"Trading History for Mystery"   
We have a very special guest speaker this Sunday. Returning to UCOP May 4th is...drum roll please...
Reverend Eileen Stulak!
Yes, our former Associate Minister, and now
the Senior Minister of Unity of Traverse City,
will be back on our platform this Sunday to speak about letting go of our assumptions
and embracing life's opportunities. 

Soloist Molly Hammer will join Fred Albers and
our amazing UCOP music team.  It is sure
to be a fantastic Sunday! 

Come check it out!

2014... the Year of "I AM"
The words "I AM" are a holy expression for the name of God - the highest aspect of yourself. This year, we explore the highest possibility for our lives by choosing a quality each month to focus on and express. In every moment know that you are the living expression of the Christ!

This year we invite you to consider empowering your life
with the following affirmations:

"I AM"...
Boundless... Real... Courageous... Aware... Adventurous... Lighthearted... Outrageous... Visionary... Limitless... Connected... and Sacred

In the month of May, let us affirm together:

For your prayerful consideration...

Dear Friends,


While it is beginning to look and feel like spring, one look back on the last 3 months shows us that the harsh winter affected our church revenues.  We have been hit hard by the weather with Sunday attendance and offerings down by 40%.  At the same time, our utilities and snow removal expenses increased by 36% and 51% respectively. 


We are writing to ask if you would consider making a special contribution to help in these extreme circumstances. If everyone contributes what they feel comfortable in giving, I believe we can rise above this temporary setback and move through the year on solid financial ground.


I thank you for your consideration in this matter and I feel blessed to be a part of your spiritual family.



Love and blessings,
 Reverend Bob Barth

Click here if you would like to visit our giving page. 

Prayer Chaplain Informational Meetings

Have you been discerning the call of Spirit to go deeper with your spiritual practice and life? We would invite you to take into prayer the opportunity of becoming a Prayer Chaplain. Informational meetings for the 2014-2015 Prayer Chaplain team will be on May 4th and 18th at 12:30pm in the peace chapel. We will go over the role of a Prayer Chaplain as well as the training process and dates. For more information please see the Prayer Chaplain Program brochure in the lobby or contact Rev. Jan Stromseth at jstromseth@ucop.org.
Guest speaker, Cyndi Swall, May 18
Raised in Unity, Cyndi Swall is a highly requested speaker and coach throughout the Unity and new thought movement for her insightful application of our principles and light-hearted approach to life.  A seasoned and credible executive consultant, Cyndi also runs a spirited life coaching business where she is known as a "Bliss Mentor" to woman across the globe.  She has worked with dozens of Unity Boards and congregations nationwide, yet hails from Overland Park and has been a member of our community for over 20 years.  Cyndi managed a three year thriving ministry pilot for Unity Worldwide Ministries called The Transformation Experience and brings to us a wealth of experience and best practices from hundreds of Unity churches.

Sunday, May 18, Cyndi will present: 


Intentional Transformation: The Shift from "Me to We"


Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people. The most powerful contributor to success in any positive change is paying homage to who you are "being" in the experience, not just focusing on "doing" the activities required.  But it is the subtle shifts that move mountains, both within a community and for us personally.  The key to your successful transformation is setting the intention that you will no longer "react" to change, but truly "become" the change that you hope to see in your life...and in your community.  That can be easier said than done, but New Thought Leadership Coach, Cyndi Swall, will show you how.  Be there and be inspired!


Following Sunday services on May 18, Cyndi will present  

an afternoon workshop from 1:00-3:00pm in the sanctuary:


"I'll Have What They're Having": UCOP - Building Together

Envision a world at UCOP where all leaders and members truly engage from a place of enlightened consciousness! We know through transformation that, it's not only what we do and how we do it, but the inner source from which we operate. Our spiritual community can only thrive when the community as a whole is actively engaged, not just in service, but in shaping our culture.  We are now ready to move from visioning and input...into action!   And we can't do it without YOU!  As we shift to more community centered ministry, we prepare the space for a spiritual leader that will thrive here as well.  "If we build it, they will come..."


