Fall Faith 2014 -Week Three
Giving Thanks in the $#!&"  

Fall Faith continues this Sunday as we further explore
Eric Butterworth's book, Spiritual Economics.
We invite you to join Reverend Bob Barth this Sunday
as we explore the difference between
being grateful for the things in our lives
and giving thanks from our connection with Source.

It's about seeing the circumstances of our lives
from a higher perspective.

Molly Hammer raises us to ever greater heights with her magnificent voice joining Fred Albers and the UCOP Band!

  We'll see you there!

Fall Faith 2014 Event - Friday, November 14th

This year's Fall Faith Event is our gift to you for your commitment to this spiritual community. This year marks our 40th anniversary.   


The evening will begin at 7:00 pm with a sacred ceremony in the sanctuary to commemorate the last 40 years of Unity Church of Overland Park and to bless the next 40 years.


Then from 8:00 to 11:00 pm we will head down to harmony hall for a fun-filled evening of food and drink and dancing the night away! 


Everyone is invited to the commemorative ceremony, but if you plan to attend the food and dancing portion of the evening, please claim your tickets for a

Love Offering at Sunday services or Wednesday evening Fall Faith circle times. 


We hope to see you all there! 



Go Royals!
But now a word about Fall Faith circles...
So next week is going to be a pretty big deal for sports fans in Kansas City!

As of right now, our Wednesday evening, October 22, Fall Faith circle activities will be held as always beginning with Rev. Jan's 6:00pm meditation and the usual mini-concert and lesson at 6:45, with circles meeting after that.  However, in deference to the Royals World Series game that evening, we have decided to cancel the potluck at 8:30.

We have also contacted all the circle facilitators and extended an invitation to reschedule their circle meeting to Thursday evening if they would prefer to do that.  So we highly recommend that all circle participants contact their individual facilitators to see if their circle has been rescheduled to Thursday evening, or if they still plan to meet on Wednesday evening at the usual time.
Each circle participant should have their facilitator's contact information in their study guide.

Go Royals!!!
Meet our new Ministerial Intern!
Judy Pilat is a ministerial candidate in her final year of studies at Unity Institute & Seminary. She will graduate with her Masters of Divinity degree in June, 2015 and also expects to be ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries at that time.

She has been a member at Unity of Kalamazoo since 1999 where she served two terms as a Board Trustee and co-chaired the capital campaign that funded the move to their current location. She was their Director of Engagement & Alignment from 2007 until 2011 and also served as the Interim Operations Manager in 2011 while they conducted their search for a new minister.

Prior to becoming a full time ministerial student, Judy was a career coach, life strategist and workshop facilitator with a passion for helping individuals to identify their gifts and abilities and to utilize them in ways that delight and reward.  

"My mission is to connect with people in ways that reward, satisfy and empower, and to offer experiences that expand choices and enrich lives."

YFM Christmas Show- more auditions!


Believe or not, the holidays are just around the corner and that means we need to get ready for another Christmas performance! We will be expanding the children's Christmas performance to include a one-act comedy called "A Partridge in a Pear Tree," based on the traditional Christmas carol.

Auditions were held last Sunday.  However, if your child loves to act or sing and would still like to be a part of this wonderful show, contact Kelly Sturgeon, Youth and Family Assistant, at 913-649-1750 x3010 or ksturgeon@ucop.org to arrange an audition for this Sunday, October 19.

We are also forming our children's choir for the performance. Rehearsals start soon! Call Kelly today!

