from the UCOP Board of Directors

Sunday, January 11, 2015


We would like to share with you our journey and conclusion to the Senior  

Minister search process.  There's more to being a lead Senior Minister at one  

of the largest flagship Unity churches than what you see on Sunday mornings.  The Senior Minister carries the very tangible responsibilities of managing a  

large full and part time staff; managing the ongoing facilities of this large building; dutifully managing a million dollar annual budget that is 100% derived from your generous contributions.  There are also the intangible responsibilities such as prayerfully holding the consciousness of this community every single day and being truly spirit led to see the vision and direction of how this church can evolve spiritually for the highest good of all.  These responsibilities require a deep strength and maturity that can hold up over time.   


Over the past year, we received ten applications for the Senior Minister  

position at this church.  After over a dozen interviews with various applicants, we determined that Reverend Nancy Oristaglio and Reverend Brandon Nagel  

were the most aligned with the vision of our community.  Hopefully, most of  

you were able to see them both speak during their candidate weekends in November.  There was also a great deal of communication with a possible third candidate during the holidays, but that minister has decided that there  

is still work to be done in their current position.  So after the first of the year, the Board went into deep discernment and conversation on the best situation

for this community.  


We have come to a decision on what we feel is the most positive scenario
for UCOP.  We feel that we have one of the brightest new lights in the Unity movement right here within our church family with Reverend Brandon Nagel. 
He has been an integral part of this church since he was a boy and is now
 growing into a dynamic minister right before our eyes.   Having just been ordained last June, the Board wanted to provide Rev. Brandon the best path possible to ensure his success as a new minister.  We do not feel he is quite equipped to step into the full responsibilities of the Senior Minister position
at this time, but we have developed a plan that will help him to grow and gain the necessary experience he needs to do so.  And so we are promoting Rev. Brandon to
Minister of Spiritual Growth and Development.  


With this expanded position, Rev. Brandon will have a much larger role at  

the church while receiving valuable mentoring from Rev. Bob Barth.  Brandon  

will work side by side with Rev. Bob who will teach him how to manage many  

of the administrative functions of the church. He will take business courses  

to better understand the financial workings of running a large church; while working toward specific goals and targets that the Board has set for him.  He

has been given the opportunity to create new or alternative-type services; services that can broaden and grow our congregation base in exciting ways. 

He will continue to be even more active with the Sunday services.


Reverend Bob Barth will continue to assume the full time responsibilities of Senior Minister as he's done for over a year.  Rev. Bob has done the most outstanding job imaginable, smoothly running the operations of this church,

but just as importantly, guiding us to new heights of healing, growth and peaceful consciousness.  He's been a steady rock for this community.


Finally, we have promoted Reverend Jan Stromseth from part-time to  

full-time minister.  We are overjoyed by her expanded role, too!  We feel  

that with this new ministerial team structure, each minister is able to thrive  

and serve in the highest capacity of their unique skills and consciousness. We  

are excited about the possibilities that this will create for all of us as we grow together in community and in Spirit.  The search process is over!  Thank you!


Any questions regarding these changes can be sent to our Board of Directors.  

Should you like to view the video of the announcement made from the
platform on Sunday, January 11, please click the link below.

Board Announcement 1 11 15
Board Announcement 1 11 15



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