Please join us after the second service where New Thought Leadership Coach, Cyndi Swall, will lead us on a fun and insightful journey together to harness the passion and commitment that will lead us into our next great adventure!  NOW is the time and WE are the ones!


Women to Women Circle
The Women in Unity group is excited to welcome you to a time of empowered sharing each month.  We will create a sacred time together to deepen our connections and offer unconditional support.  Please join us Thursday, May 1 from 7-9pm in the peace chapel.    (Note: This meeting will occur in addition to our regular 3rd Saturday events).  For questions please email or call Vanessa: 913-596-8493, Radha: 206-713-5104 or Heather: 828-553-4156.  
Men's Group Breakfast
Join our Men's Group on Saturday, May 3 from 8:00 to 10:00am for their monthly breakfast.   

"American Indian Spirituality" combines two major topics of special interest to Men's Group members: aspects of American Indian culture and other spiritual traditions, including Unity.  

Rev. Dr. Kara Hawkins, the director representing American Indian Spirituality on the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council (GKCIC), will be the presenter. 


She is also an ordained minister of the Alliance of Divine Love.

She will present the Native American cultural view with regard to spirituality and its intrinsic connection holistically in all aspects of life. She will discuss aspects of the faith that have commonality with other faiths as well as present some unique cultural views that could enrich each of us, regardless of our faith tradition.  In addition, Rev. Dr. Kara Hawkins will discuss how being born and spending much of his childhood on an Indian reservation in Minnesota may have influenced our co-founder, Charles Fillmore, and the teachings of Unity.


UCOP & You

This class has been designed for those who are newer to Unity and/or Unity Church of Overland Park.  The materials presented will offer the history of Unity and UCOP.  In addition, participants will hear about the various ministry staff members and their individual roles and responsibilities. They will be provided information pertaining to volunteer teams, outreach programs and teams and affinity groups.  The class will offer opportunities for attendees to uncover and begin offering their gifts through stepping into service for the ministry in some way.  As with all classes, participants will begin to build relationships and community with one another. 

Unity Basics
Have you been considering membership at Unity Church of Overland Park?  Do you want to know what makes Unity a uniquely positive path to spiritual living?  This class has been designed for those who desire a basic understanding of Unity's teachings and principles.  Each of the five basic teachings will be explored, along with 'identity statements' that further expound upon what is meant by the teachings and how they are expressed by Unity as a spiritual movement.  Focused attention will be given to prayer and meditation and the positive, affirming ways in which they are taught and utilized by Unity.


Jeffrey Fowler is a second-year ministerial student at Unity Institute.  He has served at Unity Church of Overland Park as a prayer chaplain, service coordinator, small group discussion leader, volunteer for Uniteens and a meditation leader.  Having grown up attending an Episcopal church for the first twenty years of his life, he has a strong appreciation for the Christian tradition and also a deep interest in eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.   He plays the saxophone and piano and loves many types of music, especially jazz and classical.  He also loves spending time outdoors, hiking and camping. 


Yoganetics Summer Session Begins Soon!

Why deny yourself something that feels so good and is so good for you? Yoganetics is smart yoga for bodies in transition-a gentle, therapeutic system that builds a strong core and increases flexibility while decreasing stress.  It's never too late to begin-or to start again if you've been away. People with back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia have found relief with Yoganetics.            


Now the Poet Laureate of Kansas, Wyatt has been teaching yoga for over thirty years. Her Yoganetics book was deemed an "Editor's Choice" by Yoga Journal and her work has been featured in Self, Dance Magazine, Parents, Body and Soul and The New York Times.  "This work," she says, "saves my life on a daily basis."


For more information, call (913) 381-1984 or visit www.yoganetics.com. (Fee-based class - first class free for new students!)  