Pet Blessing - October 18th

The unconditional love we share with our animal companions is one of the most special and sacred experiences we have. All of God's creatures are worthy of blessings, including our furry, scaly, feathered friends. We invite you to bring your animal companions to receive a special blessing as well as a pet blessing certificate! We will also have a special blessing at the bridge at 11:30 am for all those companions that have made their transition. Please join us for this special day. Please bring all animals on a leash or in a carrier. If you prefer not to bring your pet you can bring a picture.
Unity Garden Crop Mob rescheduled due to rain!
It's Crop Mob time!! The Unity Garden is planning a crop mob, blitz workday  to get the garden ready for winter. We will be planting garlic and applying compost and mulch to our beds so they are in good shape for next spring. A Crop Mob is a term used when there is a task that needs a lot of people to help (sort of like the old fashioned barn raising.) If you would like to participate, contact Kelly Sturgeon at ksturgeon@ucop.org or call 913-649-1750 x-3010 for more information and directions to the garden. We will also enjoy a potluck picnic afterwards. Bring a favorite dish or dessert to share. Come enjoy good company and help our garden stay sustainable!
Renovate to Elevate Team Is Back In Action!

Saturday October 25th, you can make a difference!

The Renovate to Elevate Team of UCOP is planing to renovate two houses this year. If you are interested in helping in any way, please save the date. If you can fix lunch or scrape and paint from a 3rd story ladder, or anything in-between, we can use your skills and your positive attitude. Are you willing to help Floyd & Gloria, an elderly couple with disabilities and a home in need of repairs to help them stay warm this winter? Or can you help Sandra, a 55 year old woman with disabilities and several windows that are missing their lower glass panes? These folks are looking at a mighty cold winter without some help. Stop by the Renovate to Elevate table in harmony hall after services on October 19 for more information about the projects planned at each location. We'll form teams of angels with hammers and other implements of construction to meet up at the church on Saturday morning, October 25, at 8:00am and then head out to do some good in our community.


Contact Larry Gordon HERE if you have questions. 


Floyd & Gloria of Kansas City, KS

Floyd has Alzheimer's disease and Gloria takes care of him. Both are 73 years old. Gloria has had cancer twice. She beat it the first time and is working on the second go round. Gloria was very active and very artistic until lately when she had knee surgery three weeks ago. Now she just can't do those things she used to. They have wind that blows through the house in the winter and they can't keep the home warm.

           What is needed:

           Replace the front door with exterior door casing kit & threshold replacement

           Repair the back door with new weather stripping & threshold replacement

           Build a plexiglass storm window for a 91.5 inch X 50 inch window

           Install molding at kitchen & breakfast room ceilings

           Caulk ceiling molding

            Paint ceiling molding


Sandra of Kansas City, KS                  

Sandra is a 55 year old woman who can't use the upstairs of the home because of her disability. Sandra has five double hung windows that don't have the bottom glass. It's might be a cold winter if you don't help.

           What is needed:

           Replace the glass in the 5 windows

           Scrape & paint the trim around all exterior windows - some windows are 3 stories up

           Replace a garage door & replace all the casement around the door

           Re-roof a back porch that the washer & dryer are sitting in

           Replace sheet rock that is on the ceiling of the back porch
Help the Green Team Fight Plastic Pollution

While plastic is a modern miracle with a myriad of uses, plastic pollution is adversely affecting wildlife, wildlife habitats and humans. Products such as plastic bags and bottles not only create environmental problems but reinforce the perception of a wasteful society. Learn more about this serious threat to the environment and what you can do about it at the Green Team table in harmony hall on October 19th.  
Be sure to ask for your free sample of a biodegradable bag and where you can purchase more.  



SoulCollage® is a spiritual process that supports the journey through life by using images to express both the wisdom and the shadow-side of one's soul. This is a time to gather together and make SoulCollage® cards. There will be a meditation, followed by card-making time and then time to "read" our cards as a group. All supplies will be provided for you, but you may bring special magazines if you would like. Also bring any cards you have already made. If you would like to purchase additional card blanks, they are available at the UCOP bookstore. You don't need any artistic ability; the cards are made with simple cutting and pasting skills. Everything you need is already within you, waiting to be discovered through this simple "soul-tending" process. If this is your first SoulCollage® experience, contact Barbara ahead of time and plan to arrive at 5:15pm.  


