"This I Claim"
White Stone Sunday
  We invite you to join Reverend Robin Ferguson and soloist Kelly Potter this Sunday for our special
"White Stone Sunday" celebration service.
On New Year's Eve we released all that no longer serves us, creating a spiritual vacuum into which all that we desire and intend for the new year will manifest. 
This Sunday we have the opportunity to set our intention, to claim a new name for ourselves in this new year and write it upon our white stone.  "I AM...  ____________ ."  What will your word be?
We look forward to seeing
you there!

This is our most popular non-holiday service, so be sure to get here early.  Additional parking will be available to the east on 103rd Street in the Brookridge parking lot, and to the west on 103rd in the Torah Learning Center parking lot. 
2014... the Year of "I AM"
  There is tremendous co-creative power in those two little words... "I AM,"  which you consistently use to define who you are and what you are capable of. These two words are a holy expression for the name of God-the highest aspect of yourself. This year, we explore the highest possibility for our lives by choosing a quality each month to focus on and express. In every moment know that you are the living expression of the Christ! This year we invite you to consider empowering your life with the following affirmations:

"I AM"...
Real... Courageous... Aware... Curious... Adventurous... Lighthearted... Outrageous... Visionary... Limitless... Connected... and Sacred

And to kick things off in January, let us affirm together:

Dream It! Plan It! Do It!



Dream It! Plan It! Do It! 2014 - Do you have a dream, but are unsure how to transform it into reality? Have you forgotten your dream and want to rediscover your passion? Dr. Julie Connor will help you transform your dream into an action plan with manageable goals in this two-session workshop.


In this workshop, participants will be able to:

- discover and articulate their dream

- define their purpose

- align their vision and mission with their core values

- create tangible goals


Dr. Julie Connor is a professional speaker, workshop presenter, and author of Dreams to Action Trailblazer's Guide with 30+ years of experience helping others define their purpose, align their vision with their core values, and create tangible goals. More at Dreams to Action, www.DrJulieConnor.com. 

Discover the Power Within You

This course is a spiritual study of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. It is based on the book "Discover the Power Within You" by Eric Butterworth. This book presents the thesis that we all can discover, accept and release the power of the divinity Jesus believed dwelt within him and also in each individual. This divinity Jesus described as the Kingdom of Heaven within.


Eric Butterworth calls us to believe that the divinity within man was not just Jesus' heritage. That divine heritage, he asserts, is also ours. For that reason, this book is more than just something to read and believe. It becomes a tool to develop an action plan and to live our divinity. Butterworth says that if you and I totally accept the truth we will also be able to see in others the same divinity that is in us and was also in Jesus. This course is an inner call from your true being. It is a call for you to express and manifest what you really are.


Required texts:

Discover the Power Within You, by Eric Butterworth


Suggested Love Offering: $10 per class 

Class is available for SEE credit


Rosie Dominguez has been attending UCOP for four years. She is currently serving her second year as a Prayer Chaplain, which she has a passion for. She is a former employee of UCOP and has volunteered in numerous capacities. She recently served on the Ministerial Search Team and was honored to serve the church in this capacity. She is the Executive Director of Mother to Mother Ministry, a mentoring program that focuses on the well-being of mothers as the first step toward ensuring a positive home environment for children.
 Guided Meditation
Spiritual Cafe


Join us for a time to relax, unwind and explore the spiritual topics that are relevant to our lives today. Your 'spiritual barista,' Brandon Nagel, will introduce the evening's topic, followed by small group discussion, a time of meditation and music to awaken your spirit. We will be blessed by the sounds of Chris Foster on guitar and enjoy healthy treats and drinks available for purchase during the evening. This is your time to get away and lean into your spiritual path amidst the relaxed vibe of Spiritual Café.


Chris Foster is a complete artist. His is well known for his original compositions in both secular and New Thought Music. As a musician and entertainer he performs a wide variety of styles from, Latin, jazz, folk, rock to pop. His entertainment style and musicianship were noted in 2007 when he won the Liberty Performing Artist Showcase and he is noted for his great skill at playing guitar.
Men's Group January Breakfast
Saturday, January 11, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. in harmony hall 

 "Sharing What We Have Learned and Think With Each Other"


Please note that the January meeting will be on the second Saturday this month.


We are trying something new to allow us to better stay on the "Positive Path for Spiritual Living." This will be a highly interactive meeting in harmony hall discussing a number of questions/subjects with the goal of learning from one another.  Curt Straub will moderate.   love offering..


Yoganetics Spring Classes

The New year is a great time to begin-or to restart if you've been away. You can feel better, function better, and look better with this gentle yoga system that moves you away from pain and stiffness toward freedom of motion and a toned physique. People with back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia have found relief with Yoganetics.            