Guided Meditation

Come experience an hour of guided meditation with Karen Harrison Tuesday, May 6 at 7:00pm. Participants will experience various meditation methods and techniques as they are guided into a space of relaxation, peace and oneness with God. Give yourself the gift of taking time away from your
busy schedules. Allow yourself this time with God.
Courageous Conversations
about Diversity and Inclusion



Gloria Steinem said, "The art of acting morally is behaving as if everything we do matters." Although the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in the U.S. and the Brown v. Board of Education decision ceased segregation in schools, prejudice continues to rage across classes and cultures. Courageous conversations about our similarities and differences demand mutual honesty and respect. Fear of sounding angry, offensive, ignorant or politically incorrect often leads to avoidance, misunderstanding and silence. However, dialogue provides channels that invite trust and greater understanding. Without a heartfelt grappling with the source of our own oppression, without naming the enemy within ourselves and outside of us, no authentic, non-hierarchical connection among oppressed groups can take place.


Dr. Julie Connor is a professional speaker, workshop presenter, passionate social justice advocate and author of the Dreams to Action Trailblazer's Guide. Julie has helped churches and schools, businesses and organizations articulate their dream, define their purpose, align their vision and mission with their core values and engage in courageous conversations about diversity and inclusion for more than 30 years. Dreams to Action Trailblazer's Guide is a workbook designed to help people discover their passion and create a plan of action with manageable goals. Her research related to minority student perceptions is used as research models at several universities. Julie is a lecturer at several local colleges and student teaching field supervisor at UMKC. Her areas of expertise include communication, conflict resolution, consensus, multicultural inclusion and celebration of diversity. More information at www.drjulieconnor.com.


Suggested Love Offering:      $10 

Expanding Your Amazing Intuition

If you have ever wondered how to access, tune into and trust your natural abilities, this class is for you!  Working directly from Debra's new book, Amazing Intuition, Expanding Your Most Important Resource, this class offers...


*    Practical, valuable information in an easy-to-use format

*    Awareness of the language of Spirit and how to clarify the information received

*    The chance to try out your skills with a partner in the class

*    Communicating with spirits on the 'other side,' channeling and automatic writing


You will be paired with an Intuition Partner who will help you for the duration of the class.  It is continually amazing how Spirit selects the perfect partners.  

suggested love offering $10 -  Register Here! 


Debra Baker has been helping people to heal their lives for 25 years as a spiritual counselor, energy worker, teacher, Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver.  She is a gifted medium and intuitive whose readings have been described as "life changing," "profound" and "extremely accurate." 

The Art of One Flower: A Practice for the Soul

Enjoy a relaxing encounter with a flower. During this simple lesson held in quiet, you will write a brief poem and create an arrangement with one flower. The joy of this contemplative practice is experiencing a flower as it speaks to and for your soul. Feel free to join us even if you have taken this session before. Each time is a new opportunity to intimately enjoy a flower as it feeds your soul. 


Reservations requested by Thursday, May 8.  Online registration will close on May 8.  If you should need to register on Friday, please contact Sandi Keeler at (913) 649-1750 x3004.  Materials fee $8.00 plus love offering.


Kevin Kelly has been a professional floral designer for nearly four decades and is author of the book Letting the Lotus Bloom, the Expression of Soul through Flowers with forward by bestselling author, Thomas Moore.  Kevin has also been arranging the flowers for our platform each Sunday for 24 years.

Listening to Your Soul:
An Introduction to Soul Collage®


"When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience before her and enters her own image." - Meister Eckhart


During this 3-hour workshop you will release the transformative power of intuition as your soul gravitates to images that have meaning for you.  SoulCollage® is a process for creating a personal card deck that you can use daily to listen to your soul wisdom.  Making and using SoulCollage ® cards, you gain insight and answers for whatever questions you have, wherever you are on your journey.  This is a profound practice that gives you access to your inner compass and your highest wisdom.