Rev. Barbara is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator and has trained with Seena Frost, the originator of the process. She is an ordained Unity minister and a master teacher who brings creativity, heart and soul to life. Her passion is to guide individuals and small groups through discovery processes that lead to greater self-awareness, providing tools that deepen students' intuition, insight, relationships and experiences.   You can contact her at www.YourSoulWorks.com.


Suggested Love Offering: $15, which includes a $5 material fee


Personal Empowerment

Who are you? What is your purpose? How do you spot trouble? Your ability to answer these questions is your pathway to peace and joy! Knowing you are Spirit incarnate is your statement of I Am presence, knowing you are inherently good. Join Cathy Combs for this special introduction session as she helps you begin to unravel your own answers to these powerful questions.


Suggested Love Offering:      $10    Register Here!


Cathy is an author, poet, educator, counselor and workshop architect specializing in personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. Cathy has an MA in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in California.
In the Presence Meditation

This meditation provides the opportunity to go into a deep, deep experience of the Presence. Meditation does wonderful things to our human bodies, giving them time to revitalize and heal themselves. At the same time, our souls experience their real, true selves, going to the place inside that is timeless and eternal. After the meditation, there will be a sacred prayer circle to share and honor one another's prayer intentions. You'll experience such serenity you'll want it to go on forever.


Suggested Love Offering: $10

Register here! 


Debra Baker is a spiritual counselor, energy worker, Reiki Master, Oneness Blessing Giver and teacher who has been helping people heal their lives since 1988. A gifted medium and intuitive, Debra is the author of Amazing Intuition, Expanding Your Most Important Resource, which is available in the UCOP bookstore.
Men's Group Breakfast - Saturday, November 1st

Men's Breakfast

Saturday, November 1

8 to 10 am in harmony hall


Mike McCord, leader of the UCOP Green Team will speak this month on the subject of "The Environment - What we can do as individuals, as a church community and as citizens." Mike will also speak on "Leadership - One Step at Time" and the lessons he has learned.    


In 2003, Mike started the Green Team at Unity Church of Overland Park and was the co-founder of Unity Worldwide Ministry's EarthCare Program in 2008. Mike is the author of the EarthCare Connections newsletter and a periodic contributor to Unity Leaders magazine.  Mike's life experiences demonstrate how he believes "everything is possible." In 2001, Mike experienced a series of devastating personal tragedies that turned his life upside down. These included a broken neck and damaged spinal cord as a result of a home accident that left Mike a quadriplegic with a 10% chance of ever walking again. About the same time, Mike experienced job loss and divorce. Thirty months later Mike climbed Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado. His book, "One Step at a Time, Memoir of a Former Quadriplegic," chronicles his life with emphasis upon this dark period of time, his ultimate triumph over these adversities and the lessons learned as a result. 


One Homeless Night for the Y.O.U.


"One Homeless Night"

Friday, November 7th


The Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) groups throughout the KC metro area, Omaha, NE and Springfield, MO are participating in "One Homeless Night" with Synergy Services on November 7th. "One Homeless Night" is an experiential event for raising consciousness about teenage homelessness. We do that by learning about the homeless, participating in homeless simulation activities and sleeping outside in boxes for a night. We also want to raise funds for Synergy Services, the metro area's premiere teen homeless outreach organization, teen homeless shelter and creator of OHN. Please come to harmony hall Sunday, October 26 and November 2 to help sponsor our Y.O.U. group as they commit to spending one night homeless. All money raised will go to Synergy Services.



Yoganetics FALL Class Series
Yoga is not about getting fit, it's about getting home. Fitness is a byproduct of giving the body the nourishing motion it craves. With its gentle yet deep approach, Yoganetics moves toward greater flexibility, less stress and core stability from within out. People with back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia have found relief with Yoganetics.            


Wyatt Townley, the new Poet Laureate of Kansas, has been teaching for over thirty years. Her Yoganetics book was deemed an "Editor's Choice" by Yoga Journal and her work has been featured in Self, Dance Magazine, Parents, Body and Soul and The New York Times.  

