki master, Oneness blessing giver and teacher who has been helping people heal their lives since 1988. A gifted medium and intuitive, Debra is the author of Amazing Intuition, Expanding Your Most Important Resource, which is available in the UCOP bookstore.
Bible Interpretation - SEE Core Credit Class


In this course students will experience the rewarding process of Bible interpretation. Students will explore the basic principles involved in interpreting texts and making meaning from a theological perspective. They will learn what metaphysical interpretation is, how to interpret a Bible story metaphysically and apply the meaning to their lives. Selected stories from Acts to Revelation will be read and interpreted from a variety of modern critical and contemplative viewpoints.

class fee: $15 per session    Register Here!
Required Texts: Bible (NRSV or NET preferred)
The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, by Charles Fillmore
Recommended Texts:
Be Ye Transformed, by Elizabeth Sand Turner
Wisdom for a Lifetime, by Alden Studebaker
Jesse Tanner is an ordained Unity minister and professor of Scriptural and Religious Studies at Unity Institute and Seminary. He holds an M.T.S. in New Testament and a Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Religion. His research interests are centered on religious pluralism, interfaith dialogue and textual interpretation. Jesse enjoys conversation, coffee, hiking, playing music and spending time with his wife and son.
Yoganetics Fall Series

This gentle-yet-deep yoga system is a breath-based, core-based, slow-motion approach to increasing
 flexibility, reducing stress and relieving chronic pain.
Wyatt Townley has been teaching yoga for over thirty years. Her Yoganetics book was deemed an "Editor's Choice" by Yoga Journal and her work has also been featured in Self, Dance Magazine, Parents, Body and Soul and The New York Times.
To learn more and to register call (913) 381-1984 or go to www.yoganetics.com.
(first class free for new students!)
Facilitator Sought for A Course in Miracles

Joe Schmitz has been facilitating    our Thursday evening ACIM meetings to discuss this foundational book.    
 A Course in Miracles meets on Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 pm. Joe Schmitz will be stepping down soon from leadership of the group and would like to find someone qualified  to carry on as facilitator.
If interested, please contact Joe directly at 913-631-2106.


Green Star Award
Green Star Award for Environmental Excellence
Nominations are being accepted now for the fourth quarter awardee of the "Green Star Award for Environmental Excellence." If you know a person or organization that has gone the extra mile to help the environment in three of the following four areas: (a) at home (b) at work (c) transportation and (d) other, please nominate them. Nomination forms are on-line HERE and in the brochure rack beside the community board in harmony hall.   Simply describe the action(s) taken by the nominee in one of these areas and either place it in the Green Team mail slot in the community room or send it to Mike McCord at michael_mccord@sbcglobal.net.
Recipients will be announced following review by the Green Team. Awardees will receive a certificate suitable for framing, be recognized at Sunday services and have their name added to the Green Star Award plaque in the foyer.
Be a steward of the environment. Promote awareness of our oneness with the earth.

Memorial Services for Ed Deane
Ed Deane, longtime UCOP member and the most recent recipient of the Green Star Award for Environmental Excellence, recently made his transition.

A potluck Celebration of Life Visitation Reception will be held at Unity Church of Overland Park on Friday, October 9 from 6 to 8 pm.

A memorial service will be held at Sanctuary of Hope, 2601 Ridge Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102 on Saturday, October 10 at 11:00am.
"Touching Hearts in Haiti" Trip Rescheduled
Important News from our Global Outreach Team
The trip to Haiti through Heart to Heart International, originally planned for January, has been rescheduled to ensure the safety of the travelers and put them in there long after the Haitian election season is over.
As a result of this rescheduling, FIVE of the original participants are now unable to travel on the new dates, which are March 28 to April 3, 2016.
If you are able to travel at that time and would like an opportunity to serve on our Global Outreach Team working on special projects in Haiti, please contact Julie Randolph as soon as possible at globaloutreach@ucop.org.
Anyone wishing to go must have a valid passport (with 2 open spaces) and pay a $100 deposit to secure their space no later than November 1st. The total cost of the trip will be between $1700-1900, depending on flight cost flux and fundraising efforts. There will be a new payment schedule set soon, to which they must adhere, as total payments are required one month before traveling. 
New Artists in the Spotlight Gallery

 For the months of September and October,
our featured artists in the Spotlight Gallery are
"Lynette Hayes and Friends"

Lynette Hayes is a Tonganoxie artist who works in pastels. 
Small Groups Webpage
You can view all the latest information on our new small groups on our website. Learn what groups have formed and how to get involved with them. Learn what steps you can take if you're interested in forming a new small group yourself.  You can find the Small Groups page under the "Get Involved" tab of our website homepage at www.ucop.org.  Or, you can just click right here!
Singles Group Sunday Brunch 
Singles Group

Want to connect with other singles at Unity Church of Overland Park? Each Sunday at 12:30 this group meets at various local restaurants. Put these dates and locations on your schedule. We'd love to have you join us. 
Oct. 4 - BRGR, 4038 W. 83rd St., Prairie Village
Oct. 11 - KMachos, 11741 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park
Oct. 18 -The Thai Place, 9359 W. 87th St., Overland Park
Oct. 25 - Old Chicago Pizza, 11721 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park

Contact Linda Brozanic for more information at 913-219-7538.
Please arrive at the restaurant no later than 12:45. 
CommUnity Books & Gifts
20% off all  
Fair Trade Items  
in October!   
Bookstore hours: Monday-Thursday 12 to 5pm
Friday & Saturday closed /Sunday 8:30am to 1:00pm

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So happy shopping and thank you for your support! 
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