Fall Faith Circles Begin
This Wednesday,
October 8

Welcome to Fall Faith 2014


Living in the Consciousness of God"


If you missed the first Sunday of Fall Faith,October 5th, you can view Rev. Bob Barth's Lesson, "The 8th Deadly Sin," right here!





And take a delicious moment to view Rev. Jan Stromseth's beautiful meditation with Teri Wilder...




And be sure to join us next Sunday, October 12, for Rev. Bob's lesson on week two of our Fall Faith series,  

"Miracles Not Required."  




Fall Faith Circles Still Forming-sign up today!

The spiritual journey that we are on is about to take a quantum leap forward. Our Fall Faith series this year is a reexamination of Eric Butterworth's pivotal book, "Spiritual Economics."  Copies of the book are available in our bookstore right now.  Our intention for this year is to take action and to go deeper. This series paves the way for us to do just that as we will move into a deeper sense of spiritual well-being, while taking the steps to live in the consciousness of God.

The time is now and the place is here at Unity Church of Overland Park. Join with others in small groups and then with hundreds of others in this spiritual community to make a commitment to a higher way of living. Experience an exponential increase of peace of mind, joy of heart and abundance of life.

Also, mark your calendar for our Fall Faith event being held on Friday night, November 14th, here at the church. This experience will be like none other as we conclude the Fall Faith series, celebrate the 40th anniversary of Unity Church of Overland Park and welcome the next 40 years.


Fall Faith Circles are forming right now.  You may sign-up after services in harmony hall, or you may allow Spirit to assign you to the right and perfect circle by filling in and submitting THIS FORM.  We will let you know which circle you've been assigned to.


"Wherever two or three are gathered together in an interaction of minds, a very real energy force is projected into the world. If it happens to be a prayer group or a positive discussion group, then there is a healing or prosperity influence." Spiritual Economics (p. 116)




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