Important Announcement

 January 8, 2014



Dear Friends,


We deeply regret to announce that Rev. Robin Ferguson has offered her resignation. Under the circumstances of her unforeseen personal matters,  

we have agreed to accept it.  She has requested that we honor her privacy around the details. Human resources reasons support this privacy.


We hold the highest and best good for Rev. Robin.


Since receiving this unexpected news, the Board of Directors  

has begun discerning our path forward.  


We are fortunate to have Rev. Bob Barth, our Minister of Operations,  

who will assume temporary duties for all ministerial functions until  

the Minister of Spiritual Growth and Development position is filled.  


We commit to keeping the congregation fully informed  

as we move forward.


Your Board of Directors,  

Staci Cross, president

Allen Carl, vice president

Tom Hadley, treasurer

Deb Filby, secretary

Darrin McCarty, member

Deb Mathine, member

Kathy Jones, member

Linda Kircher, member


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