For more information call (913) 381-1984 or visit www.yoganetics.com. (Fee-based class-first class free for new students!)
Small Group Ministry Webpage

So you've been hearing some buzz about new small groups forming?  You can view all the latest information on our new small group ministry on our website. Learn what groups have formed and how to get involved with them.  See the videos of the launch leaders' Sunday platform shares.  Learn what steps you can take if you're interested in forming a new small group yourself.  You can find the Small Group Ministry page under the "Get Involved" tab of our website homepage at www.ucop.org.  Or, you can...
New YFM Curriculum for the Fall
Youth and Family Ministry has a brand new Sunday curriculum this Fall! Our "Fall Fables & Fairy Tales" series runs through November 11th. Fairy tales and fables, like other wisdom stories, contain deep messages on how to live an empowered life. This knowledge will provide our children with a road map through life. Fairy tales help children learn that through these challenges or frightening experiences, all can be overcome and they are not powerless.

This Sunday's Lesson: 
The Emperor's New Clothes


October is Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade Month is about raising awareness of buying and using socially and commercially sustainable Fair Trade products.   When you choose to purchase Fair Trade products, you endorse an economic system that provides opportunities for international farmers, artisans and workers to lift themselves out of poverty.


The Overland Park Fair Trade Steering Committee is campaigning to be the first Fair Trade Town in Kansas. The criteria to become a Fair Trade Town includes getting a commitment from community organizations (i.e. schools, places of worship, businesses, offices) to use or serve TWO fair trade products. If you work for an employer in Overland Park, or belong to an OP organization that is willing to use or serve two fair trade products, you could help Overland Park become the first Fair Trade Town in Kansas!


Stop by the bookstore and learn more about how you can make a difference.

Or visit bookstore page on our website where you can read

this interesting article on Fair Trade.


New Artists in our Spotlight Gallery
In September and October we feature the works of... 

Olathe Visual Artists Association, which was formed in 1978 with the goal of expanding the enjoyment of fine arts within the Olathe community and to encourage and promote our local artists.  We offer group exhibits, educational opportunities including speakers and workshops, display equipment for art shows, and we provide community service.  



Do You Shop on Amazon?

Many of us do our shopping these days from the comfort and convenience of our own homes using the Amazon marketplace. Did you know that if you go to our website first, and then enter the Amazon site through our link, the church will then get a small percentage of that purchase?  It's like free money for the church!  And it doesn't have to be a spiritual book or something church-related either. We will get a small percentage of anything you purchase on Amazon, if you go through our site first on your way there. How cool is that?!  It doesn't cost you anything to help support your spiritual community because you were going to shop anyway, weren't you!  Now you can do it and help UCOP at the same time. Just click here and it will take you to the UCOP Amazon access page.  You can also find the Amazon access page from a link on our Homepage as well at www.ucop.org.   So happy shopping and thank you for your support!  We truly appreciate you.

Couples Brunch
Sunday, October 19
12:30-1:30 pm 
Join the UCOP Couples Group for brunch this Sunday at the First Watch restaurant at College Boulevard and Highway 69 in the private dining area.  It's fun, food and fellowship!  Please join us and RSVP to couples@ucop.org
Singles Group Sunday Brunch 
Singles Group

Want to connect with other singles at Unity Church of Overland Park? Each Sunday at 12:30 this group meets at various local restaurants. Put these dates and locations on your schedule for the rest of June. We'd love to have you join us. 


October 19th - Margaritas - 7890 Quivira Rd.

October 26th - Carrabbas - 10586 Metcalf

November 2nd  Red Robin - 7111 W. 95th St.

November 9th - Jose Peppers - 103rd & Metcalf

November 16th - Conroy's Public House - 5285 W. 95th - east of Nall

November 23rd - Old Chicago Pizza - 117th & Metcalf

November 30th - Hy-Vee - 95th & Antioch - Brunch Buffet ($11.99)- All you can eat - please arrive before 1 pm 


Contact Linda Riggs for more information at 913-634-5359.
Please arrive at the restaurant no later than 12:45. 
CommUnity Books & Gifts

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