Invite a friend to join you for the workshop or come and make a new friend who shares your interest in the mystical and magical.  You don't need any artistic ability; the cards are made with simple cutting and pasting skills.  Everything you need is already within you, waiting to be discovered through this simple "soul-tending" process. 


Rev. Barbara Hadley is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator and has trained with Seena Frost, the originator of the process.  She is an ordained Unity minister and also works as a professional chaplain at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, serving in the Neonatal Intensive Care and Mother & Baby units.  In addition to chaplaincy, Barbara speaks in Unity churches on a regular basis, teaches spiritual education classes and facilitates the Alternatives to Violence program in state and federal prisons. A native of Kansas City, she has been a member of Unity Church of Overland Park for over 25 years.  She and her husband, Tom, have two grown children and two tiny dogs.



Awaken the Healer- Final Class

Join Dr. Jonah Yakel as he shares practices from the mystical tradition of Sufism to help you awaken to the divine healing presence that resides within.    Whether you are a beginner or experienced this class will help you tune to the source of all healing.This class is great for both healers and those seeking to heal.


Suggested Love Offering: $10


Dr. Jonah Yakel is a healer, teacher, speaker, chiropractor and flow practitioner. In 2002 he awakened to his life's calling, abruptly leaving his career as an electrical engineer, to pursue his dream of being an alternative health care practitioner.  Guided by the knowledge that the body has an innate intelligence and contains a potential for healing far greater than any outside source could ever provide, he obtained his doctorate in chiropractic in 2006.  He has studied with leaders in the field of chiropractic and natural health including Dr. Lance Wright, founder and developed of Flow, and Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of Network Spinal Analysis.  Dr. Yakel has owned health and wellness clinics in Tucson, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ, and is currently serving his community in Overland Park, KS.  In addition to providing the best chiropractic care possible, Dr. Yakel writes, lectures, and teaches within the community on natural health and healing.


Women in Unity May Breakfast

Join us and bring your favorite dish to share! Rosie Dominguez will be speaking with us about her ministry, Mother to Mother. There is always a need for donations for Mother to Mother of clothing, shoes, household goods and baby items.  Feel free to bring a donation with you to the breakfast! 
For questions email womeninunitygroup@gmail.com or
call Heather at 828-553-4156. 
In the Presence Meditation

This meditation provides the opportunity to go into a deep, deep experience of the Presence. Meditation does wonderful things to our human bodies, giving them time to revitalize and heal themselves. At the same time, our souls experience their real, true selves, going to the place inside that is timeless and eternal. After the meditation, there will be a sacred prayer circle to share and honor one another's prayer intentions. You'll experience such serenity you'll want it to go on forever.

Register here!


Debra Darpel Baker has been helping people to heal their lives for 25 years as a spiritual counselor, energy worker, Reiki Master and teacher.  She is a gifted medium and intuitive whose readings have been described as "life changing," "profound" and "extremely accurate."

Unity Garden Plant Sale!

Spring is coming!! Help support Unity Garden as we kick-off our much anticipated annual plant sale. Healthy, organic transplants of vegetables, herbs and flowers will be available for purchase downstairs in harmony hall on Sundays after each service through May 18. All proceeds help keep Unity Garden sustainable. Great selection and helpful advice will be available. Please contact Kelly Sturgeon at ksturgeon@ucop.org or 913-649-1750 x3010 for more information.
Youth Camps Return This Summer!


It's not too early to start thinking about summer camp for your children! UCOP has a number of awesome opportunities for all ages. 

Pre-K Camp will be held June 16 -18 
"Tropical Adventures Camp"
We will enjoy a tropical adventure and mix in plenty of nature for our little ones.  There will be palm trees, music, dancing, planting flowers, fun and games and wonderful crafts for the children to express their imaginations and talents. And we will add to our raised garden this year with two new beds!  Participants must be at least three years old and potty trained.

Boys Camp (1st-6th grade) held June 30- July 2 "Master Builders Camp"
Our young men will explore all things building.  They will be supported by the Men's Group in learning building basics.  A fun "hands on" experience for our boys 1st grade through 6th.  They will have a project to take home at the end of camp.   