The new Poet Laureate of Kansas, Wyatt has been teaching for over thirty years. Her Yoganetics book was deemed an "Editor's Choice" by Yoga Journal, and her work has been featured in Self, Dance Magazine, Parents, Body and Soul, and The New York Times.


For more information, visit the Yoganetics table after services, call (913) 381-1984 or visit www.yoganetics.com. (Fee-based class-first class free for new students!)
Mental Mastery

This is a powerful a mindfulness-based meditation practice known as
Conscious Transformation. The class is designed to provide practical tools
that can deepen your capacity to serve and train and quiet the mind
and shift out of destructive emotional patterns.


Diane Breneman is a wife, mother of two and an attorney who has built a national practice representing those who suffer catastrophic burn injuries. Since beginning her own mindfulness practice seven years ago, Diane has seen every aspect of her life undergo profound transformation. As a result, she wishes to share this work with all who are open to its possibilities. Diane Breneman has taught this practice at multiple venues across the Kansas City metropolitan area, including one of Kansas City's largest hospitals, an inner city foundation supporting at-risk children, a private college preparatory school, a large suburban church and a high-end wellness studio. Diane has worked extensively with psychologists, therapists and others in service-oriented professions to provide practical tools that can deepen their capacity to serve. She also works one-on-one with clients to train and quiet the mind and shift out of destructive emotional patterns.

Who Do I Say I AM?

2014 is the year of the "I AM" at Unity Church of Overland Park. The

I AM is the you that       is beyond personality, roles at work or home, gender, race, sexuality, success, failure, worry or fear. It's your real self, who you really are at the root of the root of you! Whoever you say that "I AM" patterns in your life, your body, your relationships, your happiness and overall spiritual experience and life success. Join Tamie Rising for this very insightful and one-of-a-kind interactive workshop where you get introduced to a part of you that you may not have met before! Learn how our being-ness of I AM ultimately does the work in our life and sets us free to live from a place of true knowing of who we really are. This workshop experience creates a powerful space for each individual and our community as a whole for fuller, freer expression in 2014.


Suggested Love Offering: $10


A passionate humanitarian, for over 20 years Tamie Rising has been an avid student of human potential philosophies and practices. She has dedicated her life to personal growth and helping others achieve their innate potential. Tamie is a cultural renegade, an empowerment coach, a business accelerator and professional speaker who offers inspiring workshops and seminars around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that empower clients to achieve new heights of success, meaning and aliveness. She works with high-achieving individuals and small businesses, helping them turn their dreams into reality, reach their next edge of success and create richer, more fulfilling lives.
In the Presence Meditation 
Tuesday, January 21st, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
with Debra Baker
In presence 

This meditation provides the opportunity to go into a deep, deep experience of the Presence. Meditation does wonderful things to our human bodies, giving them time to revitalize and heal themselves. At the same time, our souls experience their real, true selves, going to the place inside that is timeless and eternal. After the meditation, there will be a sacred prayer circle to share and honor one another's prayer intentions. You'll experience such serenity you won't want it to end.  


Suggested Love Offering: $10


Debra Darpel Baker has been helping people to heal their lives for 20 years as a spiritual counselor, energy worker, Reiki Master and teacher.  She is a gifted medium and intuitive whose readings have been described as "life changing," "profound," and "extremely accurate."

Awaken the Healer Within

Join Dr. Jonah Yakel as he shares more practices from the mystical tradition of Sufism to help you awaken to the divine healing presence that resides within.   Whether you are a beginner or experienced this class will help you tune to the source of all healing. This class is great for both healers and those seeking to heal.


Suggested Love Offering: $10


Dr. Jonah Yakel is a healer, teacher, speaker, chiropractor, and flow practitioner. In 2002 he awakened to his life's calling, abruptly leaving his career as an electrical engineer, to pursue his dream of being an alternative health care practitioner. Guided by the knowledge that the body has an innate intelligence and contains a potential for healing far greater than any outside source could ever provide, he obtained his doctorate in chiropractic in 2006. He has studied with leaders in the field of chiropractic and natural health including Dr. Lance Wright, founder and developer of Flow, and Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of Network Spinal Analysis.

Dr. Yakel has owned health and wellness clinics in Tucson, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ, and is currently serving his community in Overland Park, KS. In addition to providing the best chiropractic care possible, Dr. Yakel writes, lectures, and teaches within the community on natural health and healing.
Singles Group Sunday Brunch 
Singles Group

Want to connect with other singles at Unity Church of Overland Park? Each Sunday at 12:30 this group meets at various local restaurants. Put these dates and locations on your schedule for the rest of June. We'd love to have you join us. 


January 5th - Jose Peppers - 103rd and Metcalf,

January 12th - Carrabbas - 105th and Metcalf Lane

January 19th -  Bo Lings - 9055 Metcalf

January 26th - Old Chicago Pizza - 117thand Metcalf

Contact Linda Riggs for more information at 913-634-5359 
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