Girls Camp (1st-6th grade) held July 14- 16. "Girls Can! Camp"
Our young ladies will have the opportunity to discover their inner power and creative abilities.  There will be lots of fun creating artful projects, talking and snacking.  Girls can do anything!  Open to girls 1st through 6th grade.

"Budding Stars Theatre Camp" (K- 6th grades) held July 28- August 1
Our very popular camp is back! This year we will choose some short one-act plays and develop them for a showcase performance for friends and family on Friday night, the final night of camp.  Lots of fun parts for all levels of talent for children kindergarten through 6th grade.

Pre-K Camp runs from 6:30-8:00pm.  All other camps are from 6:30 to 8:30pm and include a healthy snack each night.  Grade levels listed refer to the grade already completed.
Pre-K, Girls and Boys Camps cost $30 for all three nights, or $15 for a single night.
Budding Stars Theatre Camp costs $50 for all three nights, or $15 for a single night.

For more information, please contact Brandon Nagel, Director of Educational Programming at 913-649-1750
x 3009, bnagel@ucop.org or Kelly Sturgeon, YFM Assistant at x 3010, ksturgeon@ucop.org

Register online here!  


Host an Exchange Student!

Host families are needed for high school exchange students for the 2014-2015 school year.  The students will arrive from Europe, Asia and South America in mid-August 2014 and will stay with the host family for one semester or until the end of the school year.  They are in need of caring American families (with or without children) to provide a home and share with them this unique experience.  The host family provides a bed, meals, friendship, understanding and a genuine desire to share the American way of life with a student from overseas.  The students speak English, are covered by medical insurance and have spending money for their personal expenses.  Approved families can view online student applications and select the student that best matches their own family.  For more information, please call Wilma Fast at 316-681-1236.


Do You Shop on Amazon?

Many of us do our shopping these days from the comfort and convenience of our own homes using the Amazon marketplace. Did you know that if you go to our website first, and then enter the Amazon site through our link, the church will then get a small percentage of that purchase?  It's like free money for the church!  And it doesn't have to be a spiritual book or something church-related either. We will get a small percentage of anything you purchase on Amazon, if you go through our site first on your way there. How cool is that?!  It doesn't cost you anything to help support your spiritual community because you were going to shop anyway, weren't you!  Now you can do it and help UCOP at the same time. Just click here and it will take you to the UCOP Amazon access page.  You can also find the Amazon access page from a link on our Homepage as well at www.ucop.org.   So happy shopping and thank you for your support!  We truly appreciate you.

Singles Group Sunday Brunch 
Singles Group

Want to connect with other singles at Unity Church of Overland Park? Each Sunday at 12:30 this group meets at various local restaurants. Put these dates and locations on your schedule for the rest of June. We'd love to have you join us. 


May 4th - Johnny Cascones -6863 W 91st St (Metcalf to 91st then East)

May 11th - Old Chicago Pizza - 117th and Metcalf  (HAPPY MOTHER's DAY)

May 18th - Jose Peppers - 103rd and Metcalf

May 25th - Joy Wok Buffet (Menu Available) 119th and Metcalf

June 1st - Jack Stack BBQ - 95th and Metcalf

June 8th - Red Robin - 95th and Metcalf (West of Metcalf 1/2 Block)

June 15th - Old Chicago Pizza - 117th and Metcalf (HAPPY FATHER's DAY)

June 22nd - Margaritas -7829 Quivira

June 29th - Elephant Bar - 119th and Metcalf



Contact Linda Riggs for more information at 913-634-5359.
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Bookstore hours: Monday-Thursday 12 to 5pm
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Does Unity Church of Overland Park feed you spiritually? Your gifts and tithes are greatly appreciated and lovingly accepted. Gifts are made through PayPal, a safe and secure way to make online donations. Make an online donation today. 
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